puffy heart friday.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Enjoy the randomness that consumes my Friday this rainy day...

01. I adore the wall color of this nursery. Any help on the exact shade and I will love you forever. {spotted from Domino.}

02. I cannot wait to see the Sex and the City movie tonight. Going with a group of girls and it should be a blast. {If only I could figure out a way to sneak in some cosmos.}

03. We have two parties to attend to tomorrow; one graduation and one birthday. Should be a jolly good time. :)

04. I want some yellow Chucks.

05. We are also heading up to the Twin Cities to see my favorite band LIVE!!!! {details to follow} and of course hitting up the Mall of America, Ikea, my aunt’s gigantic pool, and most likely ValleyFair.

06. I have lots of shopping to do. We need gifts for father’s day, for both fathers obviously, and a baby shower gift for my best friend. Good thing we’re hitting up the biggest mall in the U.S. Ideas?? Did I mention that the hubby’s birthday is in June also? I THINK I know what I am getting him, but can’t say for sure. Something that wii both will enjoy. ;)

07. Exactly one year ago today we closed on our house and moved in!! Can you believe it? We have done so much work to the place, I wish I had some pictures on me. I will remember to share lots of our updates with you in the very near future. We love our house. :)

08. I love this space....

09. The rain is not helping my headache at all. In fact, I feel entirely shitty today. {Definitely not shitty enough to forgo Wii Mario Kart at Kathy's or SATC with my girls though.} Just one of those days though that I would have loved to lay in bed with G-Man all day listening to the rain...

Happy Friday!
Currently listening to :: Falling or Flying by Grace Potter.


Julia said...

Oh, the Wii is the best :) A gift every doting husband would adore. We just got one and the hubby plays Tiger Woods allllll the time. And Mario Kart is the best!

Megan said...

Congrats on your one year home anniversary!
I love #08, where is it from?

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