Thursday, September 30, 2010

right now i'm thinking....

is it too early to start a Christmas list??

mad men makes me want to smoke.

i love braiding my hair.

i might dust off my old winsor pilates dvds.

i wish I had a fireplace so I could do this.

and so that I could read next to it.

i need to make these.

i want to repaint our living room... and it's getting really hard to stay away from grey (again).

that my kitchen needs this.

i want to two tone my hair.

pumpkin spice creamer is ah-mazing.

my go-to mini diana film printer is gone & I am scared to go anywhere else.

i am going to paint a wall in my kitchen with chalkboard paint. done. decided.

i wish I could buy all of the new clothes for fall that I wanted.

i'm already itching to make more cupcakes.

i love fall nail polish colors.

there is no such thing as watching glee too many times.

leaves are changing & blowing & falling & it is so pretty.

that a job has to be turning up at some point right? right?

there is really, really, really, really, really good music in the world. sometimes i smile for no other reason that that.

enjoy thursday!
even though I keep thinking it is friday.
it is not.

peace- Chelsea
ok go does it again. as if you ever doubted them?


xo Chelsea

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

there is something about tuesday nights....

\\hanging out in the hen den.

\\with my favorite girls.
\\drinking red wine.
\\& catching up with each other.
\\watching all new one tree hill.

(which is soooooooooooooo good this season).

\\& then some all new glee.


(& some all new parenthood).

\\& switching from wine to tea.
\\& downloading the glee songs.
\\& jamming out.

yep-- there sure is something about a tuesday night.

xo Chelsea

Monday, September 27, 2010

my weekend was the epitome of a fall weekend.

watching the office premiere with the gang thursday night. staying up late watching jersey shore & sipping on some tea. sharing an amazing friday with stacey involving pumpkin spice lattes, trips to the library, favorite lunches, & a little shopping. out for drinks & fun friday night with friends & family. sleeping in on saturday. a day filled with cooking & baking with stacey. & a night full of eating it all. followed by a Rock Band party. and a real band party... I was the singer since I play no real instruments (the Rock Band guitar however, I own). sleeping in on Sunday. waking up for football & several meals out of crockpots. happy joes pizza & hanging out with friends. family walks around the block taking in all of the pretty trees. visiting with family. and then milk & cookies & sweatpants & more football on sunday night.

it doesn't get any better than that. & it was the perfect weekend for us to enjoy at home... especially since I haven't had a weekend at home in over 3 weeks! and because the temperatures in the 60s suit my mood so perfectly.

(yes... while the boys were golfing, stacey & I made sweet potato gnocchi from scratch. with sauce from scratch.) but we didn't stop there....

part 2: we created our own savory apple, caramelized onion & gorgonzola bread course-

it was ah-mazing & stacey gets all the credit for that one as she literally made it up out of nothing. I do have directions though if you're interested. I call it fall in my mouth.

did you think we were done....

part 3: carrot cake cupcakes with maple/kahlua/cream cheese frosting: (we added the kahlua on our own merit)

after we re cooperated from licking the frosting bowl & spatula (the. best. frosting. ever.) we decorated the cupcakes with cinnamon & shaved carrots.

can you even handle it??
not only did we have a blast messing up the kitchen & loading the dishwasher several times.... my house smelled divine, G got several frosting licks that we dropped, we jammed out to the avett brothers, & we ate the best meal ever.

and the boys sure worked up a cupcake appetite while golfing... they wouldn't stop eating them!

as if the inside of the house wasn't fall enough for you.... the outside was there to mimic us perfectly.

Guinness is so happy in the fall. He loves it. We can't keep him inside!

And I hung up my favorite, favorite wreath that I leave up as long as possible-

and I got really stinking cute mini pumpkins for around the house. they make me happy.

this all makes me ridiculously happy.

this is what my weekend sounded like:

I sincerely hope that fall is treating you just as nice.

xo Chelsea
(via. all of my photos here.)

list twenty-two: sundays are for lovers

The idea for this list was taken from the ever-inspiring habit of being. Feel to play along & answer them yourself, as the joys of a Sunday are never ending.

My home base is currently in the midwest.. in the same town I grew up in to be exact. I don't think I'll be here forever, but for now, we aren't ready to leave our families. It excites me... the thought of living somewhere new. And scares me. Being so far away from the younger part of me. Surrounded by things that are fresh and different. I am anxious for that day.

Day to day I work as a stay at home wife. Ha! But seriously, that is the scope of my current work situation. I am actively looking for a job, but haven't had any leads in months, which can be very discouraging at times. My communication degree, I regret that. But I am looking at every job listing, and I know that my turn will be coming soon. I currently have no problem filling my days in the meantime. When I'm not looking for jobs & taking care of the house I am taking photos of anything & everything, editing on the back deck with a cup of jo, walking Guinness, thrifting, reading, blogging, tackling never-ending home improvement projects, and even a couple crafting ones as well. There are so many things in life that inspire me that I like to dabble with... I am really enjoying this free time for myself to find the things that I love the most.

If I didn’t do this I would be a teacher. An elementary school teacher... that is my dream job. I can't imagine waking up everyday and getting to do that as an actual paying job. That to me is perfect. I could also be a photographer, a writer, a publisher, an editor, a stay-at-home mom...

Next year I will travel to… the list of places that I would like to go to is long. I have no idea what the next year will bring, but some of the places at the top of my list are.... Oregon & Europe.... Paris.

To me, Sunday means bedhead, pajamas, football, sleeping in, baking, board games, reading, family, hot chocolate, walks around the neighborhood, naps, good movies & slippers.

And I like to eat eggs- every which way, soup, chips & salsa, pasta, & fish. everything bagels, homemade pizzas, & bread. bread. bread. bottomless coffee & tea.

And I will get out of bed the latest of the week... depending on the night before. Anywhere from 9 to 11.

And I get dressed around usually not at all.

And I will smile about most everything, having no where to be but with family, having plenty of time to prepare good meals, having plenty of sleep, and the good movies on television.

And I may just daydream about our future family life with kids and a big old yellow house with lots of nooks & bookcases. Dogs running around and picking wildflowers in the backyard. Windows open and a cool breeze streaming through the house and continuing until drying our clothes on the line in the backyard. And the fireplace at night keeping us warm, with hot chocolate and reading time before bed.

And when Monday comes I will remember that life is at a crossroads for us right now- a standstill and it can't stay this way. Things are changing, everyday changing, and to accept each passing day for what it is, and take from it every positive thing that will help us in the future.

xoxxx Chelsea
{twenty-two down; thirty to go}.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I just finished reading some of my favorite books of all time: The Hunger Games. + Catching Fire. + Mockingjay. I could NOT put them down. And now... because I read them too fast, as usual, I don't know what to do with myself. I don't want the story to be over. But as it is (at least until the movie comes out!!!!!!!!!!) I have to find something else to get my attention. I've picked up a couple books since but none of them are holding my attention and I just keep thinking about The Hunger Games.

Any suggestions?? What is the best book you have read lately? I even picked up my trusty old stand by... East of Eden, and I couldn't even get into that right now! Help me.

xo Chelsea
(here & here).
tuesday tune:

"but I am older now...
and we did it when we were young

xxo Chelsea
this girl recently received a gift card to american eagle.
and I happily scooped up these two lovelies for fall...


happy, happy chelsea.

(utility toteleopard ballet flats).

I'm a day late, but autumn is here.
(according to the calendar that is...
it is still in the 80s here.)
but I don't care.
my fall candles are out & burning.
I've been baking cookies and
cooking taco soups in the crockpot.
football consumes our weekends
& the leaves are beginning to turn
the world beautiful colors.

it is my favorite time of year.

xo Chelsea

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I'm catching up on my lists; so expect to see a lot of them!

things that I learned from our SD road trip:

01. Everly is the greatest duo ever.
02. And they are gorgeous; inside & out.

03. Road trips are lots of fun on the way there.
04. Not so much fun on the way back.
05. Taking lots of goofy pictures helps.

06. And a cooler full of Coke and Sunkist.
07. It really sucks when you break your sunglasses & there is no Target in sight.
08. My Blackberry is my lifeline.

09. If you hang around long enough you will eventually get autographed merch [score].
10. Laptops > Desktops.
11. There is a place called Everly, Iowa.
12. And we took it by storm.

13. Adult hours of hotel pools are necessary [I didn’t always agree with this].
14. Carnival rides now make me sick… I don’t love the Zipper like I used to.
15. Roadside attractions are so much fun. Especially when you fit inside a skillet.

16. Being able to rest your bag on top of the actual stage of the concert you are at is the best thing ever; for obvious reasons.

17. We were this close:

18. Every hotel should have tea & coffee in their lobby at all times.
19. My sister is indeed actually 18 years old.
20. And lives very, very far away from me.
21. But I’ve realized that a sisterhood is one relationship that never changes- no matter distance, or time- it always stays the same.

22. My husband gets very delirious without enough sleep.
23. Always take my pillow with me. Always.
24. Road trip playlists with 428 songs is not enough.
25. My stomach doesn’t like riding in the backseat.
26. The Corn Palace is a really cool place that everyone should see.

27. Not all land looks like it does in Iowa; even neighboring states.
28. I get homesick easily.
29. Chuck Norris shots taste really good; whatever is in them.

30. Stacey doesn’t know how to eat Laffy Taffys.
31. Flying J is the only necessary gas station.
32. Husbands that sing along to Everly songs & guard your awesome spots at the concerts are the best ever.
33. We like to laugh until we cry.

34. Blue Bunny makes the best ice cream. Period.
35. Enation also rocked the house!

36. Oh yeah, and we met Enation. What!

It was an amazingly successful road trip and seriously one of the best times ever. To see people up close that you have admired from afar for so long is surreal. I took over 1,000 photos on this trip!! I have no idea what I will do with them all, but I'm so glad that I have them.

**Please credit me for the Everly photos if you want to post them elsewhere. I totally understand if you do because let's face it- they rock, so please just credit me.

list twenty-one:
{twenty-one down; thirty-one to go}.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

today marks our 3 year wedding anniversary.
that fateful, romantic, perfect day full of love
was exactly 3 years ago today.

and I have never been more in love.

we will be spending today with each other-
the sun, the ocean, the air & the luxury of having no where else to be but with each other.

xo Chelsea

**apologies for my severe lack of blogging these past couple of weeks. it is not for lack of information to share, let me tell you. it's because I have been traveling like crazy with lots & lots of other things filling up my day. I have a ton of updates coming your way just as soon as my regular scheduled programming is in full effect.

***three words----  one tree hill. last night, did you watch it? EPIC.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


today I smitten with the ocean, five guys burgers, and homemade fries, and fountain cherry cokes, pelicans, my new john derian trayafternoon naps, my faith, pumpkin spice lattes, shopping with my aunt, my blackberry, air conditioning, finding sea shells, first class upgrades, cheap target sunglasses, reading during a rainstorm, picture messages from my husband, jacuzzis, this book, sunsets, mad men season 2, my freshly manicured nails, writing my name in the sand, starfish, twirling my hair, and billy joel on the radio.

have a happy labor day!

xo Chelsea

list twenty:
{twenty down; thirty-two to go}.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

mad men. mad men. mad men. mad men. mad men. mad men. mad men. mad men. mad men. mad men. mad men. mad men. mad men. mad men. mad men. mad men. mad men. mad men. mad men. mad men. mad men. mad men. mad men. mad men. mad men. mad men. mad men. mad men. mad men. mad men. 
mad men.

does that clear things up??
I'm in love with this show. IN LOVE.

& I am only in season 2!!!!
I have so much catching up to do & it excites me more than you know.

I just stumbled across the behind the scenes photos from the recent mad men photo shoot for rolling stone.

oh, Jon Hamm... the things you do to me.

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