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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Whew! I have a lot to catch up on. We just got back into town yesterday afternoon... we spent Sunday-Tuesday in the Twin Cities {I will catch you up on that in a minute.} We had a jam-packed weekend- complete with graduation parties, birthday parties, bar hopping, wii mario kart, road tripping, a death cab concert, and much much more. I will try to enlighten here:

Friday night we spent the night with our dearest of friends at Aaron & Kathy's new place; playing Wii and drinking until 3:30am. Needless to say I passed out on the couch while Andrew preceeded to stick his hand in the fan. Good times.

Saturday morning we got up and headed over to Tommy's graduation party. Good times here too... spent most of the day eating, drinking, chatting and playing bags. Then we met up for some Cave Ins and headed downtown to Nic's birthday party! Good times had here too... did I mention Mario Cart?! LOVE IT. Hung out here for a while and then headed out to the bars with the group. This is where I lost most of my memories from the night. But here is one photo to enlighten you.

We have the absolute best friends ever. Sunday morning we woke up, picked up my sis, loaded up the car, and headed to the Twin Cities. We arrived just in time to lounge by my aunt's pool before heading out for an excellent dinner {mine especially- gnocchi in gorgonzala sauce} followed by a walk around Lake Calhoun. On Monday we headed out to Ikea and The Mall of Amerca where we had no problem spending our time and our money. Here is Brian, carrying our loot out of Ikea, not realizing that he had a sticker stuck on his ass! You can about imagine Hollie and I laughing hysterically behind the camera. :) We scored tons of vases, picture frames and throw pillows!!!

Then of course we headed downtown, grabbed a bit to eat and headed to the AMAZING Orpheum Theater, where we were about to see DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE live!!!!!!!! We were estatic!!!!! Here is the hubby and I outside before the concert:

And here is my sister Hollie and I jamming out during the concert:

Low and behold, here they are in all their glory. By far one of my most amazing experiences of my life and for sure the best concert. They were absolutely incredible!!!

And here is a shot of us waiting in traffic to get out of downtown, still on a Death Cab high:

We spent most of the day on Tuesday driving back home, jamming out to Death Cab of course! So here I sit today; loads of e-mails, 592 posts waiting for me on Google Reader, work up the waazu, did I mention laundry? Yes, that too. Have lots to catch up on this week, but it was entirely worth it. Oh yeah, and I'm ready for the weekend already!! Whoo Hoo!! I heart Summer.

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Sarah said...

sounds like an awesome weekend!

leah @maritalbless said...

You were in the Cities? Like my Cities? :) Glad you enjoyed what we have to offer: MOA, the Orpheum, Ikea.

Where did you go for your gnocchi?