Tuesday, December 22, 2009

only bon iver could inspire
such an amazing, amazing moment.
{listening to on repeat}.

Friday, December 4, 2009

.my sincere apologies.
i just haven't been up to blogging as of late.
things are different.
i'm not sure how it's happenend.
but everything that i thoguht i always wanted,
i'm not so sure of anymore.

i guess i'm pretty lost.
but i'm blessed with amazing people in my life
& i'm figuring it out.

sadly, this has left the blog pretty neglected.
& i apologize for that.
i'm not really sure when i'll be back.
or when i'll have something to say.

i have been updating my tumblr pretty regularly though.
whenever i have a fleeting moment & i feel like being inspired.
{which is robert pattinson 99.9% of the time}.

just how i like it.

anyway, don't lose faith.
i'm trying very darn hard not to.


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