second installment.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Life, as I know it.

26. Walking to the hospital with my dad after my mom gave birth to my sister. It was an ice storm so we had to walk and my dad made me wear a backpack filled with blankets in case I fell.
27. The night of our rehearsal dinner. After it starting winding down, tons of our family and friends went with us downstairs to where our reception would be held the next day and we had the whole place completely decorated within an hour. It was one of the most amazing moments of my life—watching everyone do that, just for us.
28. Getting my very first bike as a kid for Christmas and taking it outside to test out that morning—in two feet of snow {totally worth it.}
29. Sliding down the stairs on pillows with Aaron and Caitlin.
30. Our candlelight dinner on the beach on the last night of our honeymoon. The entire week was a fairy tale and sitting there at that moment realizing how lucky I am- I will never forget.
31. Drinking in the dorm rooms with my girlfriends- hushing when the RA walked past- complete with UV Vodka, pretzel dip and the Dawson’s Creek finale.
32. Calling my mom right after Brian proposed.
33. Gilmore Girls night with my mom and sisters.
34. The rush of adrenaline when I reached the top of the Raging Bull at Six Flags.
35. The smell of Aveda shampoo in my hair.
36. Guinness cuddling by my head in the morning when he is ready to get up.
37. Driving the highway right along the river for hours feeling infinite.
38. The immensity of love in the room during the toasts at our wedding reception.
39. Christmas morning.
40. Halloween when I was in 2nd grade and dressed as a soda machine {we had to skip the houses with stairs; best costume ever.}
41. Feeding my baby sister her bottle.
42. Sleeping on clean sheets that dried outside on the line.
43. Farmer’s Market on Saturday’s with my mom.
44. Collecting lightening bugs into a jar and then letting them all go.
45. Cruising in the backseat of Brownie.
46. Finding my car completely covered, inside and out, with gerber daisies {including one sticking out of the tailpipe.}
47. Posing for my editor photo for the newspaper.
48. Making mud pies.
49. Bargaining on the streets of Playa del Carmen.
50. Corona with lime on the beach with Stacey.

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{photo by Jenifer Altman.}

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leah @maritalbless said...

I absolutely love the memory of going to the hospital. Lol at a backpack full of blankets!