Monday, December 30, 2013

Sunset I’ve waited for you all day
I’ve waited for you all day my love
Come quick I’m ready for you always
I’m ready for you always my love
Just You

lorelai mabel

It's a girl! Lorelai Mabel was born on December 16th at 9:10 pm. She is 6 pounds & 9 ounces and 20 inches long. She is absolutely perfect and has completely changed our whole world.

We have so much to share about her arrival and her time with us so far, but finding the time to sit down and write her birth story has proven to be difficult with all the feedings and the cuddles and sleeplessness. We are so completely in love with our sweet girl and feeling blessed in ways we can't even imagine.


late pregnancy must have's.

Friday, December 13, 2013

I completely slacked on posting my 2nd trimester must have's and now that I'm almost done with the third trimester (!!!) I really want to share some of my late pregnancy must have's in addition to the first trimester ones that I posted earlier. Honestly, a lot of these things have been lifesavers for me lately, so hopefully they can help someone else out too.

1. Bump Nest Pregnancy Pillow. I can not possibly rave about this pillow enough. It has saved my life. Trying to sleep with a watermelon in your tummy is not exactly easy. And with so many other symptoms keeping you up at night (heartburn, constantly full bladder, insomnia, to name a few..) any and every effort that you can make to keep yourself comfortable and asleep at night means everything. I am honestly not quite sure how I am going to give up this pillow postpartum. Maybe I won't? 

2. Earth Mama Angel Baby Third Trimester Tea. Whether it be a comfort for the cold Midwestern weather, my aching and sore throat or the promise of uterus strengthening in preparation for labor, this tea has been one of my favorite things this trimester. It tastes delicious and soothes and relaxes me. I can't say for sure how much it will actually benefit me during labor, but here's to hoping.

3. Hot water bottle. On a particularly achey day, my hot water bottle is my best friend and usually goes to bed with me. A comfy, cozy and warm comfort for my aching back.

4. Mason Bar Company tumbler. Or any beverage container of your choice. Using a straw makes it easier for me to stay hydrated so I am partial to this one.

5. Giving in to your cravings. I have honestly never experienced anything like satisfying a pregnancy craving. I had some cravings early on, but nothing compared to what it is like now. It changes constantly, so they can be hard to satisfy but boy, oh boy.... a brownie with a cold glass of milk when you are craving it and there is nothing better.

6. GAP maternity leggings. I have lived in these leggings and these yoga pants. They are so comfy and provide instant relief after struggling with dress pants all day long at work. Speaking of which, I have used the Maternity BeBand for all of the 2nd and 3rd trimester in an effort to continue wearing my regular pants, which has been a lifesaver. Admittedly, it is not as comfy anymore because I am probably way past the point of its intended use, but it was an excellent investment that I highly recommend.

7. Epsom bath salts. And my bath tub. In the beginning of my pregnancy I was too afraid to take a bath. You can hear all sorts of reasons why, but the main issue is raising your body temperature too high which can be unsafe for the baby. Eventually in the middle of my 2nd trimester when the aches & pains really started to settle in, I was desperate and decided to go for a lukewarm bath. I have never looked back since and I'm not sure I would survive some days without the thought of getting into my warm bath at night. An added benefit.. epsom salts. They are completely safe for your bath water during pregnancy and help to allievate so many pesky aches & pains. A true lifesaver.

8. Honest Company Body Oil. I have alternated between a lot of moisturizing options this pregnancy and this body oil is one of my favorites. It's not greasy, smells delightful and helps keep my skin (especially my tummy) moisturized and feeling good. Coconut oil is another particular favorite of mine for all of the same reasons and I have alternated between these two a lot this pregnancy.

Some other honorable mentions: Tums (for obvious reasons). cute, comfy & affordable maternity clothing from Asos. My December Mommies facebook group where I can ask my silly questions and not feel ridiculous and chat with others daily that are going through the same things. Really big, thick socks (to warm and comfort my gigantic, swollen feet). Oh, and foot rubs.

There are so many great products out there to support you in your pregnancy and I am so thankful to have discovered the ones that I have. Any must have's that you couldn't live without during pregnancy?


baby bub's nursery tour.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

we have dreamed for so long about what our little ones nursery would be like... creating a special place just for them. I knew exactly what I wanted and thankfully Brian more than obliged... after we really got going, he had some amazing ideas for the room that I just know baby will love and appreciate when they get older. we knew that everything would be gender-neutral, which surprisingly wasn't hard for us. we included mostly hints of white, cream, mint, peach, yellow, blue and gold. to sum up what we wanted for the room in one word, it would dreamy. we wanted it to be light and airy and dreamy and calming and magical. there is so much of ourselves poured into this room.. it's no wonder it has quickly become G's favorite place in the house.

so please excuse my huuuge drop of nursery photos below. from what I have heard, the room will not stay like this for long once the little one has taken up residence. we are so ready for you little baby.

Wall Color: Pantone's Lightest Sky by Valspar | Crib: Jenny Lind from Target | Floating Shelves: Lack by Ikea | Window Curtains: Vivan by Ikea | Closet Curtain: Target | Curtain Rods: Lowes | Rocker: Eames from Amazon | Lamp: Perch in Rose Gold by West Elm | Side Table: Ikea (and painted) | Side Table with Bow pulls: thrifted | Bunting: Steph Loves Ben on Etsy | Wire Baskets: Amazon | Wicker Baskets: Hobby Lobby | Closet Tags: DIY | Hat Basket: Target | Fan: antique, thrifted | White pedestal: Target | Frames: Target, Hobby Lobby, Ikea, thrifted | Books egg basket: thrifted | Ottoman: Threshold by Target | Throw pillow: Target | Wall Hooks: Hobby Lobby & World Market | Wooden box: beach shop on Ft Myers Beach | Baby nail art: DIY | Ceiling light: Alang by Ikea | Furry stool: Threshold by Target | Stuffed animals: BlaBla, Sleep Sheep, Ikea bulldog, SweetLittlesHandmade on Etsy, sock monkey from Target, my childhood teddy, handmade gifts | Cart: Raskog by Ikea | Dresser: antique, thrifted | Drawer liners: DIY | Colorblock basket: Home Goods | Diaper Pail: Ubbi | White rug: Tejn by Ikea | Yellow/White striped rug: Lowes | Artwork: rbtl paperez pudewa, Gulush Threads on etsy, Kelli Murray on etsy, Rifle Paper Co., Cardboard Safari, anna tovar on etsy, Live Love Studio on etsy, the painted arrow, maypole | Toys: Fisher Price record player, Sophie the Giraffe, Diana Dreamer camera, Peter Cottontail tea set, Miyim bunny teether | White pots/jars/lantern: Skurar, Kardemumma & Rotera by Ikea | Jars with animal lids: DIY | White fox: Target | Mobile: BabyJives | Tiny rocking chair: vintage, from childhood | Switchplate: World Market | Crib Skirt: American Baby Company on Amazon

maternity session: sneak peek.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

we were so grateful and humbled when our wedding photographer, A Fleeting Moment, reached out to us and asked us to be their "preggo momma of the year". what an incredible honor at the most exciting time in our lives. we will cherish these photos, and so many more that I will share soon, that Alissa captured of our growing family. including Guinness in them is such a special treat for us as well.. our whole family of 4 together and excitedly waiting to meet this new little one. these photos mean the world to me.

I am sharing these low-res proofs today because I just can't wait another minute to post them. this baby is certainly going to know how much they are loved. thank you, Alissa! we couldn't ask for a better friend or photographer.

it's pretty evident that mr. G steals the show, isn't it? he's such a looker. but that black & white shot of brian and I literally makes my heart stop. I can just feel how much he loves this baby when I look at that photo. absolute treasure.


[all images are property of a fleeting moment photography]

oh, by gosh, by golly.

Monday, December 2, 2013

.. it's time for mistletoe and holly!

and for filling the house up with fresh christmas trees, cozy warm blankets, christmas records, candles, twinkling lights and memories of another year.

and we still have the bedroom to go. oh my, I just love it.

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