Tuesday, December 22, 2009

only bon iver could inspire
such an amazing, amazing moment.
{listening to on repeat}.

Friday, December 4, 2009

.my sincere apologies.
i just haven't been up to blogging as of late.
things are different.
i'm not sure how it's happenend.
but everything that i thoguht i always wanted,
i'm not so sure of anymore.

i guess i'm pretty lost.
but i'm blessed with amazing people in my life
& i'm figuring it out.

sadly, this has left the blog pretty neglected.
& i apologize for that.
i'm not really sure when i'll be back.
or when i'll have something to say.

i have been updating my tumblr pretty regularly though.
whenever i have a fleeting moment & i feel like being inspired.
{which is robert pattinson 99.9% of the time}.

just how i like it.

anyway, don't lose faith.
i'm trying very darn hard not to.


Sunday, November 29, 2009

my heart can't take it.
i can not wait until march for this.

why oh why did i read a copy of the script?
oh right, to torture myself?
because now i can't wait for this to release more than ever.
this preview does not do what i read justice.

in the meantime i will just listen to this song
& keep playing it out in my head.
hurry up march.


Friday, November 20, 2009

incredible. unbelievable. amazing.
.new moon
i am completely in love right now.
yep, i was one of those up in the wee hours of morning
getting the very first glimpse of new moon.

i promise you- and this coming from an avid twilight lover-
new moon was better.
it was perfect. it was amazing. it was brilliant.
i loved every single second of it.
love. love. love. love. love. love. love.

i can't possibly get enough.
love. love. love.

i'm so giddy right now.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

:::today is the day:::

{i assure you that did not sound like a teenage girl}.

i am so excited for tonight.
it is just what i need.
to get me out of this funk.
& back to good old me.

thank you new moon.
i will be seeing you soon.
very, very soon.



do you watch glee?
duh, what am i saying?
of course you do!
i love this show.
last night's episode might have been my favorite yet.
watch it here if you missed out.

i am in love with finn.
& mr. schuester too for that matter.
i want him to be with emma.
she is my favorite character.
& they are so perfect for each other.

and sidenote: i want her entire wardrobe.

i do not like rachel.
she gets on my nerves.
but i do want her to be with finn.
i think that she is only annoying & bitchy
because she loves him & can't have him.

i have hated quin this entire season.
how can she be so cruel to lie to finn
about the most important thing in his life.
but after last night, i kind of understand why.
i don't agree with it, but now i feel sorry for her.
her & finn are cute together, no doubt.
but i think she belongs with puck.
speaking of puck, i like him!
i have a thing for "bad boys" who are really sweeties at heart.

i think that pretty much sums it up.
there really isn't a character on this show that i don't like.
this is the show that i have waited for years to watch.
and now i am addicted.

i'm a gleek.
there i said it.


{images via fox}

Monday, November 16, 2009

i have finally added some new polaroids to the shop.

i promise not to wait so long next time.
because boy do they have me missing summer.



Friday, November 13, 2009

my weekend list:

01. spend a night in with my momma.
02. while eating lots of chinese.
03. and watching lots of gilmore girls.
04. sleep in.

05. take G for a walk around the neighborhood.
06. lugging two cameras
{one for rhianne's lovely photo exchange & one for myself}.
07. hopefully catch the pretty birds lined up on the electric wire

that i always see on my way to work.
08. take in the fresh air.
09. and appreciate the little things around me.
10. take my tired puppy home.
11. enjoy two cups of delicious coffee. 
12. while reading my favorite blogs.
13. finish editing my sister's senior photos.
{tiny preview above}.
14. call her to tell her and listen to inevitable squeeling.

15. target run for random ditties that only target can supply.
16. and hopefully pick up a must-have-in-my-wardrobe cardigan there too.
17. back to the house to put on a good record.
18. possibly some bon iver to help me clean the house.
19. clean said house.
20. feel really good about it.
21. bust open a bottle of wine.
22. call my girls to come over.
23. watch really girly movies.
24. while painting our nails & chatting about life.
25. open another bottle of wine.
26. remember how amazing my friends are.
27. pass out, hopefully with lingering dreams about robert p.
{i think i may have skipped a few more bottles opening above}.
28. sleep in again.

29. make a yummy breakfast.
30. meet my mom at the flea market.
31. find some really good stuff.
32. spend the rest of the day on the couch.

33. in between laundry runs.
34. and getting a ton of miscellaneous items crossed off my list.
35. watch some football {go vikings!}.
36. watch some true blood season 1 because i just remembered it will be arriving via netflix today!
37. kiss my babies goodnight.
38. and say farewell to a wonderful, wonderful weekend.  

i am excited.


p.s. what will you be doing?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

i want to go to greece.
of all of the places on this beautiful planet
that i want to see...
santorini is currently first on my list.
& honestly, how could it not be??

i've been dreaming about it.
researching it every chance i get.
& picturing myself strolling the terra cotta walkways
with a basket of fresh seafood in tow.

i don't want to stay in a hotel.
i want to stay in a little room in a village.
i don't care if there's even electricity.
i want to sleep to the sound of the ocean outside.
& think about only the simple things in life.

for now i will keep on dreaming.
and researching. and hoping. and planning.
but someday, santorini, i will be yours.

i think i'm going to watch 
sisterhood of the traveling pants this weekend. 
that should tide me over...


i have the biggest crush.
on anya marina.

 see for yourself:

i told you so.

i will be hanging out with anya today.
melodically humming along in my office.
her pandora station rocks too.


Friday, November 6, 2009

do you watch modern family??
if not you are missing out big time.
this show is the funniest thing since
michael scott debuted his 'that's what she said'.

case in point:

that was one of my favorite moments so far this season.
husband + i were literally rolling on the floor with laughter.

 p.s. brian would be the one screaming like a girl.  just sayin'.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

are you there?
i am here.
a little peice of me anyhow.

my life is in a million little peices right now.
i can't seem to put everything together.
but we're working on it.

with so many things making me unhappy lately,
i am delighted to share with you a few
that are indeed making me very, very happy.

this song:

not sure if it's the message in the lyrics. the upbeat melody that forces a smile.
or singing along to it with my sisters in the car. but this song makes me happy.
betcha didn't guess that one, did ya?

my new blackberry tour:

i love everything about this basically-computer-in-a-phone.
and i'm now wondering how i ever lived without it??

the amazing shows this season
that i can never wait to run home to my dvr for:
glee. vampire diaries. one tree hill. greek. true blood.
the office. grey's anatomy. modern family.

handing out candy with this handsome devil.
{actually this badass ballerina to be exact}.

 finally creating stepping stones to pursuing one of my lifelong dreams.

coming home to a man who loves me more than i ever though possible.

midnight milky ways left over from halloween:

 starting my Christmas shopping lists.

nights when the moon lights up the sky like this in my backyard.

that is all.

but here's to hoping that many many more
happy things are coming our way.


{midnight. moonlight. badass. ballerina.}

Monday, October 26, 2009

dear life,

i promise to come back to you soon.
but right now my life is filled with the responsbility of being an adult.
and most days i really hate that.

but i will be back soon.
i promise.
and we can pick apples,
and bake cookies,
 and sleep in,

and enjoy fall together.


my beautiful sister & her beau danny
recently whisked off to their senior homecoming dance.
of course i took a break from my crazy, crazy life to see them off
& document their lovely night.

aren't they adorable? more here.

i snuck in a few of their senior pictures over the weekend too,
so be on the lookout for those soon.


Monday, October 19, 2009

we have been planning on repainting our kitchen for what seems like forever...
so what is the hold up??
we can't decide on a color.
+ our two favorites are complete opposites!
right now it is dark, so we were opting to switch it up with a light...


but then we saw another dark color that we fell in love with.
& now we are torn...

both have white cabinets, as do we.
& we love them both.
help us.

what is your vote?

Friday, October 16, 2009

hello weekend.

today i am listening to the new moon soundtrack.
+ that makes me extremely happy.
this soundtrack is brilliant,
+ not just because i already love new moon.
but because the mix is truly amazing.
so glad that it was released early,
because my weekend is starting off pretty darn great.

we will also be:
joining our favorites for drinks + fun tonight. eating really good mexican food.
picking out our pumpkins at the pumpkin patch. sleeping in.
helping my parents roof their house. drinking cider beer. carving our pumpkins.
going to see this movie with my sisters {can. not. wait.}
photographing my beautiful sister. eating really good thai food.
snuggling up to good football games. editing lots+lots of photos. 
going to the apple orchard. + trying to make apple pies.
taking hot baths. reading good stories.

c u d d l i n g.  r e l a x i n g.  s l e e p i n g. 

i hope that you too have a great one with your loved ones.


dear ruche,

you already know about my undying love for you.
if i could spend all of my hard-earned money on you, i would.
you have amazing pieces that fit my idea of perfection to a tee.
+ you are so reasonably priced that it is so hard to stay away.
i check up on you at least once weekly to spot any new arrivals.
my wish list is never-ending and will probably take up most of my christmas list this year.
but once i saw your new bag,
i knew i couldn't wait that long...

so i ordered it.
+ it came in the mail last week.
+ i have been loving it ever since.
best new bag for fall/winter, ever.
thank you ruche!!
i'll see you soon.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

remember my autumn list?
well i'm working at it & keeping you up to speed:

visit an apple orchard.
and take photos of my sisters there.
 {it's on the list for this coming weekend}.

go on a hayride.
{not sure when we will get to this one but i can't wait}.

take hollie's senior pictures.

make some good dinners.  
{oh boy have i ever! chili, taco soup, pot roast, italian beef, chicken, chicken, chicken}.

watch lots of football.

organize my life
 {still working on this one, but doing extremely well... have new shelves hanging & new folders working & new drawers organized; slowly but surely}.

paint our outside railing.
{done. this will get us by until the spring when we replace it}.

hopefully purchase a new vehicle.
{some things in the works, but nothing in stone yet}.

drink cider beer.
 {sadly, i have not done this yet!}
what am i thinking??}

celebrate a blessed wedding.
{oh goodness yes}.

and another one.
{photos coming soon!}

cuddle up with lots of tea.
{earl grey is my current favorite}.

display my polaroids.
 {still working on this one too. i have some things started,
but still looking for more ideas}.

get my flickr up to date & organized.
{so behind on this one. soon, soon, soon}.

carve a pumpkin. 
{going to the pumpkin patch this weekend}.

celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary. 

and lots of birthdays.
{kathy's & kirby's- check!  dad's is still to come}.

add lots of updates to the shop.
 {soon to come my dears. i promise}.

paint my kitchen door a pretty color.
{now i kind of want to repaint the entire kitchen,
so this one is on standby until we make a decision}.

bake a pie.
{what kind should i make?}

buy vintage cowboy boots.
{still looking. always looking}.

read, read, read.
{every chance i get. hoping to start a book club soon!}

learn to crochet/knit.
 {i bought this & tried to teach myself to no avail,
but i have a personal teaching session scheduled for this week!}

watch good tv shows.
 {himym; the office; vampire diaries; dh; brothers&sisters; oth; gg; oh my!}

dress G up for halloween.
 {looking for a costume}.

wear my purple suede flats.
 {they rock}.

perfect my cupcake-baking abilities.
{not so much}.

be happy.
{working really hard at this one every day}.

i can't believe it's already mid-october!
time is just f l y i n g.
but things are coming along great & i am happy with where my list is at.

still working on perfecting my routine, but i am getting there.

aren't our front porch mums so pretty?
i hope that they will last a while longer,
but it was quite frosty this morning...


guess what??
our little bloggy is turning two!
in fact, it turned two on the 9th.
sorry, i've been busy!

it is very exciting.
+ seriously hard to believe that our marriage
+ new life together was just starting two years ago.
when we decided to start documenting the little things.
and now here we are.
my, how time flies.
+ what a wonderful two years it has been.
here's to many, many more.

stay tuned because i have lots of goodies coming your way.
very soon.

+ check out the new updated blog header.
in honor of our 2nd anniversary.
the most recent photo of our little family.

{pretty cupcake}.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

i'm sorry i'm still too busy for you.
but i have been too busy for everything lately.
i did take 3:37 minutes for this amazing video though
two of my favorite things... dcfc & twilight.
hello bliss: 


Sunday, October 4, 2009

hello my dears,
lately life has been crazy and hectic.
i honestly haven't even had time to take photos
of the beautiful colors the world around me is turning.
fall has arrived & i am loving every minute of it.
i have so much to catch you up on.
and i promise when i have some time i will.
i had a total of 2 hours to myself this weekend,
and i spent it watching this.

it was a good decision.
it made me feel warm and full of love.
i can't wait to watch it again.

i promise to get back to normal soon.
as soon as i can organize the chaos in my life.
but all is well
and i have some lovely things to share with you.

i hope that you are enjoying fall in
your little part of the world.


Friday, September 25, 2009

random thoughts for this lovely, gloomy, rainy friday!

my new favorite blog: here.

i'm loving these velvet pumpkins:

we are going out for sushi tonight
to celebrate my dear kathy's birthday. 

i am starting a book club
and i am really rather excited about it.
any must have's that you can suggest?

this came out today and i am dying to see it.
but of course it's not here yet. sad.
john krasinski+benjamin gibbard=hell yes!!

i am very excited about our quiet little weekend that we have planned.
getting some things done around the house
and just being with the people that we love,
watching fall roll right in.
can't beat that.


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