Friday, February 26, 2010

this week's list is a much requested one:
my birthday wish list.
yes, the universe thinks it will be funny {read: cruel}
to age me 25 years in a couple weeks- at a time in my life when i have never been so completely lost.
but, at least i will have some pretty 
new things to make it easier.
lo & behold my current wishlist:

{{pretty necklaces; love-o-meter necklace from Poto+Cabengo's etsy, angel wings necklace, & anything from thevamoose especially this one
mini diana camera.
black toms 9.
a booklight -yes, i'm a dork-.
kimchi blue mini studded pouch in sonnet grey.
silence&noise open front blazer in charcoal l.
dvds; east of eden -james dean version- 

glee season 1 on dvd.
vinyl: arcade fireone fast move or i'm gone; the replacements; the cure; nada surf; mgmt, spoon...}}

really not looking forward to turning a quarter of a century...
but luckily i have great friends&family
that i know will make it worthwhile.



Sunday, February 21, 2010

my list for the week &
my favorite things at the moment:

01. breakfast in bed.
02. my new living space; i.e. the "hen den".
03. this new nail polish.
04. sleeping in with G.
05. having enough time to read as much as i want.
06. one tree hill on dvd.
07. little moments that make me realize just how much my husband cares.
08. building forts.
09. & reading in them.
10. this headband that i can't wait to wear.
11. band t-shirts & holey jeans.
12. the smell of rain.
13. dates with my husband.
14. taper candles.
15. leftover chinese food.


ps- something that i am NOT loving is the cold
that has taken over my body. sad.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

& here we are.
week 2 of my list-making challenge.
my list for this week is...

.songs that i listen to over & over.

now if you know me at all,
you know that this is a huge list.
but i am going to try & narrow it down as much as i can:

01. 1901 - phoenix
02. alison - elvis costello
03. world spins madly on - the weepies
04. girl in the moon - everly
05. pictures of you - the cure

06. two weeks - grizzly bear
07. this charming man - the smiths
08. hide and seek - imogen heap
09. hallelujah - jeff buckley
10. pale blue eyes - the velvet underground

11. wake up - arcade fire
12. don't forget sister - low vs. diamond
13. grapevine fires - death cab for cutie
14. flume - bon iver
15. always love - nada surf
16. non-believer - la rocca

17. heartbeats - jose gonzalez
18. hometown glory - adele
19. sweet disposition - the temper trap
20. sheets - damien jurado
21. war sweater - wakey!wakey!

22. mykonos - fleet foxes
23. funeral - band of horses
24. your touch - the black keys
25. my hometown - bruce springsteen
26. french navy - camera obscura
27. dream on - chemical brothers
28. green gloves - the national
29. here comes a regular - the replacements
30. for blue skies - strays don't sleep
31. for the widows in paradise, for the fatherless in ypsilanti - sufjan stevens
32. company calls epilogue - death cab for cutie

33. angel dream no 4 - tom petty
34. madame joy - van morrison
35. wilco (the song) - wilco
36. mansard roof - vampire weekend
37. vienna - billy joel
38. breathe me - sia
39. little secrets - passion pit
40. i and love and you - the avett brothers 

so there you have it.
my "short" list.
i have a sinking feeling that tomorrow i remember
a vital song that i left out & kick myself.
but this is a pretty good idea.



Tuesday, February 9, 2010

.tidbits of my weekend.

we hit the road with family & got out of town for a while.
with nothing in particular to do.
& it was great.

& i picked up some pretty, pretty things along the way.

very successful. & very cheap.


Monday, February 8, 2010

one of my favorite super bowl commercials....

because i love volkswagen. & i love grizzly bear. & it's cute.

i loved google & flo tv's too.


have you heard of a little movie called
the runaways?

as a huge joan jett fan for as long as i can remember
- as well as an avid kristen stewart fan -
news of this movie has had me excited for months.

we were so l u c k y that we were able to attend
an exclusive showing of the movie
last week {months before it's theatrical release}
at the sundance theater in madison.

the movie is amazing.
actually, make that, amazing amazing amazing amazing x 100.
it was brilliant.
& i can see why it is the talk of the sundance film festival.

dakota fanning is stunning. but kristen stewart 
stole the show for me.
i don't want to give anything away, because i know most
have not yet seen it.
but if you get a chance to catch this movie in the theater next month... DO IT! you will not regret it.

& not only were we so lucky to attend the 
advanced screening of the film itself,
but the one & only cherie currie was there herself!
she watched the film with us & held a q&a afterward.
it was beyond incredible & i have a lot of respect for this woman.

put this movie on your list people!
it is officially a favorite of mine.


{the runaways}.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

my 2010 happy list:

it's no secret that i had a crummy 2009.
i have vowed to enjoy the simple things in life this year.
the things that make me happy, no matter how small.
& here is my to-do list so far, which will hopefully be expanding as the year goes on.

01. go to at least two concerts.
02. spend an entire day at the beach.
03. take a spur of the moment road trip. with nowhere in mind. pull over & a cheap hotel & drink some cheap beer with good friends.
04. go camping in the middle of nowhere.
05. go snowboarding.
06. fly a kite.
07. start a book club.
08. play bingo.
09. grow tomatoes in my backyard.
10. write something {a story, a poem, a novel, anything}.
11. photograph a national monument.
12. bake a pie from scratch.
13. watch my baby sister graduate high school.
14. watch my wee baby sister play the spoon in her beauty & the best school play.
15. visit wilmington, nc or portland, or.
16. build a fort & sleep in it.
17. get a tattoo.

.... this list w i l l be growing.....

i also have to share that this is the first of many lists i will be sharing in 2010.
i am taking a queue from andrea & my favorite books
& making a list every week for the rest of the year.
i've always loved lists.
not only does it relax me & put my mind at ease,
but it's such an easy way to just put pen to paper.
i carry a moleskin in my bag at all times that is filled with lists for different things... songs to download, records to purchase, bills to pay, goals for life, everything & anything.

& fittingly so, i thought that my 2010 happy to-do list was a great list to start with.

is there anything that you are dying to do this year?
anything that you think i should add to my list?
i am determined to make this year a great one & remember the simple things that make me happy.

and GO.


{mt rainier}.

i have been severely unmotivated & uninspired this week...
thankfully i had an amazing one tree hill episode to keep me company on monday night.
it was the much anticipated 80s episode dedicated to john hughes
& it was a m a z i n g.
with scenes dedicated to the breakfast club, home alone, 
planes trains & automobiles, pretty in pink, weird science, 
uncle buck, & my favorite, sixteen candles.
& performances by cheap trick!
i loved everything.
here are a few sneak peeks at my favorite moments,
but you haven't seen it already go here & check it out!!

john hughes would be proud.
this episode & dedication was done so beautifully.
& getting to see my always adored couple sam & jake from sixteen candles portrayed by nathan & haley seriously made my life complete.

l o v e


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