Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Our weekend was amazing.
Saturday night we had a dinner with my co-workers and their spouses.
It was so fun.
We stayed out until 2:30 am.
Until the bar closed and kicked us out.
And I have pictures of Brian dancing with my co-workers husband.
Yes, I’m serious.
We got to test drive the Ford Edge all weekend.
We love it.
So much in fact that we fought about whose turn it was to drive.
We spent most of Sunday driving around town.
It was so nice outside.
We went to DQ.
And spent the afternoon at the park along the river.
It was great.
Friday night I saw Made of Honor with the girls.
It was too cute.
I thought that it would be too predictable.
But they really pulled it off.
I loved it.
And I don’t understand how one man {McDreamy} can be so incredibly beautiful.
Really, I don’t.
Be sure to check it out if you haven’t already.
We are planning on having another girls’ night adventure to the movies this Friday.
What Happens In Vegas is on the agenda.
The boys will play COD4.
I'm sure.
We also watched Gone Baby Gone on Sunday night.
It was very good.
But very sad.
Almost too hard for me to watch at some points.
But I’m glad I stuck it out.
I have absolutely no pictures from this past weekend to share.
I was too caught up in the moment.
But I hate picture-less posts.
So I’m stealing some of Stacey’s pics from last weekend to share.
Which you have not yet seen because I was too sick last week to even think about it.

Me with my besties {a little drunk, sorry}:

Me with a Raging Mary and a weird face:

The boys {how cute is my husband?}:

So there you have it. You are all up to speed. I will keep you posted on the Edge. We are really hoping that everything works out and we will get it. Still some logistics to figure out...

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