Saturday, March 27, 2010

happy happy w e e k e n d.

mine will be filled with bully snuggles; peanut butter toast; birthday celebrations; one tree hill season 7; developing my first roll of diana mini film; girls night in; filling the house with more
l o v e l y daffodils; sleeping in with the boys; reading on the back deck; organizing the basement; hopefully beautiful weather; & good food.

i hope yours is just as lovely.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

dear blog,

today is beautiful & warm & sunny.
i enjoyed a cup of coffee on the back deck in the sun.
i then spent 3 hours cleaning away. jamming out to the new she&him album. {it's amazingly cheery & lovely}.
i cut daffodils from the backyard to brighten up the kitchen table.
i chatted on the phone with friends.
i had cuddle time with g.
i watched sixteen candles again while sorting through bills & paperwork.
i ate smores pop tarts... my favorite.
i dusted with a swiffer duster for the 1st time & i love this thing.
i made a new playlist called .feel good inc.
i strolled around the neighborhood with my boys.
i drank a sunkist with a straw.
& it felt like spring.




Tuesday, March 23, 2010

today was a beautiful day. spring is in the air & it feels so good. so many things to be happy about today.
but i am especially happy because:

--i finally got a tattoo. & i love it.
{after 4 years of thinking about it, i walked in & just did it.
G loves it too}.
--parenthood is on tonight. i am in love with this show.
--wearing my new pretty red flats. courtesy of my 25th birthday.
--my chest pain is starting to subside.
{& i have my doctor's appointment tomorrow
which will hopefully bring good news}.
--these pretty babies that are blooming all around our house:

--i made fried ice cream for dessert tonight with my mom. 
my favorite dessert on the planet.
--selling two of my photos today to Rae Nicoletti
from kate spade in nyc!!!
{i don't even know what to say about this. i'm floored}.
--the beautiful birds that have found their way back to our backyard.
makes spring official.
--i have almost enough money, all from selling old stuff around the house, to purchase this coffee table i have been lusting over. Amazing!
--husband came home after work today with chocolate covered strawberries for yours truly. yummmmmm.

i hope your day was just as lovely.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

i had such a lovely, lovely birthday weekend.
turning 25 wasn't something that i was looking forward to.
but i have such amazing friends & family that it's impossible not to love every second of it.

here is my list of some of the amazing things that
filled my birthday weekend:

01. husband took me ice skating {checking that off my list}.
02. finally played a little basketball!
03. researched possible tattoo places.
04. went to dinner with the family.
05. mmmmm... cupcakes baked by mom.
06. dinner with the gang & my favorite burger.
07. saw remember me in the theater & loved it.
08. mmmm.... better-than-sex cake from kathy.
09. played really funny drinking games.
10. got amazing gifts that i will share later.
11. slept in {twice}.
12. drank dirty martinis.
13. celebrated st. patty's day with awesome people & green beers.

14. mmmm.... birthday cake remix ice cream from brian.
15. ordered chinese takeout & watched
this with my boys to end our lovely weekend.

a lot of fun & a lot of dessert
makes for a good birthday weekend.

thanks everyone for your birthday wishes as well.

& i am so very glad that my weekend was so awesome,
because so far this week has almost killed me.
i felt so lousy in every way imaginable
& even took a late night trip to the emergency room.

things are okay now.. but i am still feeling pretty bad.
but i am taking the right medications & doing the right things
& hopefully soon i will be back to normal.
i really hope so.


Monday, March 8, 2010

so sorry i totally slacked on my list for last week!
so, since i was too busy to post my list,
i figure that is what my list should be.

everything that i loved last week:

01. the new series parenthood {its already a favorite}.
02. afternoon drinks with my amazing mother.
03. really good seafood.
04. one tree hill on dvd {shocker!}
05. internet streaming of wakey!wakey! concerts.
06. sobbing like an absolute baby watching this movie {highly recommended, but unbelievably heartbreaking}.
07. my new curling iron that actually works.
08. eggrolls. eggrolls. eggrolls.
09. rearranging my living room & then putting everything back in almost the exact same place.
10. bottles of mexican cola by the case.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

dear ok go,
i have always loved you.
your music makes me happy.
your lyrics make me happy.
& your music videos have always made me happy.
but this..
this is taking it to another level.

now i kind of want to marry you & have your babies...


Monday, March 1, 2010

at this very moment i am:

excited about spring. or rather the potential of spring. 
worried about major life choices, you know, nothing major or anything.
reading east of eden by steinbeck. again.
loving my new room aka the hen den.
creating new playlists for my new ipod. {i can finally hold all of my songs on my ipod}.
hating where i live.
craving fast food {weird for me}.
listening to maybe tomorrow by stereophonics.
watching one tree hill season 1 on dvd {duh}.
wondering where i'm going to end up.

{taking a hint from brooke}.

what are you currently up to?




one very happy chelsea.
happy birthday to me!

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