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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I truly enjoyed last night's episode, but it left me very confused. I don't know how I feel about Dan's situation and the situation that he is putting everyone else in. I honestly understand why Nathan and Lucas want nothing to do with him, obviously. But it is still hard to watch. Dan is still Dan to me. I don't know what I would do if I were in their shoes. But I am glad that Nathan is handling it much more mature than I would have expected him to.

Mouth and Milli were adorable last night. It was such a cute way of Mouth to tell her he loves her. :) And Brooke and Angie were beyond adorable! I am really liking this storyline-- the meeting scene was too cute! And it is nice to see Lucas being there for them. But it was HILARIOUS when Peyton walked out in her t-shirt when Lucas was there. I loved that connection.

I wish we could have had more Naley-love, but I do understand that isn't necessarily realistic. After all, they are married adults with a family to take care of and careers at that. But I'm always looking for their interactions. Jamie was by far my favorite last night-- that kid is so smart. The scene with him and Skillz playing video games and Jamie's idea about the 3 pointers and how they incorporated that to the Ravens was so neat. I LOVED every second of it. Since no one has episode stills up yet, here is a tid bit.

And I was so proud of Peyton when she went to go see Lindsey. And I was VERY happy with their conversation as a present Leyton fan. I loved seeing Peyton reading the book-- I can't wait to see what happens with them. My jaw was literally on the floor during the preview for next week-- but part of me is thinking that there is a twist and the CW is torturing us. It can't be that easy. If you missed it, you NEED to watch....

To me it looks like Lucas is unconscious!! HaHa. But we will see....

I can't wait for next week!!! Ahhh.. I can't believe there are only two more new episodes this season! But I absolutely cannot wait for the box set to come out so that I can watch it all over again. :) Oh, and if you're not already checking out OTH Blog, you are missing out. Those ladies keep the juicy details coming every day!! It's so nice to have a daily OTH fix!

And I have to share, as OTH Blog has reported, Sophia Bush and dear-to-my-heart James Lafferty are rumored to be seeing each other. I hate to add fuel to this fire and support the crazies that follow them around... but it just too cute not to share. It think that it is great if they are indeed dating. Although silly me loves Naley so much I wish they were together IRL. HaHa. But Joy is married so this is the next best thing for James, besides me of course. JK! Here is the latest pic.... {seriously- can you see why I am in love with him???} More pics here.

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Living the Happily Ever After said...

Last night was the best! I just want to kiss little Jaime that kid is so cute! I love your OTH posts and I will have to check the other blog out as well. Thanks for the tip