everett's birth story

Friday, April 8, 2016

As if it were kismet, I went into labor naturally very early on the morning of my scheduled repeat cesarean. Everett was coming... and so was a blizzard. It was Monday, December 28th 2016.

I tossed and turned all night the night before, as I knew I would. 40 weeks pregnant tends to do that to a person, but my scheduled cesarean for 8am the next morning was contributing to my insomnia as well. At about 1am I started cramping, but chalked it up to nerves and tried to force myself back to sleep. By 2am I thought that I might get sick and again just thought that my nerves were just getting to me. It wasn't until nearly 3am that it dawned on me that these "cramps" were still coming and felt an awful lot like something familiar to me. Something my body was remembering from two years ago. These felt like contractions.

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