spring forward.

Monday, March 28, 2011

I've had a rotten-nogood-wanttopunchintheface-horrible-terrible-sogladit'salmostover-Monday. And so I'm going to write about something that will make me happy. S P R I N G.

I'm taking a cue from Jasmine (who is taking a cue from Camilla) and making a Spring to-do list. I really, really need it. Spring has already awakened me from what I feel was a winter-long hibernation.  I suddenly feel awaken and alive and ready for the world... even if it is raining outside.

01. go for morning walks with my mother (already started on this; take that sunrise).
02. plant more flowers all around our house.
03. explore the city with my husband.

04. grill out new recipes at least once a week.
05. spring clean the house.

06. eliminate as much plastic from our lives as possible.
07. have more saturday mornings like this one past.

08. wear a ton of sandals.
09. and flats.

10. get as many pedicures as the budget will allow.
11. go to as many concerts as the budget will allow (DCFC ordered).
12. go camping. a lot.

13. listen to my records on the back deck.
14. re-do our front porch!
15. wear my new pink rainboots.

16. take early morning light excursions with my camera.
17. eat a ton of vegetables.
18. always have a vase of fresh flowers.

Going through all of my photos from last Spring for this post, r e a l l y has me amped up now.

Hello world.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Saw this gem of a movie over the weekend and completely loved it.
A little bit of humor, a little bit of hardship, a little bit of love.
It doesn't get much better than that folks.

go see it.

another fabulous two day break.

early morning coffee stands.
pink birdhouses; one for me and one for you.

st. patrick's day green.
out for drinks with friends.

pretty vintage chairs.
pretty, lovey puppies.

favorite coffee shops.
big and beautiful moonlight.

perfect coffee names.
a mr. that can't decide who he wants to snuggle with.

character readings.
and the most lovely perfume of all.

pretty vintage blouses (& taking them home with me).
and beautiful new reading nooks (!!!).
with more vintage chairs.
le sigh.

cinnamon cakes.
late night movies.
cherry blossoms with whipped cream (thanks stacey).
sleeping until noon.
rainy sundays.
my favorite pink drinking glass.
my itrip.
all my new birthday vinyl.
girl scout cookie locater app on my phone.
my favorite sweat pants.
helping strangers with broken down cars.
sam's club.
spending the day with my family.

oh, monday. you come too damn quick.


just chill.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

What's up ya'll? I'm in serious need of some advice. I just went back through my recent posts to link to when I first shared my recent health issues, but I can't find it. So apparently I never told you anyway. I'm shocked considering how on top of things I've been lately (no really, not at all). Alas, here it is.

About a month ago now I experienced a really weird sensation as I was literally sitting in a meeting at work. Weird head pains, cold spreading through my body, numbness and tingling... you know the usual. I left the meeting, called my mom & we went to acute care. They tested me for signs of a stroke, which were normal, obviously, and scheduled a CT scan. Without getting into the nitty-gritty, we had some bad experiences with acute care from the moment we walked in the door until a few days later when they had scheduled the wrong procedure for me. So, we decided that going to see a neurologist and getting testing done via them would be the best route. And we did, waited a couple weeks for the appointment, meanwhile these instances of sharp, stabbing pains continued many, many times a day. Met with the neurologist, talked him through the symptoms and an exam, then scheduled blood work, a brain MRI, and an echocardiogram (to rule out some pre-existing heart problems). And so a lovely Tuesday morning was spent hungry (because I had to fast), being admitted to the hospital, and having panic attacks in the MRI machine. Oh and then going to work for the afternoon... blech. But we made it through it (mostly with the help of that hot ham 'n cheese mom) and waited for the results......

Now we're up to last week, our follow-up appointment with the neurologist and test results. Brain MRI was normal. Echocardiagram was normal. WONDERFUL NEWS. Blood work had a couple of weird things that we will watch, but in general was good. Neurologist diagnoses me with a reallylongdoctorstermthaticantremember, lamens term: jabs & jolts syndrome (yep that's sure what it feels like). It is basically a form of migraine, unrelated to the regular ones that I get, that effects you everyday, several times a day, in the form of a jabbing, stabbing pain all over your head. Definitely bells ringing here. And so, he sent me off with a prescription and a follow-up appointment next week. I'm on day 4 of the medicine right now and still no change, and in fact some pretty bad pains at that. But I'm biding my time and crossing my fingers that it will begin to work.

However, all of this ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ has not done wonders for my stress level/anxiety/panic attacks. These problems, combined with some scary new stuff at work, has led me to have TWO panic attacks so far this month. For someone who used to suffer from them regularly (this is scary stuff folks) and kicked them to the curb back in September, this is very frightening to me. I actually woke Brian up in the middle of the night earlier this week to make sure he knew how to give me CPR. Because I could. not. breathe.

And so. Here I am. Explaining all of this because yes, I want you to be aware, but because I need your help. I am a very high-strung person and I know this about myself, but I can't live like this anymore. The panic attacks have GOT TO GO and I would like to be more relaxed in general. I have really been working hard on this and the fact that it hasn't done me any good so far is so discouraging. I need some new ideas. I know a lot of people deal with this sort of thing and I would love some encouraging words, methods, ideas, thoughts that you have. I am going to try to incorporate some yoga and breathing strategies into my life and hoping that that will help, at the very least, in the midst of a panic attack to help me to breathe. But I would like to begin changing my lifestyle altogether to prevent all of this. But I am honestly at a loss. I research this all of the time and nothing that I can find seems to be working for me.

But as for right now. I am drained. And I am off to relax with a book and a candle and a cup of tea. Now if that doesn't sound relaxing I don't know what does.


Also, listen to this song.

twenty six.

Monday, March 14, 2011

My birthday weekend was crazy, awesome, radical, insane, busy, fun-filled, loving, fantastic, exhausting, thrilling, tiring, but mostly just amazing. I could spew out a thousand other adjectives ultimately resulting in how blessed I am, but I'll just leave it at that. Filled with friends, cake, pizza, gifts, drinks, road trips, shopping, new vinyl, pink glittery toms, family, cupcakes, pasta, dancing, getting pulled over by the police (but we'll skip that), yummy perfumes, more pasta, shirts with books on them, sleeping in, chinese food, ice cream, new makeup, tiny red velvet cakes, nail painting, pink rain boots, james dean, the goodness that is l'occitane, bully cuddles, three new bags, an astonding amount of messages, emails, sticky notes, cards, tweets, texts, notifications, greetings, hugs and kisses, and chalkboard memos.

Thank you all of the amazing people in my life and for sharing this time in my life with me. Twenty-six may not be so bad.



Thursday, March 10, 2011

Yes. I've blogged about Glee before. Many times before. But I wouldn't be a true Gleek if I didn't write about this week's episode. I can't even explain it... it just was..... yeah.  Well I've been singing this song ever since.

In all honesty I never even really liked Santana until this episode. And now... I kind of love her. And Gwyneth.... I adore you. And Britney I've always loved you.  That is all.

On Tuesday, in lieu of One Tree Hill while it's on hiatus, we watched the movie Ten Inch Hero with a slew of OTH cast and THREE songs by Bethany Joy. The flick was really, very good and I really love it. Add it to your queue.

Oh yea and Cedar Rapids. I forgot that I left that out from my weekend post. Double date, dinner and a movie. FUNNY. John C. Reilly is my hero.

Yea, I've been watching some good stuff lately. I just need more time in the day so I can get caught up on everything. Enjoy!


I guess I'm getting pretty good about this wednesday weekend posting....

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

And since I don't really feel like talking about any of the not-so-great stuff going on, we're going to talk about some recent, nothing-but-great stuff:

+ like this little buddy that greets me at home every night, complete with bully butt wiggles and cuddles.

+ girl scouts thin mint cookies (and downing entire sleeves).

+ Bethany Joy posting my photo on her blog page. words can't express the emotions that went through me when I saw it.... they still can't.

+ learning how to play the guitar (barely) with lessons from Melds.

+ this movie trailer.

+ painting my nails in my favorite color.

+ my new phone cover that I like to stare at (don't mind the dirty mirror).

+ it's my birthday week and I have great friends that like to remind me of that.

+ new bathroom mirrors.

+ watching love & other drugs (oh how I love this story).

+ my mother, who immediately starts ironing when she steps foot in my house, because she sees the iron out (thanks for the wrinkle-free duvet mom).

+ inordinate amounts of vodka that I don't need to tell you about really (but moscow mules are yummy; thanks stace).

+ and dancing. the dancing goes along with that previous one.

+ that after five long months, I finally have my fully-functional camera back.

Please excuse the rest of this list because we are off gallivanting and getting reacquainted with each other.



back to the lists: with real original thoughts..

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Things that are making me happy:

01. Aveda tea (honestly it's heaven in a cup).
02. my iPhone (we're so in love).
03. wearing vests -- just call me Mr. Schuster.
04. Pushing Daisies on Instant Netflix.
05. Our tax return.
06. an added dvr in our bedroom.
07. in combination with our new bed....
08. which combines to create my sacred haven.
09. spring and all of its possibilities.
10. a good story.
11. pistachios (turns out I love them).
12. highlighting my favorite passages in the kindle.
13. making chicken fried rice at home.
14. my car -- because even though the radio doesn't work it gets me around & has no payment.
15. oh and because it's a convertible.
16. my etsy shop -- because even though I hardly update it lately, I still have occasional sales and it feels good.
17. instagram and hipstogram.
18. mila kunis at the oscars. seriously, that dress.
19. this favorite song of mine, circa 2005, which I have recently fallen in love with. again.

Thanks Laura. This is what I consider the perfect lullaby.

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