Thursday, April 30, 2009

one good thing about being unemployed at the moment
is that i get to enjoy the beauty of spring.
any time i want.
i'm not sure i have ever loved spring so much.

.g + i spend plenty of time on the back deck.
i never knew there was so much beauty in our backyard.
filled with..


.jet streams.

.pretty colors.

.funny faces from g.

.good stories.

.did i mention sunshine.

.swirly clouds.

.pretty pretty birds.

.+ gorgeous views.

not to mention bunnies. + deer. + cardinals.
daffodils. cherry blossoms. peonies. magnolia trees. + tulips.
+ my happy little family too.


{photos by yours truly}.
so many more here.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

spring always leaves me longing for more.
sandals + skirts. bright nail polish + ice cream cones. bicycle rides + sunny skies.
this spring i am fortunate enough to enjoy so many of these wonderful things.
but i am left longing for......

so many pretty dresses.

this spring i can not get enough flowing, lovely, gorgeous, pretty pretty dresses.
i stumbled across .sarah seven. last week + have been loving them nonstop since.
+ since actually purchasing them is out of the question right now.
sharing them with you is the next best thing.

buy them here.
+ see her lovely blog here.

aren't they stunning?

.another dress that i am loving right now that i might be able to actually snag is this beauty.
on sale for $18.
can't really beat that.

ahhh spring.
thank you for allowing me to wear such pretty dresses.

i usually try to keep a lot of the mush from my marriage away from the blog.
mainly because i think that people get sick of hearing it.
but today is different.
today marks nine years that husband+i have been together.
we started officially dating nine years ago.
+ so today i am gushing about my husband.
+ how madly in love with him i am.

i didn't have much time to dig through our old photos to really do this anniversary justice.
but i thought that these would do.
i don't remember the exact years.
somewhere in between freshman + junior year of high school.
going to homecoming dances together.
i knew even then that i would marry this boy.

he is genuine. passionate. caring. + so full of love.
he is always by my side. he is always there for me.
he takes care of me in ways that i could never describe.

i am so lucky.

+ nine years ago today.
we hung out in our friend's basement.
+ watched the bone collector.
+ kissed each other good night.
the first of so many more kisses to come.

lalu. always.

currently listening to :: for blue skies by strays don't sleep.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

sorry i missed out on last week's OTH recap.
.but i am here to get all up to speed.
.we have had a couple of great episodes!

and go....

.i hate that victoria is back.

.nathan=hot. did we know this?

.it's about time.

.i was freaking out here. who wasn't?
.really glad that they didn't make it into something more serious.
.because i would have been pissed + it's not very original.
.but after seeing this week's episode i am loving the comet flashbacks.


.sam + jack are so cute.
.sad that he had to leave.


.the scott's checking out the new school for jamie was so adorable.
.they are one adorable family.
.love haleys nathan as a
.i'm glad that jamie spoke up for what he wanted.
.so cute.

.skills + miss lauren is too cute.
.good move with the daisies jamie.
.he's such a good wingman.


.so sweet.

.peyton on bedrest is hilarious.


.i really don't get or like whatever is going on with victoria + sam.
.+ it will be interesting to see how the business stuff works out.
.but i love that brooke's designs are great when there's boy trouble.
.very appropriate.


.yes, the cure!
.i loved loved loved the flashbacks.
.except for how they had peyton's hair.
.but that is to be expected i suppose.


.my favorite part by far.

.nathan is such a sweetheart.

.this part was funny.
.mia + chase are still cute.
.the whole nick lachey thing was well done i thought.
.i was a little worried about it.
.but ultimately glad that haley chose to sell her song.
.but glad that she waited to hear it herself first.
.i think she will be a producer long-term.


.so glad that nathan turned down the europe offer.
.i hope the nba comes a calling.

.oh cute.


.even cuter.

.worried about brooke.
.but just shows how awesome of a mother she is because all she cares about is sam.

.ah cute.Photobucket

.oh how i love leyton/comet flashbacks.Photobucket

.sorry for the over-abundance of 'cute'.
.but that's just how it is.

.i hope my comments weren't too vague.
.but i'm basically just loving the direction they are going in right now.
.i would love to see some old castmates soon...
.i'm missing karen+andy+lilly+even deb.

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