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Sunday, October 27, 2013

1// diving in to small fry's mommy book club with deliberate motherhood.
2// couch snuggles with this sweet boy.
3// the beginnings of fall!
4// how great is his profile? just so much love for him.
5// things starting to really happen around here. this photo is from several weeks back, but the nursery is almost complete now!
6// with all of my loves at the farmer's market on a crisp, fall morning: G, baby bub, husband, sunflowers & a pumpkin spice latte.
7// indulging by myself before the rest of the house wakes up.. i think these mornings are now limited.
8// case of the mondays.
9// starting baby's book collection!

10// loving on our boy as he surpassed the 3 week mark that his doctors expected him to live without any treatments. so proud of him!
11// welcoming fall and the third trimester.
12// mr's favorite new place in the house (and mine as well).
13// enjoying a day at the park with my loves.
14// pumpkin time!
15// will never take for granted waking up next to these two loves of my life.
16// that face.
17// best welcome home.
18// receiving the sweetest invitation to my baby shower! i'm so excited, eeeeeep!

19// the lovely folks over at bump nest kindly sent me this pregnancy pillow several weeks back and let me tell you.. it is a god send. i was already a huge advocate for the snoogle, and i have to say that this pillow is even better. although my pregnancy insomnia still lingers, i can't imagine how much worse it would be without this guy. (this is not sponsored... i just legitimately love this pillow and company).
20// this face, again.
21// we bought a little christmas gift for baby... how could we resist this book?
22// late night drive to satisfy a root beer float craving.
23// riding essentials as we headed to madison for another round of G's chemo. loving ina may's book.
24// sending my baby sister off to homecoming.
25// nesting in the nursery for our little boy/girl. 8 short weeks until we meet them!
26// received the sweetest package in the mail from gulush threads; how sweet is this embroidery hoop?
27// so happy it's friday, but too tired to do anything fun.

28// friday night lights and watching my sister cheer.
29// adventures at the pumpkin patch!
30// what is better than this? sharing a moment with my two babies.
31// front porch mums and bulldog statues. goodness, i love fall.
32// lighting a candle for our sweet rosie on pregnancy and infant loss awareness day.
33// very tired evening after a long work day and not moving from this spot.
34// my husband is getting really good at the camera isn't he? we will cherish this photo.
35// hanging some artwork & photos in the nursery.. love seeing our visions come to life.
36// i admit, i was worried about baby's due date being so close to christmas at first, but now i honestly can't imagine anything better than a christmas baby. what a magical time in the world.

and one more very special update...

while this boy keeps me company as i relax in the tub (my bff), i can't get over how proud i am of him. he is blowing us all away by happily gliding through this clinical trial with flying colors. even the doctors are amazed at how well he is doing. he is again in full remission and is scheduled to complete his final chemotherapy treatment in november. we are absolutely in awe of how strong and happy and full of life he is. there is not enough thanks in the world for all of the love that is sent to him continually. we swear that the love medicine works just as well as the doctor's medicine. at this point we are becoming very hopeful that he may still be with us in december to meet his little brother or sister!!

as we are about to embark on november, reflecting on this year brings so much joy and sadness. what a year it has been for our little family. i can't help but wonder how the next two months will unfold.


31 weeks.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

this pregnancy has already been the most rewarding thing that i have ever done. and tiring. i truly love every moment of pregnancy.. even when it's hard. and third trimester is definitely starting to test me. but every kick from the inside constantly reminds me of the precious little human that i am bringing into the world. and nothing is better than that feeling.

baby bub updates:
how far along: 31 weeks + 3 days.

baby is the size of: pineapple (4 pounds).

movement: the patterns are interesting. i feel baby all throughout the day sporadically, but without question i always feel lots of movement between 4 and 6 am. it's such a wonderful feeling when i'm laying in bed, getting ready to start my day. dozing back to sleep for an hour or two and feeling the baby twirl inside me.

miss anything: still sleep. i don't think i know what rem sleep is anymore. and sushi a lot this week.

cravings: still the milk. can't get over how strange this is for me. and lots of sweets.. chocolate cake, sugar cookes. oh and pretzel bites from the place in the mall with cheddar cheese dip. ohmygosh

symptoms: insomnia, general aches & pains, numb tingly arms/fingers, carpal tunnel, backaches, swollen ankles & feet, heartburn. also  nausea has come back really bad the past week and a half. like, first trimester bad. i was not expecting this at all, but the doctor assures me it is very normal at this stage. that is something i could do without as it has not been too fun on top of everything else. also, bleeding gums. i forgot to mention that i have had this common symptom the entire pregnancy.

showing: i swear i am growing out of some of my maternity shirts.

wedding rings on or off: on, but need to come off.

best moment this week: baby's hiccups are still one of the best moments this week because they are becoming so regular! sometimes twice a day. also decorating the nursery. we have a bunch of photos and artwork on the walls now and it feels so homey in there. quickly becoming my favorite place in our house.

looking forward to: our birthing class this weekend!


tiny moments in adulthood.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

honestly, adulthood is hard. really hard most of the time. it’s trying and exhausting and not at all what you pretended while playing “house” as a child. but sometimes, those moments that you so fondly recall yourself daydreaming of are there if you are open to them.

the other day I worked a very long day and left work exhausted to drive home. I picked up a pizza on the way and called Brian to let him know I was on my way. the sun was lower in the sky than usual, with the days getting shorter now and my late exit from work. it gave everything a different glow.

as I neared my neighborhood, I rounded the high school football field and spotted my little sister practicing with her cheer team. I turned the corner closer to home and waved to my neighbor who was out walking her dog. I turned onto our street and the baby kicked just as I pulled into the garage. I headed upstairs with the pizza and found my dog waiting to greet me at the top of the stairs and my husband blasting a Tom Petty album while touching up things in the nursery.

so many tiny moments that filled the end of a very long and draining day and could have so easily been overlooked. but I’m glad that I noticed them this day. I know that there are many days that I don’t. these are the things that I thought of when I played “house” and day dreamed of what my future would be like. these are the things that make adulthood pretty darn great. and  the occasional chocolate waffles for dinner don’t hurt either.


thirty weeks.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

i can't believe we are here.. 30 weeks pregnant! it seems completely surreal. i know i keep saying it, but this pregnancy is going by so fast! in light of all of the craziness that is preparing for baby, taking care of our boy G, nesting, working working working... i am soaking in every moment of time that i have with this sweet babe in my belly. it is truly an experience that i will cherish forever. even when i'm exhausted, can barely roll over in bed and am begging for brian to massage my swollen feet.. i'm still loving every single minute.

baby bub updates:
how far along: 30 weeks + 1 day.

baby is the size of: head of lettuce.

movement: baby has developed some sleeping patterns now, so some times it's all quiet in there and others i think baby is learning to play the drums or tap dance.

miss anything: just general energy and sleeping through the night.

cravings: milk, which if you know me is very, very strange. also hot fudge sundaes.

symptoms: insomnia, general aches & pains, numb tingly arms/fingers, swollen ankles & feet, heartburn. 

showing: growing every day. literally, every day.

wedding rings on or off: on, but need to come off.

best moment this week: feeling baby's hiccups. it is so incredibly sweet, but i felt bad too! baby was getting agitated and moving around after they wouldn't go away for a while. how cute is that?

looking forward to: relaxing and working on some diy projects for the baby this weekend. our first weekend of mostly just relaxing in what seems like ages.


cinderella pumpkins.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

today we took a break from cleaning, nesting, organizing, planning and went to the pumpkin patch. it was a perfect fall day and we soaked up the weather and the time with our mister. autumn is, of course, my favorite season, but it's brian and G's as well. we usually can't get G to come inside off of the front porch when the weather is crisp and cool like this. and, perks of small town living, we even ran into some friends of ours at the patch too.

gosh, i love autumn! i think a hocus pocus viewing is in order for tonight.

ps. aren't cinderella pumpkins the best?!


hii third trimester.

Friday, October 4, 2013

holy moly! i can't believe we are here. almost 29 weeks along and well into the 3rd trimester. my lack of updates recently can be directly linked to my lack of sleep, but i am finally starting to get a handle on it. pesky late pregnancy symptoms started hitting me all at once making sleeping at night virtually impossible for a good while.

baby bub updates:
how far along: 28 weeks + 4 days.

baby is the size of: small cabbage (17 inches & 3 pounds).

movement: last night we spent a good half hour just watching my belly move. it's crazy & miraculous.

miss anything: sleep.

cravings: root beer.

symptoms: sciatica pain, insomnia, general aches & pains, numb tingly arms/fingers, stretching pains, swollen ankles & feet, heartburn, general largeness. i think waddling is in the near future.

showing: growing every day.

wedding rings on or off: on, but need to come off.

best moment this week: a really great prenatal appointment today & passing my gestational diabetes test!!! not only did i pass the test, but baby is measuring perfectly, my doctor was extremely pleased with my weight gain, my hemoglobin is good, heartbeat was good, blood pressure was good. everything was great!

looking forward to: nesting in the nursery this weekend and pre-registering for the hospital! W O W

another huge milestone for us was passing the 27 weeks + 2 days mark which is when my nephew, Kellan, was born prematurely. even though Kellan is now a happy and healthy almost two-year-old (!!), it feels good to pass this milestone and inch one step closer to full-term.

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