Thursday, July 30, 2009

i got the most amazing shoes today.
{for a whopping $12}.
aren't they gorgeous?
i think i might want to wear them everyday.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

i'm sure you can imagine why i haven't been around the blogosphere as of late.
my new job has been keeping me pretty preoccupied.
not to mention the hundreds of photos waiting to be edited.
+ so many other things on my list that i won't even bore you with.
my life has been a whirlwind the past week.

i had an amazing weekend.
i was so busy, in fact, that i didn't even have time
to get nervous about starting work on monday.
bachelorette parties + baptisms + birthday parties + family gatherings
occupied our weekend.
i'm hoping to have a recap.
but you probably won't get it until this weekend.
i will try to hurry that up.

work has been good so far.
very overwhelming
but the company + the people are SO amazing.
i know i will be happy there.
this is definitely a step in the right direction for me.
+ it's amazing how different i feel about the past few months now.
i wish i would have known all along this is where i would end up.
but i do now.
+ that's all that matters.
+ that everyday is the start of something beautiful.



Saturday, July 25, 2009

i have had a crazy ending to a crazy week.
thursday was a really big day for me.
but i was ready for it.
sadly, i can't really tell you everything.
but part of it was that i had a 2nd interview for a job.
a really, really awesome job.
at a really, really awesome company.
+ several other very-adult things that consumed my thursday.
so afterwards husband+i took my little sister+her friend to the carnival.
+ pretended that we were kids again for all of 6 hours.
it was pretty darn fantastic.

it was just what i needed.
+ i got some amazing photos.
this is a little peek until i find some time to edit all of them.

then on friday...
i got a call from said company asking me to stop into the office.
+ hooray for me, they offered me the job!
i am excited, nervous, anxious, sad, happy, relieved.
i am everything.
+ i start on monday {holy crap}.
i am really going to miss my life of leisure.
+ i am really going to hate leaving my baby G every morning again.
{especially right now since he is still not well}.
but i am so excited that i landed this job.
it is a very big, high pressure job.
but it is at an amazing company that i think i will love.
keep your fingers crossed that it works out for me {please}.

last night husband+i had plans to go to our favorite pizza place.
so it worked out great + we celebrated with our favorite pizza+drinks.
have i mentioned that my husband is the most supportive,
understanding, loving, caring husband in the world?
i am beyond lucky.

today i am getting ready to party it up for kathy's bachelorette party tonight!
{woot woot}.
what a great weekend to celebrate.
what great timing.
+ a huge thank you to everyone out there who kept me going when things got tough.
you guys are flipping awesome.
+ i love you.

happy weekend!


Thursday, July 23, 2009

i have so much riding on today.
keep your fingers crossed for me.
i'm ready for it to be over
so i can go to the carnival
+ make these cupcakes
without a worry in the world
{no matter what the outcome}.

i'm ready for you world.
bring it on.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

today was a good day.
first i was pampered, pampered, pampered...
manicure. pedicure. hair cut + color.
{thanks to teresa}.
it was amazing + long overdue.

then G + I watched movies all day with
mom. hollie. kirby. + danny.
+ ate chinese food.

+ got a really good phone call.
that could potentially lead to some really good changes in the future.
{fingers crossed}.

so lovely.

the only bad part is that my baby G is still really sick.
but we once again have a lead as to what it may be from.
finally. which is another good thing.
he is currently on this food, which is suppose to be one of the best.
but we're thinking that his allergies might be more related
to food, as opposed to environmental which we had originally thought.
so even though my heart is breaking for him right now,
at least we have something else to investigate to help him,
which is ultimately a good thing.
{fingers crossed, again}.


Monday, July 20, 2009

weekend = busy. busy. busy.
{no, that doesn't quite cover it}.
get ready for a long recap.

it all started out with a crazy friday
+ then preceeded from there.
most of the day friday i was at my sister's last day of camp ceremonies.
watching her play cricket, + do cheer dances,
+ receive 'enthusiasm' for her camp spirit of the week
{appropriately enough}.
then i had several important meetings+appointments
that clustered up my afternoon.
some of which just might have some good things
in my future {fingers crossed}.
then i met up with husband + andrew+stacey
for a delicious pancheros dinner
before heading downtown to meet aaron+kathy
+ pretty much everyone else in our city
at the jazz fest
to drink, eat, dance, + chat under the stars.
i was exhausted by this point however
+ spent most of the time catching up with stacey
which was lovely.

we went home early to be up + at it
early the next morning to take family pictures
for tammi + her adorable family.
sneak peek..

the rest of the day is a crazy whirlwind
that i supposedly did in fact live,
even though the pounding migrane in my head
forced me to forget most of it.

by saturday night i felt a little better
+ we decided that a date night was in order.
husband+i headed to olive garden!
we hadn't been there in at least a year
{+ considering this was our favorite place when we first started dating}
we thought a visit was long overdue.
did i mention it was fantastic?
+ the most delectable peach-raspberry iced tea.
then we came home + watched this movie in bed.
followed by about 2 hours of storm chasers on the discovery channel.
it was lovely.

sunday was terrible {in a word} at first.
as soon as i rolled out of bed things went downhill.
started by trying to replace the cd player in my car
{to an old one i had in high school}
because my current one broke.
well to say that we couldn't get to work,
+ there were wires + sparks + cds thrown everywhere,
doesn't even quite cover it.
frustrated, i came inside, + decided i would just forget about it
+ rearrange the cable modem, router, phone lines, etc.
that i've been meaning to do since we now have the laptop
+ want to move our old desktop upstairs.
once again, just. didn't. work.
so now we're without a phone, tv, internet + there's just stuff everywhere.
leave it to good timing though,
we had to leave + meet the adorable katie+kelsey+puppies
at the riverwalk for some picture-taking at 1.
we left the house in disarray + cleared our minds.
had lots of fun with the girls + got some really cute shots of them.
+ of course the puppies too.
sneak peek..

then it was back to pure craziness that only got worse.
i don't even want to explain it all... but just pure craziness,
running all around town, phone ringing off the hook, g got really sick again, etc. etc.
but we figured everything out.
got everything working {with a few minor kinks}.
met my parents for some delicious iced coffee + just relaxed.
then we headed over to my parents house + watched this
+ had a HUGE, amazing family barbeque...
pork loins, finsel's sweet corn on the cob {the best thing on the planet},
au gratin potatoes, + strawberry shortcake {courtesy of my dad}.

it was just what i needed.

then husband, g + i piled into the car + went for a drive.

we cruised down a two-lane highway.
in the middle of nowhere.
with all the windows open.
+ G loving it in the backseat.
watching an amazing sunset.

+ singing our hearts out.
to this song..

+ this one + this one.

it was a completely perfect moment.

+ then we headed over to aaron + kathy's
to watch the new entourage
{read: stare at kevin connolly's aviator-sporting sexiness}

+ tie lots of bows on wedding programs
+ eat some of aaron's mystery ball
{which was amazing}.

the perfect ending to an otherwise frustrating day.
it was just one of those days, you know?
but i am glad that our late night cruise
+ great friends+family brought me back to life.

this weekend also sadly left us once again with a sick, sick doggy.
his allergies just won't let up,
+ almost immediately after he finished all of his meds from the last outbreak,
he was all flared up again.
my poor baby.
so i am spending most of my day today cuddling with him
+ trying to make him feel better.


Sunday, July 19, 2009

i forgot to tell you about one of my favorite pieces
that i scored on my thrifting adventures last week.
i stumbled across a beautiful vintage coat rack in the loveliest shade of green
that i knew would be just perfect for our little entryway.

i love that not all of the hooks match.
+ that some are broken.
+ that it just happens to be distressed + worn in the perfect spots.
+ that that lovely green looks amazing on the light brown wall.
{oh yea + the bag on the right is indeed another score}.

we've also made a couple other updates to the house.
mostly finally framing + hanging prints that we have had for some time.
my favorite, favorite print-
framed in one of my antique gold frames {found for 25 cents}
+ looking adorable in the kitchen.

as well as a vintage Guinness poster that we've had for over a year!
but never took the time to pay it justice.
also now residing in our kitchen:

it's amazing how such little things can make you
love a room so much more.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

yep, you.



the daisies are coming.

surprising since husband+i had no idea
what we were doing when we planted them.
but i can't wait.


Friday, July 17, 2009

this weekend is a busy one.
we will be...

taking lots of pictures. bringing kirby home from camp.
teaching husband how to hold up his flops without stretching his toes.
dancing to jazz music downtown. drinking cold beers.
wearing cute jackets. watching skydivers. partying for caitlin.
watching people get hitched. playing with the new laptop.
working in photoshop. designing new ads.
contemplating the future. wishing happy birthdays.

sounds lovely.
starting...... now.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

i've been up to some major thrift shopping lately.
in fact, two days entirely devoted to such with my mom.
+ oh boy did we find some goodies.

.a few more books.

.a bunch of the cutest vintage teacups.
.for a special place i am working on.
.for your eyes soon.

.especially the set of these two.
.that are exactly the same as my grandmother used to have.
.i can still remember her sipping her coffee out of these every morning.
.and now i do too.

.a lot of new milk glass.
.every piece is divine.
.i especially love the lamp.
{but will be replacing the shade, however}.

.the sweetest antique bread box.

.a darling blue cake stand.
.that i am basically in love with.

.+ two matching ice cream bowls.
.i never knew how sweet ice cream was
until i ate some out of this perfect bowl.

.two polaroids {$5 each!} + a kodak instamatic.
.all in working, pristine condition.
.+ 2 with their original cases.

.polaroid colorpack II.

.polaroid 50, sun 600.

.kodak instamatic x35f.

.+ a few not-so-new purchases.
.this adorable ring.
.that goes with these shoes.

.this perfect little ceramic cupcake.
.perfect for holding {something that i will think of later}
that has taken residence on my kitchen windowsill.

.finally got my i am not a paper cup.

.+ the piece a la resistance.
.a vintage royal typewriter.
.that still works.
.for $10.

oh how i love treasure hunting.
thanks for the memories mom.


{more here}.

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