Wednesday, July 31, 2013

i have spent the past two weeks at home. as in, not at work. as in, free to do whatever i wanted day in and day out. amazing does not even begin to describe it. quality time with my guinness. quality time with baby bub. a lot of rest. and a lot of organizing. organizing my life! 

i finally had time to get my hair cut and paint my nails. i cleared out almost everything in the soon-to-be nursery. i sorted through files and bills. i signed up for birthing and breastfeeding classes. i folded piles of laundry and finished our baby registries. i watched endless seasons of tv on dvd and found many new blogs that i devoured. i opened all the windows in the house and thoroughly enjoyed the crisp, cool air the midwest has been blessed with. i ate lunches at 10:30am and didn't even open my calendar. i would like to say that i stayed up late and sleept in, but the truth is i was still in bed by 9pm almost every night and up in the wee hours of morning. i was able to manage a couple of late nights with the help of my sisters and girlfriends, at least.

i am super sad that my time off is coming to an end, and even more sad that i didn't get quite everything on my to-do list taken care of. but the relaxation that filled that time was so much needed, so i just keep reminding myself of that. can't life always be like this?? oh, the joy.

i still have a couple of days off to enjoy and i am planning on doing just that as much as possible.


Saturday, July 27, 2013

1. jenny lind crib (target) 2. paint color inspiration 3. eames rocker (amazon) 4. belly basket (serena and lily) 5. fluffy, fluffy rugs & pillows like faux sheepskin (ikea) 6. 6. elephant hamper, because why not? (home depot) 7. all the bedding from (iviebedding) 8. diy projects made with love 9. vintage goodies like my beatrix potter collection and rocking chair from childhood; favorite thrifted fan 10. gold star cloud mobile (babyjives) 11. all the cute baby clothes; baby onesie (hello apparel) 12. sweet, art prints like william rides his bicycle (creature comforts) and for like ever (super rural) 13. cutesy animals galore like wolly the sheep (blabla kids) and cardboard elephant heads (uncommon goods)

we're starting to gather ideas for baby's nursery it is so exciting. at first glance, it is all so overwhelming. there are so many options.. so many baby things.. so many, everything. i thought that there would be many, many different ideas and routes we would want to go and have a hard time settling on anything. but once we started looking at things (like really taking ideas seriously) i was surprised at how easy it was for us! we both love the delicate, soft feel of a nursery with whimsical, vintage touches. a pretty eclectic mix (no shocker there) of classic, retro pieces mixed with some modern touches. while the actual room that will be our bub's nursery is still currently our office/spare (think 'catch-all' room for 6+ years) we pretty much know exactly what we will be doing in the nursery and have almost all the major pieces for it already. now that we are nearing the halfway point in the pregnancy (and i have my energy back!) we are starting to clear the room out and get ready for baby to take it over! not to mention that i really need somewhere to put all of the baby's clothes that are piling up.

putting together our ideas via photo boards has been really helpful, and this is just a little peek of what we're going for. mostly very light mints and white, with some touches of grey, yellow & blue. it makes me even more thrilled to keep baby's gender a surprise because our nursery ideas are  very neutral and exactly what we would have wanted either way. such a great feeling to see things starting to come together, and I'm so glad that we have so many personal and unique touches to add to the nursery. the littlest things like the jenny lind crib, the same style crib that i had as a child and my sisters grew up with. my beatrix potter collection of books & tea sets that are so special to me from my childhood. we found the sweetest vintage dresser at an estate sale last weekend that we will be refinishing for baby's changing table (it is so cute! think vintage keyholes on every drawer). i can't wait to see everything come together and put together a sweet, little home for our wee one.

now, when it comes to actual baby gear, it is slightly more daunting. there are so many things. itzbeens and bouncers and swaddles and wet bags. so for all you experienced mommies & mommies-to-be out there, what are your must haves? what could you live without? what am i probably not thinking of? as much as i would like to keep things simple, i want to make sure that i'm prepared and don't have to drag baby out into the midwest winter when i learn we've forgot something or better yet send brian out for nipple shields.


in the fall.

Friday, July 26, 2013

is it weird that it's july and i already can't stop thinking about fall. in my defense, it is almost august.

autumn has always held a special place in my heart, which if you have kept up with my blog for any length of time, you already know. following the massive heat wave that nearly melted me every day for two weeks, a cold front settled in which i have welcomed graciously. the windows are all open.. curtains blowing throughout the house and bringing with it a sense of freshness unlike anything else. in the early mornings, it can even seem a bit chilly in the house. giddy.

it makes me want to curl up with a hot cocoa, put in you've got mail and find some pumpkins for my porch. too soon? maybe... but i'll be the first to take advantage when the time is still slightly too early.

i already envision having a big, pregnant belly tucked underneath an oversized sweater.. sitting outside watching the leaves fall and carving pumpkins. how dreamy and ridiculously perfect does that sound?

this year, autumn brings with it even more excitement in our household, as baby's due date will be getting close. if this summer flying by is any indication of how the rest of the pregnancy is going to go, it will be here before we know it. with the holidays thrown into the mix, my excitement (and anxiousness) is at an all time high and i don't see that changing anytime soon.

bring on the nursery planning and baskets full of mums!


my favorite things.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

(so far).

01. the precious baby book that we chose. i can't wait to start filling it out.
02. brian rubbing coconut oil on my belly.
03. watching all of the movie credits for names we like.
04. my pants no longer button (this excites me).
05. playing music for baby to hear.
06. tiny, cute baby things.
07. every moment with this bean growing inside of me (i am never alone).
08. hearing baby's heartbeat all the time.
09. brian's weekly photos of my bump progress.
10. the advice & loaner books & hand-me-downs from family & friends.
11. feeling little, flickering kicks inside reminding me that baby is saying hello!
12. receiving the sweetest, most thoughtful gifts for baby bub from our loved ones.
13. maternity. yoga. pants.
14. my snoogle. i will never stop talking about it.
15. so many otter pops.


'grams of the week.

Monday, July 22, 2013


getting there.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

how crazy that we are approaching august. i still haven't wrapped my mind around the fact that we are almost halfway through the pregnancy and on the downhill slope of the year. i've been meaning to re-approach my resolutions and see how the year is going, so here goes. it's been a crazy one so far.

be brave. [success. very much so. but i will continue to focus on this! birthing process, anyone?]
get pregnant. [SUCCESS!!! BABY BUB!]
say 'no' to people. [pretty proud of myself in this department.]
▲ more yoga. [still need to work on this one; thanks caitlin love for borrowing me the prenatal yoga dvd.]
▲ more reading. [do baby books count? i need to work on this yet.]
▲ more smoothies. [reeeaaallllly good at this pre-pregnancy, but 1st tri turned me off of them. need to start again.]
purchase a juicer [see previous resolution]. [nutri-bullet to the rescue! best ever.]
finally paint my living room. [mint green!]
▲ pray more. [absolutely going strong, but not crossing off just yet.]
▲ use my running shoes. [a big fat no & will probably stay this way until 2014.]
▲ journal more. [still journaling, but the 'more' part gets me. need to work on.]
▲ make my first ever layer cake. [hmmm... maybe a good august project?]
trust in God more. [very successful, my precious G & baby bub make this easy this year.]
▲ practice anxiety relief techniques. [has been horrendous & need to seriously work on.]
update our bathroom with our gifts from santa. [new paint, sink, faucet, and fixtures!]
▲ do something with brian that we haven't together before [i'm thinking skiing]. [does having a baby count?]
▲ crochet something [anything] [second time this has been on my list]. [ashley is going to teach me next week!!]
▲ volunteer more. [sad to say that this hasn't happened yet. thinking of something special to me to focus on.]
▲ go to the ballet. [what to see? what to see?]
do my hair like this. [all the time lately.]
▲ plant/grow ranunculus. [will plant this fall.]
▲ go apple picking. [another fall to-do.]
▲ go somewhere i haven't been before. [several places already, but i'd like to pick something more specific.]
▲ make at least twenty things from my what katie ate cookbook. [failing miserably. can i blame nausea again?]
▲ have a sister day. [next weekend girls?]
write 'little things' posts regularly [to remain focused on the positive]. [one of my favorite things.]

overall i am pretty pleased. still much to focus on, but a lot of fun things too.


Saturday, July 20, 2013

now that i'm well on my way into the 2nd trimester (18 weeks now, woooooooooo!!) i thought it would be fun to recap the things that i couldn't live without for the 1st trimester. it took me a while, but now that i am settling into the 2nd trimester, i have never felt better! the 1st trimester wasn't quite so easy on me and these are the things that made life a bit easier...

1. NatureMade Prenatal Vitamins + DHA. i switched to these after my nurse recommended my prenatal have DHA and getting a pretty upset stomach from the first type I took. i have loved these ever since. they are a bit large and hard to swallow at first, but now i'm used to it and love knowing that i am getting baby everything needed, without making myself feel sick.

2. milkshakes. sounds silly, but these were seriously one of the only things that I could consistently eat (read: slurp) for most of the first trimester. not only was my nausea almost constant, but my lack of appetite was worrisome. i pretty much lived off of milkshakes, saltines, hawaiian sweet bread and as much fruit as i could stand. but on an extremely nauseous day, a milkshake was always my go-to for a full belly.

3. Smith's Rosebud Salve. this has been my favorite beauty product for years, but since becoming pregnant i have loved it even more so. not only for chapped, dry lips and cuticles, but this stuff works wonders on those mysterious little dry, itchy spots that pregnancy brings. 

4. Preggie Pop Drops. these preggie pops have absolutely saved my life on more than one occasion. i will admit that the flavors can be a bit intense when you are feeling nauseous, but after a few minutes you can feel the nausea start to subside and actually enjoy the yummy flavors. i have furiously sucked down quite a few of these while walking into a work meeting feeling pukey, and i swear these are the reason i survived puke-free.

5. Leachco Snoogle Pregnancy Pillow. my snoogle, my love! i began having problems sleeping very early in my pregnancy. unable to stand much more, i ordered this pregnancy pillow from amazon and sleeplessly awaited it's arrival. it took me at least three or four nights to actually figure out how to use it to work best for me, and i admit that those first few nights i didn't think it would work at all. but finally after getting myself into the best positions (and realizing that it doesn't have to flip sides with me in the night, but works both ways beautifully) i fell in love. now i can't imagine sleeping without it and i'm wondering how i ever will again post-pregnancy! 

6. What To Expect Pregnancy app. of all the apps of all the land (there are a ton) this one is my go-to. it provides a simple easy to use tracker that i love to glance at daily (i have to know what produce my baby is equally measuring to, right?). but it also provides weekly updates of what your body and your baby are going through. daily tips for both mom & dad and plenty of opportunity to chat with other expecting moms. some other favorite apps are babycenter, the bump and sprout. speaking of, my iphone has been a huge go-to in general. i have found great comfort in listening to pregnancy podcasts, especially when i'm at work. i have gained so much knowledge in all areas of pregnancy and babies from these podcasts. as well as starting to research baby products, building registries and browsing pinterest for baby diy projects.

7. Netflix. absolutely, netflix. most of the time, after getting home from work, crawling into bed with my snoogle and netflix was all the energy i could muster. it was absolutely exhausting and netflix was always there to save the day. not to mention how many wonderful pregnancy and baby documentaries they offer!

8. BKR water bottle. i have always been a heavy water drinker, but pregnancy has seriously turned me into a camel. no wonder pregnant women have to pee every 5 minutes! i carry a water bottle with me at all times and go crazy if i don't have one. i can't explain it, but having a refillable water bottle with me always is a definite must-have.

9. Rifle Paper Co journal. after finding out i was pregnant, i started a journal almost immediately to document anything and everything. maybe this is just my personality showing, but it makes me feel so much better to be able to write down the insane amount of things running through my head. i keep everything in this notebook that i carry with my daily from lists of baby names, to-do lists, nursery purchases, resources to check out, budgets for baby, hospital bag items, stores to check out and photo ideas. i even jot down things i want to blog about and a list of all of my worries (helps to put them on paper and try to get them out of my head). for me, this is a lifesaver and helps me to feel more organized and on top of things. i did purchase this pregnancy journal as well but fell way behind during the sickness of the first trimester. thinking about picking it up again soon.

the first trimester was such an exciting, exhausting and emotional time. i am so grateful to be feeling better now and past so much of the anxiousness that the first trimester brings. i already have my list of 2nd trimester must-haves started and i'm sure the list will continue to grow (along with my belly).


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Sunday, July 14, 2013

currently i'm super obsessed with the duo brandon & leah. their sweet tunes happily fill my ears almost all day long anymore. enjoy. xxxxochelsea

moon & stars.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

this weekend marks our family's annual camping get-together, which is always sooooo much fun. we are so fortunate to have the most amazing space to be together with the water and the stars (and the cows) and each other. no one else is around, so the dogs and the kids run around like crazy, the adults can be as loud as they want to, and no one tells us when to shut the music off. i seriously think there were at least six dogs and twenty kids running around last night. so much fun. it truly is a magical weekend that we look forward to every summer! 

sadly i caught a bad head cold the day we left for home from minnesota last weekend and have spent the majority of the week feeling extra lousy. i was worried about what sleeping in the elements would do to my cold, but we didn't want to miss out on the fun so we  had to join everyone in the festivities last night. i just love this weekend.

nothing like some quality time with your family and the moon. xxxochelsea


Thursday, July 11, 2013

we got away for a little mini-vacation over the long fourth of july weekend to visit family in minnesota and it was f a n t a s t i c. sleeping in, pool lounging, reading, shopping, eating, swimming, board games, sparklers, barbeques, lots of sweet treats and more pool lounging. it was a wonderful little getaway and i'm already wishing i could go back.

the highlight of the trip for us was visiting the sweetest little baby shop and getting to "meet" our future stroller for the first time. all of my research proved very faithful because we loved it even more even person. wheeling it around the store was like a dream.

 ^^^favorite store shopping & cupcake wars champion yums^^

 ^^outdoor dining with a pretty view and delicious pizza at 50th & france^^^

^^^g the human dog and fun fun fun baby purchases!^^
(not pictured, our giant ikea lot)

i am trying to get better about using my camera camera again, so here a few lonely shots that i managed to lug it out for.

 ^^loved all the signage in a quirky, quaint little town on the drive^^^

^^kenzie the pup!^ 

^^where you going K?^ 

 ^^pool time^^^

 ^^the "juicy lucy" at matt's bar... sooooooo good^

 ^^lots of games and sparklers^^^

^^brian spelling "baby"^^^

there's something so dreamy about the fourth of july. xxxoooochelsea

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