Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Things that keep me sane

repetitive, but as true as it gets.

going out of my way to step on crunchy leaves. Tree Hill Tuesdays. sharpies. free kindle books. Naley fanfic. trader joes pumpkin bread. blankets with flowers. funny stories. iTunes shuffle feature. fresh crisp air. record sales. praying for what I've been given. good hair days. giant wine glasses. oxford shoes. cuddle weather. late night tumbling. eating raisins in bed. anything involving Rocky Horror Picture Show. finally falling asleep. lyrics that speak to me. innocence.

"You call me a dreamer
and I'll call you comfortable.
While I'm on my adventure,
you'll be safe with your ego."
- B. Joy

Monday, October 25, 2010

some stories don't
have a clear beginning,
middle, and end. life
is about not knowing,
having to change,
taking the moment and 
making the best of it,
without knowing what's 
going to happen next.
delicious ambiguity...

.gilda radner.


It's days like today that I remember why I have a blog & why I love to blog.

I feel kind of lost today. In fact, my house phone is ringing right this very second and I am not even getting up to see who it is, let alone answer. And now they are leaving a message. It's the University of Phoenix... calling to see if I'm interested in getting a teaching degree from them... because I filled out that form a while ago on another lost day.

It's very strange to me how these days and these moods and these feelings come out of nowhere.

I had a wonderful weekend. In fact the best one that I have had in some time, because we got to spend it at home. I love being home and we very rarely get an entire weekend of it. We had a bonfire on Friday night & drank wine & shared stories with our friends. On Saturday we slept in (until 11:30) & then spent the day cleaning the house & organizing our basement. It was wonderful... we sorted through old pictures & donated baskets & baskets of clothing & cleared so much space. I even organized our junk drawers. And we painted a wall at 11 at night. It was perfect.

Our Sunday was spent with more of the wonderful people in our life. The house was filled with friends from close & some just visiting from afar. We made loads of football and watched football. And the girls hibernated in the Hen Den for a One Tree Hill marathon & nail painting & chit chat.

Yes. It was perfection. My perfect weekend. But for some reason Sunday nights have the ability to drastically change my mood. As I laid in bed last night- trying to get tired- I just felt uneasy. Uneasy and kind of empty. The hard part is that I usually don't really know why. Maybe somewhere inside of me, but not in my mind. Nothing to talk myself out of to feel better. Just try to forget about it and fall asleep. Hold my amazing husband and pray for the amazing life I have been given.

Have you ever had that feeling... where you want to cry or you do cry and you don't know why. It's like that... just a feeling in your gut and you can't get it out. That's how I feel I guess.

And now I'm sitting here, with a page-long to-do list in front of me, Big Love on the television, no motivation and a sleeping dog at my feet.

I'm ready for this day to be over. And I'm ready for tomorrow, to feel like myself. Hopefully.

I posted this photo because it makes me smile.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I am in love with this tote.
Anyone wanna lend me $595.

Damn you J.Crew.
::le sigh:

Sorry for not being around much... at all.... lately.
We've been traveling, & tailgating & applying for jobs & sleeping & visiting family & going to NFL games & going to Madison & going to Minnesota & hanging out with friends & ..... I forgot the rest. We've been busy.

Lots of catching up coming your way soon.

xo Chelsea

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

that is all.

you're welcome.

list twenty-three: reasons I am grateful (lately)  and subsequently what I've been up to

01. pretty apple orchards.
02. going on dates with my husband.
03. because even if I don't have a job or money, I am surrounded by love.
04. pretty views.

05. my sister came to visit.
06. my other sister turned 13!
07. getting a present for no reason from a friend.
08. being forgiven by a friend because my scatter-brain forgot to let out her pup.
09. strolls with my camera & pretty leaves.

10. raking leaf piles for G to jump in.
11. afternoons in coffee shops (especially with mom, or hollie, or caitlin).
12. being surprised with chocolates from husband.
13. watching You've Got Mail.
14. buildings with a beautiful history.

15. tailgating in Iowa City with our friends.
16. getting my GGTs in the mail!
17. this candle because my house smells like amazing shampoo.
18. checking out cds from the library.
19. thus my currently exploding itunes.
20. the record that my dad bought me:

21. my kitchen that is full of farmer's market goodies.
22. because even though I have had really bad cramps, my hot water bottle makes me smile.
23. seeing Life As We Know It. twice.

24. GIRL'S DAY with my mom & sisters.
25. spending the day in Madison with my family.

26. wearing tights.
27. spending 2 weeks in Florida.... just because (more on that later).

28. because I've been blessed to attend so many concerts this year & we're still adding more.
29. pumpkins.
30. watching the miners' rescue on tv all day long.
31. sleeping with the window cracked open.
32. taking really long baths.
33. Tree Hill Tuesdays.

34. reading so much that I forget which book I'm on.
35. finally figuring out how to get my hair waves to stay put all day.
36. apple cider.
37. making lists like these.

xoo Chelsea

{twenty-three down; twenty-nine to go}.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

let's see...

my love for football.
plus my love for bulldogs.
plus my love for Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros.

(even after seeing it one million times this past Sunday...
I still ADORE it).

If you haven't already downloaded the song (HOME)-
what the hell are you thinking?

xo Chelsea

oh yea & my love for suped-up rides too, goes without saying.

I am currently obsessing over


chalkboard paint!

I've already took to some glass canisters, G's treat jar & a basket label, but I'm thinking I might take over an entire kitchen wall. I'm jazzed. It makes me feel like a kid again.

You know you love it.

xo Chelsea

(bathroom. kitchen. bathroom. kitchen. another kitchen.)

Friday, October 1, 2010

guess what?
i do not ever shop for myself anymore.
apparently that's what unemployment means.
for me, this is a problem.
i have actually adjusted to it quite well.
we have a budget & we stick to it because we have to.
but this is a girl who loves to shop.
a lot.

lucky for me, husband brought home some extra bacon this week in the form of a bonus!
since husband is all kinds of awesome, he wanted me to get something for myself even though it's not really in the budget.

can you guess what i got?? can you? can you?

ta da!! i am so super happy. gold glittery toms! GGT's as i like to call them. i've been lusting after these babies for as long as i can remember. i cannot wait to wear them & leave a little trail of glitter everywhere i go. & you can't really beat the other pair of shoes that will benefit a child in need due to my extravagant purchase... toms fricking rocks.

i love spending money frivolously. seriously, way more than i should.

ps. this late night friday blogging thing is seriously the bees knees. why have i never done this before??? oh right, because i am NEVER home on friday nights. it is nice. really nice. going to make a serious effort toward more of these in the future. i guess that's what happens when you have to wake up at the crack of dawn for some hawkeye tailgating! i'll be the one wearing 15 layers of clothes.
i can't even tell you how many times I have watched this.
well, maybe I could but it would be really embarrasing.

i know you have already seen this before.
especially if you are my friend.
but just in case, here you are.
but i highly recommend watching the entire episode here.
it was brilliant.

oh Finn.
can you hear my heart beating??

& let's just be serious for a second.
i haven't listened to anything else since tuesday night
but the glee britney songs.
seriously -my house is clean -my car is clean -even my bathtub is scrubbed because jamming out to them gives me so much energy.

xo Chelsea
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