Wednesday, May 7, 2008

01. My husband is so sweet. He had to run to Target yesterday for something for work, and while there saw that P.S. I Love You had just come out that day. He actually remembered how much I loved the book and the movie when we saw it in the theater and picked up a copy to surprise me. Rumor has it that he feels bad for getting totally plowed in front of my co-workers on Saturday night, and wanted to apologize. Funny thing is, all of my co-workers were plowed, so it was actually quite entertaining. Now they all won’t shut up about how much they love Brian, haha. But it was so thoughtful of him to want to make it up to me. My husband is VERY forgetful, so the fact that he remembered how much I enjoyed this movie is no small feat. I can't wait to watch it again.

02. This Damask Chair from Pier One. I need it in my house. {spied from G&D}.

03. These wedges that I couldn't pass up yesterday for a steal of $30. {And it was too funny when I spied them later last night in my new Glamour, in the exact same shade.}

04. I was so impressed with David Archuletta last night. Seriously, the kid is phenomenal. Both of his performances rocked, but I really loved this one:

David Cook’s second song was good too, and so was Jason’s 2nd despite him forgetting some of the lyrics. I have never been a big Syesha fan, but she even impressed me last night. My prediction is that it will come down to the two David’s and Archuletta will win. He deserves it.

05. That our guest room is really coming together. Thanks to this bedding and these curtains.

06. This bag that I must have via F21.

07. The tulips blooming all around our house.. in the garden, along the garage.. in yellows and pinks. I LOVE them.

08. This song is my new favorite of the moment. I heard it on OTH last week and have not been able to find an mp3 for the life of me. If you have a copy or know where to find one.. please share! I love it!

09. This Anthropologie-esqe tee from the Gap. Loving it.

10. And I'm always loving my tivo because I get to start Samantha Who? from Monday night when Idol is starting on Tuesday and finish watching both in an hour sans commericals.

Hope you enjoyed the long post. I am loving a lot right now. :)

Currently listening to :: Builds and Explodes by Tim Williams.


Abby said...

I have to have that chair and t-shirt! I am going past gap tonight to snag one! great find! Love it!