Happy {friday}.

Friday, March 28, 2008

I smiled this week because:
1. Now and Then. This movie is incredible and I recently revisted why this childhood favorite is indeed a favorite.
2. Method Sweet Water Foaming hand wash is incredible. I have used Method's products for some time now, and snatched this hand wash up at Lowe's the other day- the smell is amazing and the foam is just fun.
3. Getting our professional wedding pictures back this week has been incredible. I never in my life could have asked for better pictures of this day. {worth EVERY penny.}
4. Dalom side tables from Ikea arrived on my doorstep this week- I painted them black and they work like a charm as nightstands in our new bedroom.
5. Miss Dior Cherie parfum, probably my favorite treat from the Easter Bunny ever, has been lingering in my presence all week- making me smile and feel sophistacated at the same time. {and just how adorable is that bottle?!}
6. Ryan Lindsey's album White Paper Beds has been on absolute repeat in my car, on my computer, on my phone:: I LOVE IT.
7. My sisters. Brian and I have them for the week and they are truly incredible. I'm not going to lie and say that they never irritate me {DUH, we are sisters} but they are truly incredible people and I am very fortunate to have them in my life.
8. My bronze gladiator sandals via Isaac Mizrahi from Target. It's really not entirely Spring-like weather here just yet, but I don't care. These babies are amazing and I can't stop wearing them. RUN and go get them!

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Dreams Decided.

Thank you all so much for your votes on what to put above our bed. I have decided to go the random route, via the photo below from bloom, grow, love.

I'm not sure if I will do 4 or 5 frames. I'm hoping that I will have time to pick these up this weekend and mess around with this... it will just depend which it looks better with- 4 or 5. Now, as to what to put IN the frames! I for sure want to include at least one {if not both} of the Alicia Bock prints that I have in this space.... I love them both. What do you think?

And I would also like to include either 1 or 2 {depending on how many frames} of our wedding pictures. Here some that I am thinking of for this space. Opinions? I was going for some not so obvious prints.. just more random shots that I don't have displayed anywhere else yet.

And finally I still have all of our wedding cards from our guests- some of them were very unique and fun! I was thinking of maybe framing the front of one of the cards for here as well.

So, overall it will be a very romantic space- which I think is appropriate for above our bed. I really appreciated your last responses- so let me know what you think of my suggestions today! :)


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Thursday, March 27, 2008

During my trip to Seattle in February, I stumbled accross a cute book in a little store while enjoying my Seattle's Best coffee on a walk downtown. I can remember flipping through it and how light and inspiring it was. I thought it would be a great coffee table book, so I snatched it up. I must have tossed it aside while unpacking back home, because I just stumbled across it again last night on my bookshelf. Luckily, I was able to find it online so I can share it, as well as some amazing other products at live inspired.

I just adore the book. It is jam-packed with inspiring quotes and things to remember to love your life. I even brought it in to work today so that I could type up a few of the quotes to tack up in my cubicle. My mood has lifted already. I would definitely recommend you check this cute little book out. :)

Here are a couple of my favorite sayings from the book....

"Always be ready to have the time of your life." - Unknown.

"What is life for? It is for you." - Abraham Maslow.

"love the moment"

"love to be amazed"

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{for your HOME}

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I was thrilled when I grabbed the Anthropologie Home Catalog out of my mailbox last night... I could barely wait to sit down and flip through it. I honestly think a little bit of drool may have actually made it way to the pages... take a look at some of my favorites...

Oh, if only my checkbook could keep up!

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Dreaming Above.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

We are SO close to finishing the master bedroom- I can taste it! But now I have new dilemma. I can't decide what to put on the walls behind the bed. UGH. I don't know if I want pictures {or how many}, artwork, sconces, mirrors, nothing at all- I'm completely clueless. Here are some inspiration photos that I have been devouring...

Two pictures...

Three pictures...

Four pictures...

Six pictures...

Random pictures...



I am CLUELESS as to what I want and what will work in our room. One concern that I have is that our headboard is round and not straight across like most of these pictures so I'm not sure what will look right. So- what do you think??? Do you LOVE any of my ideas above? Do you have anything else to show me that I might like??? I'm thinking that I need to just start messing around with some options in the room- but before you know it I'll probably have twenty nail holes in the wall!

Please help me!!

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Monday!! And a belated HOPPY Easter too. I have just polished off two cups of coffee from my favorite little brown, birdy mug and I'm almost at pace with the rest of the planet {almost}. It only took me until noon! I stayed up too late last night watching The Great Outdoors {I have to start reminding myself NOT to watch good movies right before bed because I end up staying awake to finish them}.
In any event, we had a wonderful weekend and here's why:

1. We got our new curtains hung in the bedroom and they look fabulous {I didn't have time to take a picture yet, but I will tonight and post for you tomorrow!}

2. The Easter Bunny was so good to me. {Lucky for us- my 10 year old sister still believes in the Easter Bunny, as well as most other magical, ficticous characters, so we had a nice surprise waiting for us yesterday when we got to my parents house.} Miss Dior Cherie parfum for me and some ADORABLE Guinness pj's for Brian. And of course Guinness got some bones and we got a bunch of candy- nothing beats that!
3. I got to spend some quality time with my husband and our families. :) Enough said.

4. We watched Ratatouille yesterday with my sisters and it was SO adorable! It made me really hungry though.

5. Drank lots of my father-in-law's homemade wine yesterday- whew! Tastes so good, but did I mention the extremely high alcohol proof?

6. I also watched Rendition over the weekend. Brian thought it was predictable and didn't care too much for it. I also thought it was a tad predictable, but I still enjoyed it and of course was bawling like a baby. I think that it was done very well.

7. I just found out this morning that we are finally getting our wedding prints today!!! YAY. I can't wait to finally get some framed and hung up around the house.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I did. But, boy do Monday's suck!! I am already longing for next weekend {this can't be good}.

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{Random} things that made me smile this week.

Friday, March 21, 2008

From Top: OTH's Hundred episode {especially the Naley make-out scene in the rain, even if it was a dream}; that we randomly chose window panels at BB&B and brought them home to discover that they work perfectly in our new bedroom; the fact that we are lucky enough to be able to drink tap water straight out of the facuet in our city that is better than any bottled; my new motorokr phone; my adorable husband and how great he is to me; my fly dish purchase from etsy shop lgbrinkley; the movie Eulogy that I watched with Stacey last night {laughed my ass off}; the little taste of Spring that we got this week {even though we are currently under a winter storm warning..UGH}; my AE purchases {especially since they are pretty much all items for Spring}; and also my new hair color{yep- I went a bit darker this week and so far I'm loving it- much more ME-- I don't have any pictures yet, but will post some soon}.

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Some new friends for my closet.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I received a coupon from American Eagle for my birthday that expires today, so I ran out to the mall on my lunch break and scored some pretty sweet Spring pieces....

I got this shirt in two colors because I loved it so much:

This adorable tank:

And scored these jeans for $30 on sale and I LOVE them:

And I saved the best for last. AE makes my absolute favorite undies IN THE WORLD- these boyshorts. They just happened to be running a special, 8 for $25- that is a killer deal so I had to snatch up some new ones. :)

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Operation Master Bedroom.

I'm sure most of you know this already, but we have been working in our master bedroom for the past couple of weeks. We tore up the old carpet to reveal beautiful hardwood floors consistent with the rest of the house, and painted, painted, painted like crazy. We are finally in the finishing stages and I want to share with you some of what is going into our new haven. I do not have any finished photos yet because, like I said, it's not compeltely finished and I don't want to spoil the reveal. :)

From Top: The wall color is Tropical Bay by Valspar and the shade of white on the wainscotting is China Moon by Valspar {after 6 coats of primer&paint we got the colors right!}; The dresser was given to us by Andrew & Stacey and we just sanded it and put two coats of black paint on it- looks fabulous; the curtains are from BB&B and match the rest of our beige/tan accents to a tee; the fly dish is from etsy seller lgbrinkley and matches perfectly- including my bird theme; the bird figural is from Target that I scored on clearance; the balance bird pillow is from etsy seller lollipopguild and again matches the beige accent color perfectly; that bedding is not our exact bedding- I could not find a photo of it- but this one is pretty close {ours matches the wall color amazingly}; the lamp crystal ball lamp is from Target and I have had them since my bridal shower! {however the lampshades on ours are actually the beige color}; and the nightstands are from Ikea, I will just need to paint them black to match.

It is really coming together and looking great. I don't even feel like I am in my own house when I'm in there! Still on our list to get... another dresser{preferably a chest-type tall dresser}; a rug{I am thinking of a huge white shag rug?}; accessories{lots of picture frames and candles}; and also a trunk- we want to find a large{possibly antique} trunk in black that we can set at the end of our bed to store extra blankets and pillows. So keep an eye out for any of these items and be sure to let us know if you see something you think we would like!

And there you have it! Hopefully I can post the finished product soon!

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Less Is More.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Abby over at Room For Real Life was so sweet to blog about us yesterday!! :) Check out her post here about wedding styling. She was SO sweet to say....

"This first bride CB&G had great style on the day of her wedding. Notice her veil compliments her dress, it doesn't hinder her look in any way. Simple.Elegant.Classy."

Thanks so much Abby! You totally made my day!!! :)

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WOW. I don't even know where to begin sharing my thoughts on this milestone OTH episode... a lot happened. {I apologize in advance for this hella long post- if you know me I'm sure you understand!} I'll start with the obvious- the Lucas/Lindsey wedding {or lack there of.}

I will be the first to admit that Lucas and Peyton belong together and I am glad that the wedding did not happen. BUT I am glad that Lindsey was the one to walk out and leave Lucas standing there instead of vice versa. Honestly- he has been a bit of an ass lately. Although I have to assume that he is lying to himself about who he truly loves and not just to everyone else- so I also feel a bit sorry for him. I really hope that Lucas and Peyton can get it together yet this season and not have my waiting for it for many more months- but I do know {and am happy to say} that I have 100 percent faith that it will happen eventually- and they both know it. :) See Peyton's dream wedding below... hopefully soon to be reality. The boy saw a comet.....

My favorite scenes of the night were, of course, everything Naley. Where to begin? Nathan's dream sequence had SO much going on with it, not to mention that it was HOT. Everyone knows what Naley rain means and it's defintiely good. But if you are a big enough fan, you would have also noticed this entire scence was basically drawn right out of their first kiss in front of Haley's house {Haley even did the hair throw-back!} I was absolutely stunned watching this sequence and will definitely be expecting to see this in REAL TIME very soon!

This brings me to... the scariest storyline of the episode that had me on the edge of my seat the entire hour was of course crazy-a**-b*tch Nanny Carrie {I'd like to call her more things than that} that kidnapped poor little Jamie from the wedding!!

Obviously I did not want this to happen, but it forced Naley to connect again- through their son. They were abolutetly amazing.. I can't wait to watch this episode again just to see these two.

Did I mention the absolutely INCREDIBLE acting of Bethany???? She was absolutely the best I have ever seen her- and that is pretty damn great! Honestly, everyone was superb last night, but the scences that she pulled off like magic were truly amazing.

And she looked absolutely incredible.

I also have to mention the Naley flashback that literally gave me shivers. I won't go into details, but if you saw it, I'm sure you can relate. Those two are so inspiring.

In the end, Jamie was rescued and brought home to his family! By who you might ask- non other than Dan Scott. They have really made Dan creepy so far this season and of course I'm not denying that he is- he killed his brother in cold blood- but I still like Dan. I believe him that he just wants to be close to his family. I truly hope that everyone will begin to accept him again, BUT I also hope that he does right by then from now on to deserve it.

But now, having EVERYONE back- Karen, Andy, Lily, Dan- as well as Rachel, Tim, Bevin {we are just waiting on Deb} the rest of the season has GOT to be truly incredible.

And of course I have to give a huge CONGRATULATIONS to the cast, crew, producers, directors, Mark, fans and everyone else involved with OTH in any way for their 100th episode!!!! This is truly an AMAZING accomplishment and everyone single person associated with OTH deserves it whole-heartedly. This show is truly more than a television show to me. It inspires me-- I relate to everything and everyone so well- I feel like they are my friends. WAY TO GO! And let's bring season 5 home!!! {The 6 post-strike episodes begin airing on April 14th- yes that's right- moving to Monday nights!} And of course we'll see you for a GREAT season 6!

"It was more than just a comet because of what it brought to his life. Direction, beauty and meaning. There were many who couldn't understand, and sometimes he walked among them. But even in his darkest hours, he knew in his heart that someday it would return to him and his world would be whole again and his belief in God in love in art would be re-awakened in his heart."

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I'm not gonna lie...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'm pretty head-over-heels in love with my new phone.

Finally got to go get my new MotoRokr today... BOY- if there was a more perfect phone for me, I would be shocked. I LOVE this thing! VERY similar to the iPhone, which I'm sure I would love just as much, but at a fraction of the cost... this thing is amazing! I love that it slides... very convienent and it holds a TON of my songs. My favorite thing that I have discovered so far... I'm listening to a song {which by the way you can listen to with headphones or just thru the speaker that plays loud!} and someone will call me, and it will just pop up on my screen and ask if I want to answer or ignore-- if I ignore the song keeps playing and if I answer the songs starts right back up at the end of the call- simply amazing!

Anyway, I will keep you updated. Since I just got it today I'm not sure if there are any quirks with it yet, but as of right now-- I am seriously LOVING this thing!!!

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{did I mention that I'm listening to it on my Rokr?!?}

Post-Weekend Wrap Up.

Yes I know.. I am a tad late. Yesterday was a crazy Monday and I am slowly getting back into the routine of things. But in any event-- we had a great weekend!

1. I love my friends. I honestly am so blessed to have so many wonderful friends that are truly dear to me. We had a blast with a lot of them this weekend.

2. I LOVE St. Patty's Day!! Although technically it was yesterday, we celebrated it on Saturday with our favorites. I won't go into details, because it got pretty crazy.. but here are a couple pics of us celebrating. :)

3. CONGRATULATIONS TO ANDREW & JENNIFER!!!! A couple of our best friends got married yesterday on St. Pat's Day {how awesome is that?!} We wish you all the happiness in the world and are so happy to share these amazing life moments with you. We love you!!

4. Our bedroom is almost finished!!! YAY. We just need to get curtains, a rug and hopefully another dresser to store all of our clothes! But it is really coming together. I don't really have any good pics... but here is a quick snap of the colors! :)

5. Guinness is so cute when he's getting a bath. But he is really happy when he gets out too.. he loves that blowdryer. Here is shot of him right after getting out... gotta love it.

6. The Game Plan was cute... but maybe more so to us because of Spike, the English Bulldog in it! HaHa. Very cute storyline... but I think it could have been done a bit better.

All in all we had a pretty great weekend! We got to spend lots of time just hanging out with our friends and we also almost completely finished our bedroom! I'm pretty happy about that! And of course, having the luck of the Irish on your side can't hurt either! ;)

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