Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gasoline Rainbows. Pretty significant, don't you think? I hope that you have already heard about this ah-mazing compilation album & downloaded it from iTunes already. But on the off chance that you haven't... I'm here to tell ya'll how great it is.

Info: In an effort to help communities impacted by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, some of today’s hottest bands have joined together with Global Green USA to release a benefit compilation album entitled Gasoline Rainbows,out on November 30, 2010 via Roark Records exclusively as a digital download.
The compilation was brought together by actress Sophia Bush and actor Austin Nichols, likely best known for their roles on the television show One Tree Hill. Sophia and Austin traveled, with Global Green, to Grand Isle, LA, visiting beaches and seeing the devastation wrought by the Deepwater Horizon spill first hand. Moved by the stretches of oil along the once-beautiful beaches, as well as the devastation to the wildlife, they decided to help in whatever way they could, and this compilation is the direct result.
100% of the artist and label proceeds from Gasoline Rainbows will be used for Global Green’s oil spill response to directly assist the local communities, people, and ecosystems impacted by the BP Oil Spill, educate the public, push for more regulation (to ensure a tragedy like this never happens again) and advocate for a greener, cleaner economy.
Gasoline Rainbows will include material by some of the most popular names in music, alongside new up-and-coming talents, including music by LCD Soundsystem, Phoenix, Silversun Pickups, Vampire Weekend, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, among others.
Not only will the compilation feature incredible tracks by these artists, the set will contain three brand new, previously unreleased tracks as well. Singer-songwriters Amy Kuney, Damien Rice and City and Colour will all be providing never before heard material for the compilation.

INCREDIBLE. Right? I was absolutely floored when I first heard about this project. I, of course, heard of it a couple months back via Sophia Bush & Austin Nichols on twitter (my One Tree Hill peeps). They are SO inspiring.. Every Single Day. But this, this was just too much. I'm pretty positive that they are really superheroes. They organized this entire process & with the help of some amazing artists put together a really freaking awesome album with an even better cause. 
And despite the fact that the music is so amazingly awesome & I already owned every song (with the exception of the three previously unreleased tracks) -insert my squealing here- I bought it anyway. I probably would have bought it even if the music sucked because of the cause & the people behind it are so awesome, but it doesn't, IT ROCKS!!
And even better, Amy Kuney's new track, & namesake of the entire album, Gasoline Rainbows, is currently coming at you free on iTunes. So go & check it out, & get a little taste of the brilliant music bursting out of this album. You won't be able to resist purchasing the entire thing. I swear that when I listen to it the inspiration just pours out of me.
Okay, I digress. I will stop with the preachy, preachy now. But I am just so excited about this album -- the music, the generous hearts of the musicians behind it, the hard work & dedication of Sophia & Austin, & the devastated victims that will benefit from me listening to it. It just makes my heart full. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.
And here is the entire track listing-
1. “Gasoline Rainbows” - Amy Kuney*
2. “Armistice” - Phoenix 
3. “40 Day Dream” - Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros
4. “There’s No Secret’s This Year” - Silversun Pickups
5. “At The Birds Foot” - City and Colour*
6. “The Connoisseur of Great Excuse” - Damien Rice*
7. “Bloodbuzz Ohio” - The National
8. “Tighten Up” - The Black Keys
9. “Let The Time Roll By” - Onward, Soldiers
10. “Moth’s Wings” - Passion Pit 
11. “Floating Vibes” - Surfer Blood 
12. “Mama Taught Me Better” - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
13. “I Can Change” - LCD Soundsystem
14. “Cousins” - Vampire Weekend
*new material

Did your head just explode? 

And keep in mind what a great gift idea this would be for the holidays?! It's extremely generous & it sounds great. I know a lot of people that would feel good getting it. 
Download link here.
Original article here.


Monday, November 29, 2010

I've been spending a lot of time over on tumblr lately. Sorry for that, but I love me some late night tumbling. And you can find quite the meaningful post from me- like this one about how I've been drinking milk a lot lately- if you sift through a lot of One Tree Hill photos. But let's be serious, you know you love those too. There is some beautiful things passing through my mind over there though & I don't see that stopping anytime soon.

I watched Oprah's favorite things part 2 recently & it was INSANE. So amazingly radical, yet insane! I was one part extremely happy for the audience members, one part amazed at Oprah's good taste, and one part insanely jealous of the goods. It was an awesome list.

I'm addicted to Amazon. I spent hours browsing yesterday off & on and made a killer wishlist. It was seriously so much fun. It's all on there... some new vinyl, tons of books & cute journals, It's A Wonderful Life, kate spade kindle covers (yeah), cookbooks, shampoo, eyelash curlers, platform pumps, tv seasons, even my favorite perfumes.  And I did buy some super new releases on bluray for $10 each for Christmas gifts. Yea, seriously. $10 for a brand spanking new bluray. That was pretty sweet.

I'm also in love with this locket. It might be the most beautiful locket of all time:

Everything else that I've been up to lately is coming at you in this nice, little, pretty list because my brain couldn't render any complete sentences today-

.was reminded of all that I have to be thankful for.
.made a wonderful Thanksgiving meal with my mom.
.ate lots of turkey.
.visited with family.
.ate more turkey.
.had dinner with the gang.
.& our drawing for our Christmas exchange.
.several Harry Potter marathons w/ Stacey (& surprised myself that I actually liked them more than I thought I would).

.enjoyed my sister Hollie being back in town for 4 whole days.
.going out with the crazies on Black Friday with my mom & sisters.
.getting the cutest shoes in existence.
.I also scored a wireless printer & lots of Christmas gifts.
.got my candles for hosting a Gold Canyon party so my entire house smells divine.
.drank wine & sparkling grape juice.
.watched Home Alone late at night with husband.
.got our Christmas tree!
.& decorated the house.
.watched movies with my sisters & mom.
.napped by the fireplace.
.saw Love & Other Drugs in the theater with Stacey & Hollie (so good).

.stayed up late with my sister, sharing music & watching movies.
.had another Thanksgiving with friends.
.baked cookies.
.waited for the snow.

I've had such an amazing past few days. But today I've been super busy with a lot of not-so-fun-but-need-to-be-done things:

.drinking coffee (okay, this one is fun).
.prepping for my job interview tomorrow (haven't done this yet & not entirely sure how I will either).
.online Christmas shopping- (was really excited for Cyber Monday, but there have been no deals. At all!)
.scheduling vet appointments
.answering e-mails
.packaging etsy orders
.paying bills
.looking for recycled wrapping paper (suggestions?)
.figuring out new INSURANCE-- it's due by the end of the month (WHOOPS!)

I better run & get back to it. Happy Monday all.

"We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures."
-Thornton Wilder

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's amazing how quickly my mood can change.


link love & random tidbits:

covered the OTH theme song last night. I cried.

.The above print- I want it in every room in my house.
::I am tired of worrying & stressing & crying. So what if we don't have all the money in the world? So what if I can't find a job. So what if we end up selling our house & moving in with family until the job market looks up? So what if our family isn't where we thought it would be? SO WHAT? We are alive. We are healthy. We are here. We are loved. That. Is. All. That. Matters.::

.There is thunder in our hearts- lyrics from the inspiring Kate Bush song, printed on a tote by fieldguided. Lovely.

.What do you do with your coffee grounds? You can about imagine how much I throw out every week. I really liked this post on ways to recycle your coffee grounds! First up, I'm trying the refrigerator deodorizer.

.I've been watching Friday Night Lights on Netflix Instant pretty much constantly. It's so good.

.Bedtime story pillowcases; almost as good as being a kid again.

.I love brussels sprouts; this looks so good.

.Mouthful of Diamonds- a very fittingly-named OTH episode from last week; coincidentally the lovely Diana recently blogged the song also. Of course I love it.

.I'm going to do my hair like
this (and I wish it was this red too).

.Yes, please.

.Could it be? A chalkboard ring? I think it was made for me (& everyone on my Christmas shopping list).

.I want to wear this outift everyday. I just need the yellow pants. + cute baby.

.Have you checked out www.love146.org yet? It's a cause that I feel very strongly about.. I've been spending a lot of time reading & researching & talking about it. There is so much to be done. Take some time on their site & make yourself aware.

.Red Velvet pancakes (I know your head just exploded, right?) I can not wait to make these this weekend.

.Love Gives Me Hope-- my favorite night time reading.

.I'm getting really bummed living without my camera. I mentioned on twitter a couple weeks ago that my DSLR suddenly stopped working (lens won't focus; shutter won't go). I'm devastated to say the least. But with the time of year, holidays coming up & the fact that I still don't have a job- I can't really afford to get it fixed right now. B-U-M-M-E-R. But I am going to get some film & slip back into the comfort of my canon ae-1. Hopefully he will tide me over through the holdidays... but seeing family over Christmas will be hard without my third limb.

.And I'll leave you with my favorite quote of all time; because I need the reminder. And because I love it.

Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplacable spark. In the hopeless swamps of the not quite, the not yet, and the not at all, do not let the hero in your soul perish and leave only frustration for the life you deserved, but never have been able to reach. The world you desire can be won, it exists, it is real, it is possible, it is yours.
-Ayn Rand

xo Chelsea
list twenty-five: playlist names
Yes, I name my playlists. Bonus points if you can guess the meaningful ones.

01. Feel Good Inc.
02. One Winter.
03. Hold your lighter up.
04. Run fatass run.
05. 100 Songs to Save Your Life.
06. Chelsea Lastname, Unemployed.
07. Damn it feels good to be a gangsta.
08. Dear Chelsea, you listen to good music. xo
09. Gleek.
10. High School Nostalgia.
11. It's quiet & I want a hug.
12. Jimmy Jams.
13. Season Gr8.
14. Songs to write to.
15. There is only One Tree Hill.
16. Almost everything I wish I'd said the last time I saw you.
17. Different names for the same thing.
18. Afterparty at Jimmy's.
19. I and love and you.
20. Flying Machine.
21. Songs that John Steinbeck would probably like.
22. Rainy Day Women.
23. Our life is not a movie, or maybe.
24. Songs to love & die by.

(twenty-five down; twenty-seven to go; & I realize this project will inevitably run into next year).

xo Chelsea

Friday, November 12, 2010

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

For my sister.

Alabama, Arkansas,
I do love my ma and pa,
Not the way that I do love you.

Holy, Moley, me, oh my,
You're the apple of my eye,
Girl I've never loved one like you.

Man oh man you're my best friend,
I scream it to the nothingness,
There ain't nothing that I need.

Well, hot and heavy, pumpkin pie,
Chocolate candy, Jesus Christ,
Ain't nothing please me more than you.

Ahh Home. Let me come home
Home is wherever I'm with you.
Ahh Home. Let me go ho-oh-ome.
Home is wherever I'm with you.

La, la, la, la, take me home.
Mother, I'm coming home.

I'll follow you into the park,
Through the jungle through the dark,
Girl I never loved one like you.

Moats and boats and waterfalls,
Alley-ways and pay phone calls,
I've been everywhere with you.

We laugh until we think we’ll die,
Barefoot on a summer night
Nothin’ new is sweeter than with you

And in the streets you run afree,
Like it's only you and me,
Geeze, you're something to see.

Ahh Home. Let me go home.
Home is wherever I'm with you.
Ahh Home. Let me go ho-oh-ome.
Home is wherever I'm with you.

La, la, la, la, take me home.
Daddy, I'm coming home.

I was having a really crummy day today.
I've been depressed & stressed & constantly
walking around with a horrible feeling in my gut lately.

But then I saw this, & it made me happy.
And hopeful.

I constantly remind myself that worrying & stressing about things & hard situations doesn't in fact make them any easier.
I am a smart person & I know this is true, but it still isn't easy not to stress & worry.

But this video helped to remind me of that today.
I hope it may do the same for you.


you already know of my love for wakey!wakey!
from posts like this & this.

but what you don't know is that I had the luck & good fortune to see them live over the weekend.
live. in person. in the front row.

it was a completely surreal experience. I still don't quite believe that it actually happened. 
we caught them on their DANCE SO GOOD tour with
Jenny Owen Youngs and they were unbelievable.

oh yea, & I MET GRUBBS!!!!
he is the coolest guy- he hung around & talked with us for like 5 minutes, signed autographs & took photos with us.
icing on the cake...

they're about halfway through their tour right now,
but if they come anywhere near you, I highly suggest you check them out.

thank you wakey!wakey! for being so gracious
& courteous of your fans.
oh, & for putting on a kick ass show!

you can't imagine what it's like jamming out with them...

(tons more of my photos on my flickr.)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

today I'm listening to this one:
I remember it from 4 years ago.
It still gives me the same feeling when I listen to it.

Monday, November 1, 2010

list twenty-four: confessions

01. I hardly ever answer my phone.
02. Or listen to voice mails.
03. But I will almost always text or email you back.
04. I always misspell definitely.
05. When I was a kid, I used to chew on the ends of my hair.
06. I wish I was the kind of person that went to a low-key restaurant on Friday nights for chit chat & wine with good friends & was home before midnight.
07. And up for farmer's market the next morning.
08. Instead I end up going out all night & getting drunk.
09. And sleep the next day away. 
10. I need to change this.
11. If I didn't need a day job financially, I wouldn't have one.
12. I would stay home & take photos & volunteer & have babies & make fancy dinners every night.
13. If only I could enjoy my current unemployment that much.
14. I'm obsessed with CoCo Wheats.
15. I left my nails long & painted them red for Halloween... and I am secretly loving it.
16. I read Naley fanfiction like it's going out of style... I'm currently 70-something chapters in.
17. And the fact that I can read it on my Kindle was the highlight of my week month.
18. I'm a craigslist stalker... in a good way; I check the furniture/antiques section three times daily.
19. This was the best part of Halloween.
20. I forward NFL's twitter updates to my husband more than I would like to admit.
21. I drink juice out of Bonne Maman jars.
22. Even after 10 years, I still yell at Brian every time he doesn't close the cupboard all of the way.
23. I will rearrange entire plans to ensure that Brian is home when I go grocery shopping.... just so that I don't have to lug everything in & put it all away myself.
24I could eat Chinese food everyday.
25. I pick up a pretty leaf I see, well, whenever I see one.
26. Even though I have no idea what to do with them & they are stacked up on my table.
27. I wish I could crochet and/or knit.
28. I keep trying to teach myself & failing miserably.
29. I'm completely clueless for Christmas shopping ideas this year.
30. One Tree Hill saves my life at times. Many times.

(twenty-four down; twenty-eight to go).

this. (unbelievably moving & inspiring... as if I would expect anything else).


.LISTEN to this (my iPod lately has been a constant rotation of new Taylor Swift, Glee's Rocky Horror Picture Show & Laura Izibor...)

.GUESS what?

  ..I am going to paint our living room.
  ..Somewhere between this...

and this....

  ..That is after I paint two sets of stairs & a kitchen nook.

.Husband dressed up as Don Draper for HALLOWEEN (I may have had a little to do with it). And I followed suit as a 60s housewife.


I spent all day yesterday in bed with a migraine. And I'm sad to report that it still hasn't gone away. Today is a little better though. I am at least able to read & be on the computer... yesterday was complete silence & as much sleep as I could muster.

Today has consisted of blog reading & the entire series Beautiful People on instant netflix (hello cute, little teenage Jackson Rathbone). I'm enjoying it as much as I can because I know what the rest of the week holds for me... my page-long to-do list is still hanging around. Number 1 on that list.... GET. A. JOB. I'm sick of being depressed because I can't get one. And now that Halloween has officially past and it's November... Christmas is looming, and my financial stressing is going into overload.

But enough about that. Those worries are floating around in my head nonstop so it's really no use for them to be hogging up the blog too. I better get back to it.... episode 13 is waiting for me. And the leftover Halloween candy too.

On the plus side, this post has been saved as a draft since October 13th, so I guess I am crossing things off of my list today after all.


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