confession: i have three diaper bags

Monday, November 30, 2015

well, technically i have four because i still have this one from lorelai's newborn days. i don't use it anymore, but can't seem to part with it for sentimental reasons.

for those of you out there who are even mildly interested, this is why i have three "diaper" bags. i've always been sort of a bag lay so this should really come as no surprise.

1 | the madewell transport tote aka love of my life. i bought this bag when i was pregnant with lorelai under the conditions that it would be my sole diaper/mama bag (my husband was with me when i made said purchase, clearly). after i admired its beauty for several months after purchasing, i convinced myself that i should start carrying it now (months before lorelai was due to arrive) because leather is better when it's a little worn, right? (you can see where this is going). while i did use this bag as a diaper bag of sorts, it has always served me much better as just my bag. yes, i'll throw a few baby necessities and diapers in it on my way out the door on the weekends, but for the most part i just couldn't resist carrying this every day so it became my very well loved tote bag.

2 | because i only had a brown diaper bag, i needed a black one too, right? i fell in love with the design of fawn design's bags and the ability to wear them as both a cross body bag and a backpack. it is very roomy and serves us well when we aren't going to be home for a while or when i'm just feeling the black. 

3 | the piece a la resistance... my lily jade bag. this baby is the luxury ride. i instantly fell in love with its organized pockets and fun, red interior. it's impossible to just throw things in there and not find them for days (guilty) because there are just so many areas to contain all of your belongings, which i love and crave in a diaper bag. this baby can fit everything we need, no problem. i'm talking wallets, cell phones, keys, calendar, journal, pens, randoms, diapers, wipes, butt balm, paci's, snacks, oils, lotion, lipsticks and other random makeup, cell chargers, headphones, checkbooks, books and more. yes, more. these are just all of the designated pockets in my bag, you guys. i have pockets for all of these things. it's mind blowing really.

being the avid researcher that i am, especially when it comes to baby gear, i know that i appreciated posts like this when i was expecting my first, so i hope that my random muses about gorgeous leather and organized compartments has thrilled someone out there as much as it does me. happy lugging, mamas.

running wild

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

some days, for no reason at all, we all just need to run a little wild. lorelai longs to stretch her legs while we chase her and the fresh air brings a clear mind to everyone. how easily i forget just how necessary moments like this are. when life is crazy and the to-do list never ends and i may even snap at brian when he says we just need some air. but of course, he is so, so right.

[bag: lily jade | bonnet: petite soul | dress: old navy]

lorelai, the bulldog

Sunday, November 1, 2015

for years and years we dressed up our beloved dog for halloween like most parents dress up their children, so it's only appropriate that now we dress up our child like our dog.

lola loves pumpkin seeds, but not the goop | caramel apples are a new favorite | trick or treating is fun, but exhausting | mama loved sneaking most of her candy | hocus pocus on repeat | she is terrified of polar bears in costume (even when said polar bears are her papa) 

^^ oh what a difference that a year makes.^

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