hello and welcome! i'm chelsea and this is my blog, lalu bean.

lalu bean is a tiny, little lifestyle blog chronicling our adventures as a family of four in the sweet and simple midwest. I started this blog fourteen years ago (!!) after marrying my high school sweetheart, brian, in 2007. brian and I were high school sweethearts and so lucky to have already spent half of our lives together.

our daughter, lorelai mabel, is now five years old and we are navigating the waters of preschool and ballet lessons wide-eyed. our smallest addition, everett milo, has burst all of our hearts open as we embrace the sweet goodness of those toddlerhood, all of the really hard parts of that too. and this summer we will welcome a new baby boy, wyatt augustus! here you will find a little bit of everything, including thoughts on motherhood, our home, midwest living, food, music and enjoying the simple things in life.

our beloved bulldog, guinness, passed away last june after a long and courageous battle with cancer. we talk about him a lot. last summer louie joined our family and is a very rambunctious puppy, contributing to a very chaotic household, but the kids absolutely adore him.

we struggled with infertility for five years and suffered one miscarriage before God blessed us with our beautiful and healthy baby girl. you will find a lot of discussion here as we drudged through those trenches.. this blog was my outlet. honestly, my thoughts on this are not always positive and encouraging, but they are raw and real and I hope that they can be a light for others stuck in that darkness.

I like nancy meyers movies, reading nooks, thrifting, coffee, making our house a home and being a mother. I feel like I was always meant to be a mother. I'm a homebody and happiest at home. my dream is to be a stay at home mother. I imagine having as many babies as possible, homeschooling my littles and moving to a big, old house on the outskirts of town so we can have chickens and goats. I think music sounds better on vinyl, cardigans are a must for any outfit and a good tv marathon can cure almost anything.

so, a little bit about what lalu bean means. "lalu" is a phrase that my baby sister coined around 20 years ago. she was one and just learning to talk, so instead of a clear "i love you" we got a lot of  "lalu"s and it just sort of stuck. it is engraved into our wedding rings, tattooed onto my wrist and the salutation on any and all emails, texts and phone conversations with our family. "bean" which is short for beano, chellybean, etc has been my nickname since forever. and so, "lalu bean" is actually "i love you, from chelsea" but sweeter and bit more mysterious.

i'm so glad that you stopped by!
Xxx chelsea