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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I loved when Mighty Girl listed her 100 things worth doing awhile ago and I wanted to take a trip down memory lane myself. So I present to you, in no particular order-

100 scenes I hope pop up as my life flashes before my eyes.
Numbers 1-25:

01. The soothing sound of the ocean waves outside our bedroom window in Fort Myers.
02. Watching Brian through his first touchdown pass as quarterback on the football team our sophomore year in high school.
03. Blowing my first “real” paycheck.
04. Every entire second leading up to and including Brian's proposal.
05. The amazing astonishment that came over me during a field trip in elementary school to the Living History of Farms.
06. Writing my name in the air with sparklers.
07. Using our key to unlock the door of our house and step inside together for the first time.
08. Group hugging my best college girlfriends right before we graduated.
09. When the magazine I edited so near and dear to my heart was published for all the college to see.
10. Seeing Brian’s face when I walked down the aisle to him.
11. The first time I heard Ben Gibbard sing.
12. Sleeping on the back deck with all the neighborhood kids. Nothing but sleeping bags, star gazing and scary stories.
13. Jeep rides with my dad.
14. Hot dogs and Old Style at Wrigley field.
15. Eating chocolate milk and toast for breakfast with my mom before school.
16. The fluttering excitement in my stomach when Brian and I decided that we are ready for kids.
17. My dad whispering in my ear that he had never seen me so happy during our father/daughter dance.
18. Driving home 7 hours after picking up Guinness, listening to the Vikings beat the Bears on the radio, and stopping every half hour for Guinness to pee in a cornfield.
19. Margaret swinging me in circles by one arm and one leg.
20. Backing out of my parents’ driveway the first time I drove by myself.
21. The face that Brian makes when I know he is proud of me.
22. Finding money in the kitchen drawers to get dole whip at the milkhouse.
23. My first sleepover.
24. Audrey Hepburn marathon’s with my sisters.
25. Guinness’ butt wiggling when I come home to him.

The other 75 to come! Please tell me about your flashback moments in the comments!

{Photo by yours truly; Fort Myers beach.}

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Julia Goolia said...

Such a sweet post! I can just see those scenes playing out like a movie and they are powerful. Maybe I'll do a post like this someday:)

Living the Happily Ever After said...

I LOVE this post it tells so much about someone!

My memory lane for the day, Cutting the cake at our wedding then feeding each other. I remmeber that kiss so vividly it was the "Sweetest" kiss ever!