just us.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Isn't is such a treat when someone gives you a birthday or graduation present long after the event has passed?! Such a surprise; I always loved that feeling. Well this isn't exactly the same, but close; soon be receiving one of our wedding gifts. Technically we have known of the gift since the day after the wedding when we opened the certificate, but I am just thrilled to finally get the piece itself. Do I have you holding your breath in suspense yet? :) Probably the most unique and amazing wedding gift ever was given to us by my amazing aunt & uncle. They always manage to give the greatest gifts and our wedding was no exception. {Did I mention that they also gave us 5 cards because they couldn't choose just one for us!}

We received a gift certificate to Chicago Contemporary Art for a custom silhouette painting! If you haven't already seen their signature piece, here it is; called Watching The Sunset featuring the silhouette of a couple at dusk. I have always thought it was beautiful, but way out of our price range. Well my aunt must have heard me mention it before- because our gift was for a similar piece, completely customized to be Brian and I!! Isn't that the most amazing thing you have ever heard?? We contacted the artist and gave him some photos of us. He said that we could also choose whatever colors we wanted, so we went browsing their site. While we both loved the traditional sunset piece, we wanted ours to be special to us. When we stumbled upon Just Us, we knew those were the colors that we loved.

Our HUGE 36 x 48 piece should be completed any day now! We are so excited to finally see it. Stay tuned if you want to catch a peek. :) Truly, one the greatest gifts ever.

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