Thursday, May 27, 2010

i have been busy!
husband is on vacation this week, aaaaalllllll week long.
{insert squeal here}.
we've been having so much fun together,
but mainly we've been working our butts off.
we had a monstrous list of goals to attack
around the house & we are slowly but surely
checking them off.
you can tell the end of the week is nearing though
because we are starting to loose steam.

let's see--

01. set up solar lights along steps in front. {check}
02. fertilize G's pee spots in the yard. {check}
03. till up garden. {half check, we just got the underground electrical lines marked yesterday, so we are starting today!}
04. plant garden.
05. clean all windows.
06. touch up paint on the front of garage.
07. paint kitchen cart. {check- & it rocks}
08. fix gutter on garage.
09. hang clothesline. {check!!!!}
10. replace front storm/screen door. {half check, we are mid-check right now, & it is a biotch}
11. powerwash deck & porch.
12. clean/organize basement. {half check}
13. laundrymat to wash big blankets.
14. take G to the vet {apt set for tomorrow}
15. install pull out garbage can in kitchen cabinet. {check}
16. hang more string lights on back deck.
17. hang new shades in kitchen. {half check- trying to decide on a color}

do you like the light?

or the dark?

how's that for my list of the week?
but we've also been making time for some fun things too.
we watched dear john. and avatar. {we have the road for tonight}.
taken lots of naps. & gotten mocha frapes. watched the parenthood finale.
& spent way to much time looking at LOST photos, theories, articles, & everything else online.
& we're hoping to get a lot done today so that tomorrow
we can go out to lunch & do some more fun things.

better get a move on!

xo Chelsea

ps- I promise I really do have a weekend post to come.
I'm super late {blame the husband} but we did some really cool things last weekend. Post soon!

{ten down; fourty-two to go}.

Friday, May 21, 2010

some days,
i realize how seriously amazing my life is.
amazing friends & family every day.
amazing music that fills up my heart.
i am so lucky to be able to enjoy all of the things that i love
on a regular basis.

this week i-
went to see a movie in the theater in the middle of the afternoon. ate sushi for lunch. tie-dyed a bunch of shirts. had a water fight. stayed up really late with stacey watching movies & getting fishtail braids. had tv nights with my girls on monday and thursday. drank dirty martinis on a tuesday night because it was beautiful outside. & cut roses from our brand new rose bushes.

right now i really love living every weekend
like i'm still a youngster.
drinks & parties & really funny stories.
good times & road trips & bonfires.
and well, it's the weekend again.
so here we go.

why, hello grey goose.
i really do love you.

xo chelsea


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

list nine:things that make me ridiculously happy

01. One Tree Hill officially being renewed for season eight!
02. cuddling with my Guinness.
03. when husband gets off work early.
04. antique finds.
05. waking up to the smell of coffee.
06. reading a book in the sun.
07. finally hearing a band that you love perform love.
08. seeing movies at the movie theater.
09. taking photos & learning to use different cameras.
10. picking flowers from my own backyard.
11. making a good meal from a cookbook alone.
12. LOST marathons with my husband.
13. wearing hats.
14. eating vegetables.
15. cupcakes & tea.
16. long, hot baths with a magazine & candles.
17. road trips.
18. fountain coca-colas.
19. seeing new places.
20. twinkle lights.
21. netflix.
22. sushi dates.
23. camping & bonfires.
24. trader joes.
25. tumblr.
26. my ipod.
27. my family & friends.
28. wearing anything floral.
29. potted plants.

a great start to a lot of little things that make me ridiculously happy.

xo Chelsea

{nine down; fourty-three to go}.
this was last night...

so please give me a while to catch my breath!

{i tried not to post any spoiler photos,
so go & watch it if you haven't already}.

& now i will be a nervous wreck until
i hear some news on thursday about a renewal.

"almost everything i wish i'd said the last time i saw you..."

xo Chelsea

Friday, May 14, 2010

the weekend is here at last.
we have a million things to do.
but we're going to enjoy every second of it.

we will be:
celebrating my mom's birthday. sleeping in.
working on several house projects. watching this.
perusing the farmer's market. taking road trips.
celebrating with friends & their new houses.
attending baby's baptism. hanging out with family. 
listening to high violet. watching this.
catching up on sleep. & mentally preparing myself
for one tree hill's finale on monday.

xo chelsea


list eight: my guilty pleasures

01. chick flicks. i can watch & enjoy pretty much all of them.

02. coca-cola; in any shape or form. but fountain cokes are the  best, with lots of ice.

03. 90210; the original. i've for sure seen every episode & can watch them over & over & over again.

04. reading; which yes i realize most people wouldn't consider a guilty pleasure, but i could read a book in one day, if not in one sitting. i never get tired of reading... drives husband crazy.

05. Grease 2; yep you read that right. Grease 2 rules with it's all out cheesy one-liners & dance numbers. I can't help but get sucked in every time it's on!

06. itunes; yes it's convenient. a little too convenient in my case. i download way too many songs on a whim.

07. midnight milky ways; they are irresistible.

08. cliche dog decorations; anything with an english bulldog on it is considered acceptable in our house. statues, pillows, t-shirts...

09. tv on dvd; if it's the right show {cough. one tree hill. cough} i won't leave the couch all day.


{eight down; fourty-four to go}.

i have talked about my love for wakey!wakey!
several times on here already,
so you won't be surprised to hear that
i attend their virtual concerts on ustream every so often.

well, last week they performed with special guest
casey shea, who was, in a word- phenomenal.

but this show was extra special
because one of my requests was played
& even dedicated to me, at that!

i highly recommend checking out
the entire performance below,
but my dedication {s w o o n}
starts at exactly 16:00 minutes in
for casey's song titled,
none other than, chelsea.

thanks casey!

xo chelsea

Thursday, May 13, 2010

where i blog from:

my cozy little corner of the world.
on the couch with my comfy blanket,
laptop, cup of tea & something divine on the tv.

oh yeah. & of course with this little
munchkin cuddled up next to me.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

this is the weekend post.
late, per usual.

{we drank dirty martinis}.

{we partied with awesome people}.

{& danced & sang & wore cool hats}.

{we took G to the doggy car wash}.

{we went to a gorgeous park on the river}.

{& swang on the swings}.

{we played by the water}.

{& skipped rocks}.

{my handsome boys}.

{& swang on more swings}.

{we tuckered out G}.

{& tooks naps}.

{& saw pretty things}.

we also saw date night.
{didn't love it, didn't hate it}.
lots of eating out.
spent mother's day with my beautiful mother.
watched LOST of course.
{we're on season 5}.

we're already looking forward to next weekend.
it is jam-packed with activities,
but should be a lot of fun.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

G loves my flowers too.

thanks buddy.

.this video still gives me chills..

i'm so amazingly happy that i was there to witness the amazing sounds they created live.

& i just heard this song playing on 90210... taking me back to that barn full of magic once again.

i just want to relive that night over again.
instead i'll just be holding out for barnstormer 4.


ps. yes, i am actually watching 90210.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

so far today i have...

sanded, primed, & painted a possibly new
{read: old} coffee table.
potted 9 more pretties for the back deck.
watched last night's glee & parenthood.
fell in love with this bench:
{from lowes; spied on parenthood}.

i still need to...

paint another coat on the table.
re-install Quicken & pay bills.
clean the kitchen floor.
do the dishes.
put away laundry.
take G for a walk.
make new itunes playlists.
send out my resume.
get started on a diy project.
make dinner.

how is your wednesday??

happy cinco de mayo!
i think i will be making enchiladas tonight!


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

if there is one thing that you do today.
even if it's just one thing,
listen to this song.
you won't regret it.

"So tell me why we're talking when we dance so good
Now you tell me that you're on the mend
Sometimes I wonder how you don't go mad
When you're so beautiful..."


this weekend was a 
jam-packed full of fun one.
just the way i like it.

{we went to the farmer's market. & got a ton of goodies.}

{sent hollie off to her senior prom}.

{met up with most of my favorite ladies for dinner. but forgot to take a picture!}

{enjoyed the 3 lilac bushes that are currently filling up our backyard. & subsequently our house.}

{gave G a bath outside, his favorite.}

{packed up some coolers & a tent & headed out to the middle of nowhere for barnstormer III, a kick ass concert in the middle of nowhere.}

{an a m a z i n g night with andrew & stacey & other fellow barnstormers.}

{amazing tunes from pearly gate music & nathaniel rateliff.}

{and ra ra riot.}

{an amazing, amazing show. awesome photos here.}

{then rode the tractor pull back to our tent, dodging cow piles & emptying the coolers... well except for brian who did indeed fall in a cow pile.}

{we camped & we saw sunrises.}

{and sunsets.}

{spent an afternoon shopping for flowers.}
{& filled the front porch with potted flowers.}

{like these pretty things.}

{& calla lillies. & african daisies.}
{& wore my favorite fringe sandals as you can see.}

{& planted rose bushes in the backyard.}

{& tons of these pretty things.}

{we grilled out burgers with our fresh farmer's market asparagus.}

{visited nurseries looking for more flowers with my mom.}

{& fell in love with dahlias.}

(& saw pretty birds...}

{& pretty views along the way.}

{& came home with another trunk full of flowers.}
{of which i am potting & planting today.}

& we also
watched the godfather.
& went out to eat for really good italian.
& really good mexican.
watched lost.
played scene it.
took 2 hour naps. 

as you can see, i tried to take a lot of photos this weekend.
i have to fill my new hard drive up with my photos again
since i lost so many last week.
so far i'm liking what i am filling it up with.


ps. & if you get a chance to attend daytrotter's barnstorm tour next year.... you MUST do it.
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