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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

“They say we leave this world the way we came into it, naked & alone…
so if we do leave with nothing, what then is the measure of a life…
is it defined by the people we choose to love or
is life simply measured by our accomplishments…
and what if we fail, or are never truly loved…
what then… can we ever measure up…
or will the quiet desperation of a life gone wanting drive us mad?”

First off, wow. Last night's episode was insane. There has been a lot of speculation this morning because it was so out there. Definitely not like any other OTH episode before. But I think I like it. A LOT happened.....

It's always nice when the episode just starts and I'm already wiping the drool from my mouth. Ahhh......

These two are too cute for words. :) I knew that the Lindsey thing was going to come back around eventually though.. but after this conversation I was not liking where it was going...

I was glad to see Peyton there for Brooke again. She wants in, but Brooke just won't let her yet.

At least they gave us some Scott family love this episode. Too cute...

Well, here comes some more drool. He was so excited when he got there! I can't even tell you the sadness that I felt for Nathan last night.

I knew that Lucas and Lindsey needed some closure eventually. I wanted him to tell her that he was marrying Peyton. She did deserve that. And as much as I don't want to see anyone hurt, I fricking loved how he ended up having to tell her! I was going crazy right about here when they were talking about the Chicago date...

Yes it was sad and I kinda feel sorry for Lindsey. But Lucas and Peyton are meant to be and thats just the way it is! I'm glad that she sees that and doesn't want to stand in the way.
Everything with Peyton and her "dad" is really intriguing me. I'm not sure if I like it or not yet. I think it's totally appropriate for her real dad to be a musician though- go figure! I like that part, but why is he dancing around it...

Which brings us to... poor Haley/Jamie/Dan situation. Haley, being the great mom that she is, decides to let Jamie say goodbye to his grandpa, or so she thinks.... Crazy nanny Carrie strikes again.
I'm freaking out by this point! I was so glad that Jamie is as smart as he is though and doesn't let her in!

Go Jamie. Go!!!!

So Haley is knocked out. Dan is drugged and partially tied to the bed {Haley got some of them off!} and Jamie is running in the cornfield {which hurts by the way!- spoken by a true Iowan} from crazy nanny Carrie.

Thank God Haley somehow wakes up and gets to him!!!!!!!

But they're still in trouble. Poor Nathan who just had his dreams shattered calls home to find out what's going on- not knowing what they are in the middle of.
And I really loved this cute little touch. Too cute!

So now Haley and Jamie are RUNNING to get out of the cornfield away from Carrie!!! And out of nowhere comes.... DEB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!! She hammered Carrie's face with '59 bottle of Dom!! I fricken love it! I honestly don't think I have ever screamed so much in my life!

I love her even more for knowing in her gut that something was wrong and coming to their rescue.

Here's where it gets completely insane..... They think she's down for the count, but of course she's not and catches them by surprise....

And then comes DAN to the rescue! I knew that Dan had to be in there somewhere!

He got out thanks to the Haley untying him and shoots her with the gun he spied earlier....

Now she's gone. Right? Nope. She makes one more final appearance before Dan shoots her in the head. Traumatic to say the least!!!!

It might have been a little over the top, but it was still perfect. I thought that it worked. I really didn't feel like I was watching OTH because it was so intense! Of course the hubby thought it was awesome. :)

So back to everyone else... I am very excited about "The Comet." And I'm glad that everything is cleared up with Lindsey and she's out of the picture for good. And how nice was it to hear him say.. "My wedding, it's Peyton." Big smiles!

I'm so excited that Millie is back! YAY. {Does this mean Mouth is back too???} Brooke really needs her right now...
And I knew that something more was up with Samantha. I'm glad that we finally know she is homeless. So sad.

I think that Brooke will take her under her wing. Samantha needs a home and a family. And Brooke has a home and wants a family.
Speaking of family... I felt so bad for Peyton. I can't believe that her "dad" didn't show up for her. And it just sucked so much worse that Lucas wasn't there either. She was all alone.

Oh and....Sorry. I had to post another one of Nathan. He was looking H-O-T last night. :)

All in all, I thought it was a great episode filled with tons of excitement. I am glad that we know what happened with Carrie and that it didn't leave us hanging for 2 weeks! It sucks that Nathan was gone though... thank God Deb and Dan came to the rescue! Geez, that was awesome seeing those two work together to save Haley and Jamie.

Ahhh... I can't WAIT for the next episode. Sadly, we have to wait two weeks. Bummer! But it looks really good!

{All images via treehillfan.}

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I’m taking a queue from Kristen Jo and this post over at Simple Lovely and here is my list of things I want to accomplish this October:

01. Buy wedding presents for several upcoming weddings.
02. Sort through and organize clothes- Goodwill vs ebay shop.
03. Go to the pumpkin patch outside of town.
04. And take lots of pictures.
05. Get a copy of Jem’s new cd.
06. Make a pie.
07. Go thrift store shopping.
08. Deep clean our house.
09. Hang new curtains in the living room.
10. Host a candle party.
11. And buy yummy, new fall scents.
12. Take my sister trick-or-treating.
13. Get my ebay shop up and running.
14. Find a dresser/chest for our bedroom.
15. Most likely need to refinish said dresser.
16. Get caught up on my reading.
17. Go to the farmer’s market.
18. See Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist at the theatre.
19. And download the soundtrack.
20. Make my uncle’s homemade lasagna.
21. Order our Vikings tickets.
22. Start my Christmas gift-giving list.
23. Go on a date with my husband.
24. Get pictures of G in his Halloween costume.
25. This one’s a secret.

{image via bliss.}

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Monday, September 29, 2008

I am so emotional today and I don't know why. I just feel sad and like it my job doesn't make a difference anyway, so what's the point. I figured it's just because it's Monday and it's rainy and I want to be at home. But I just can't shake it. Brian just called me and I started crying just from hearing his voice. Ugh. Make it stop! I hate it when I feel like I can't control how I feel.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. :-/

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ode to the weekend.

01. My parents headed out of town this weekend, so Brian and I were left on parent-duty as my two younger sisters stayed with us. Hollie is 16 and Kirby is almost 11 so they pretty much take care of themselves…. The fighting however, is another story.
02. Friday night Brian, Aaron & Andrew headed to Iowa City to catch Saturday’s Iowa game- so we had a girl’s night!! Whoo hooo. It was fabulous and much needed. We ordered p-zones, drank lots of wine and watched the Grey’s 2-hour premiere, Sex and the City movie {amazing!} and What Happens In Vegas. It was a very successful girls night and another one will be coming soon.
03. So on Saturday, after we finished watching Iowa lose {bummer} my sisters and I ran some errands while the boys were on their way home. First we hit up Old Navy because I decided to return my jacket from the other week. I decided that I had enough jackets and would much rather have one of the pretty dresses that I wanted. We were in for quite the treat when we headed to checkout and were given 40% off of our purchase!! That’s right. I said 40%!!! Why am I not more of a weekend shopper? I walked out with all of these amazing items for a mere $38 after my return. Whoo hoo! Plus, I also got a Halloween costume for G and a cute water bottle! Amazing deals. I'm so happy with my purchases, but I'm left still wanting this and this. Too bad the only shopping in my future is thrifting. :)

04. Then we got some much-deserved Starbucks and headed to the library. Our favorite place to go together. We hung out there for a while and checked out with five bluray movies and seven books.
05. We returned home late Saturday afternoon, just as the boys returned. :) We got the girls some dinner and settled with their movies and books and headed out for a Mexican dinner with the gang.
06. Then we headed to a our favorite bar up the street and planted ourselves for the evening. The boys didn’t do much drinking since they had partied the night before {they are old ;)} so it was once again a ladies night! Only this time they were there to take care of us. Haha.

07. Got home late and headed to bed. Woke up the next morning feeling like CRAP. I really had drank that much so I wasn’t sure why I was feeling so bad, but my head was throbbing beyond belief. Brian put in One Tree Hill’s first season {ahh the memories…} in dvd in the player, brought me some toast, and left me to rest. He sure knows the way to my heart. :)
08. I stayed in bed all day long. No literally, all day. I watched the entire first season!!! My headache was just insane. I could barely even get up to go to the bathroom because it hurt that bad. Finally around 6:30 Sunday night I had some relief. It was still there, but much more livable. I could actually move around. So we ordered some pizza just in time to watch Desperate Housewives & Brothers & Sisters premiere.

I was pretty bummed that I missed out on our Sunday… pretty much my favorite time of the week. While it would have been nice to enjoy an entire day of bed and One Tree Hill- I really didn’t get to enjoy it since I was in pain. Bummer. And now I have nothing done around the house that I needed to, but hopefully the hubs and I can play catch-up tonight. All in all, it was a great weekend. It just once again flew by and that just stinks.

Did I mention how hard it was to get out of bed this morning? I could hear the rain hitting the porch, and the crisp, cool air blowing through the window. Ugh. I have a case of the Mondays today. Someone please make it better for me? Thank you. On the upside, I cannot WAIT for tonight’s One Tree Hill.

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i just.... couldn't wait.

Friday, September 26, 2008

There was so much about last night's Office that I loved. But of course, one particular moment still had me smiling {read:screaming} still this morning....

AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Remember yesterday when I said I hope I wasn't disappointed with the episode??? Well Jim and Pam was exactly what I was referring to and I have to say that I am obviously NOT disappointed. It was so PERFECT. I was completely not expecting it and I think that I screamed so loud G's ears might be permanantly damaged. :) YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pam Beesly: [yelling over the rain] Hey! This is not halfway! I did that math, I had to drive way longer than you. Montclair would've been closer so you have to buy lunch.
[Jim gets down on one knee]
Pam Beesly: What are you doing?
Jim Halpert: I just... couldn't wait.
Pam Beesly: Oh my God.
Jim Halpert: Pam, will you marry me?
Pam Beesly: Oh my God.
Jim Halpert: So?
Pam Beesly: [nodding head] Yes.

There were so many other amazing moments too. A couple of my favorites:

Phyllis: I wonder what people like about me... [pause] Probably my jugs.

Jim Halpert: I can't believe I'm saying this but Michael is actually killing it with Holly. And I think I know why. It's because Holly is kind of a major dork.

Best. Show. Ever.

{image via nbc.}

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

This baby has been floating around courtesy of bryn. Here goes....

Your hair? down.
Your mother? amazing.
Your father? silly.
Your favorite thing? family.
Your dream last night? weird.
Your dream/goal? happiness.
Your favorite drink? beer.
The room you're in? office.
Your ex? unknown.
Your hobby? reading.
Your fear? death.
Where do you want to be in 6 years? mother.
Where were you last night? couch.
What you're not? boring.
Muffins? blueberry.
One of your wish list items? Edge.
Time? afternoon.
Where you grew up? here.
The last thing you did? e-mail.
Favorite weather? fall.
What are you wearing? clothes.
Your favorite book? steinbeck.
Your TV? off.
Your pet? lover.
Your computer? dell.
Your mood? tired.
Missing someone? always.
Your car? garage.
Something you're not wearing? socks.
Favorite store? expensive.
Love someone? completely.
Your favorite color/shade? blue.
Last thing you ate? goldfish.
Your life? amazing.
Your friends? fabulous.
What are you thinking right now? husband.
What are you doing at this moment? online.
Your summer: fun.
Your relationship status: married.
What do you do when you can't sleep? think.
When is the last time you laughed? today.
Last time you cried? yesterday.

{photo by yours truly. fort myers beach 08.}

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that's what she said.

I am beyond pumped for the new season of The Office to start up tonight! Whoo hooo!!! I'm not ashamed to admit that this show has quickly become one of my largest obsessions. I find myself using lines from the show in my day-to-day life only to find curious glances shot my way by my colleagues. Although sometimes the occasional Office fan will pop out and bust a gut right there with me- so it's worth it. :)

Oh, how I've missed you....

Drool. {KG, it's safe to say that you and I obsess over the same photo on a daily basis.}

Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

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dresses galore.

So last night, I met up with my one and only Jennifer and the rest of her bridal crew to look at dresses for her big day! Yay. It was such a blast and she looked absolutely gorgeous in literally every dress she tried on. I am thrilled to report and that she found the one, with all of us in tow, and ordered it last night. :) I have to say that she made an excellent choice! I can honestly say that it a dress I would pick out for her without shopping at all. It suits her so well.

AND, we also picked out and ordered all of the bridesmaid dresses! YAY. I'm telling you- it was a very productive night. The dresses for us lovelies are absolutely stunning. I am very excited to wear it.

It is identical to the dress pictured above, except ours are in a gorgeous taupe color with an ivory sash. I couldn't find any good photos of the back, but it is even more stunning. I am very excited for all of the dresses to come in and even more excited for the big day. I can't imagine anyone who deserves it more than they do. :)

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Last week for vacation all of us girls brought several books for beach reading. One of the ones that Kathy had brought with was "sTORI TELLING" by Tori Spelling. I have never really been a fan of Tori Spelling- I guess I never even really thought of her outside of the 90210 realm, but I had seen snippits of her show Tori & Dean: Inn Love and enjoyed it. So I started out just reading the first chapter to get a feel for it and I really liked what I read. I ended up finishing the whole book!

It was many things... interesting, heartbreaking, romantic, sad, happy, and real. You could just tell that she was writing from her heart and she had a very eventful life to talk about. I highly recommend checking it out. And how adorable is her little family?

I know that they now have another baby, Stella, but I couldn't find any recent pictures. I would love to check out their latest reality series that just aired last year now. Maybe I will Netflix it. :)

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