Thursday, May 15, 2008

01. I headed to Target last night after work to pick up a few necessities {of course that's not all I ever walk out with.} I was thrilled to spot this ottoman on sale for $64! Woot woot! It's exactly what we need and it looks great sitting at the food of our bed. Did I mention I can fit tons of clothes in it. :)

02. I also strolled out with this little number for a penny-pinching $20. I am sporting it today and feeling mighty classy {the pockets are so my style.}

03. Did I mention yet that Fantasia's performance on Idol scared me half to death last night?? Yeah well, it did! What the heck that was I will never know, but Simon's facial expression said it all {too bad I can't find a still.} I am psyched to see David vs. David in the finals though. I love both of them, but am decidedly Team Archuletta!

04. And I am currently addicted to vitamin water. Particularly flavors defense and xxx. Mmmmm.... I downed three bottles yesterday, whoops!

I am glad that today is Thursday however. One day closer to Friday.

Currently listening to :: Into Dust by Mazzy Star.


leah @maritalbless said...

I absolutely love that Target dress! I remember when they were testing it, I knew it'd be a crowd pleaser! I'm sure you're looking sassy!