Friday, May 2, 2008

I am so excited that today is Friday. SO excited! We have a few things to do this weekend, but not too much planned- which we are really looking forward to. Tonight I have girls night- we are doing dinner and a movie, seeing Made of Honor which looks really cute! And who doesn't want two McDreamy fixes in one week?! I hope the movie isn't too predictable though, it kind of looks like it might be- I will be sure to give you a review sometime this weekend.

For Saturday we are MAJORLY cleaning the house. We have had so many germs floating around in our house this past week and I want them all out! I hope that the weather is nice so I can open all the windows, lysol the heck out of everything and wash all the sheets, etc. etc. Sounds like fun I'm sure, but I am actually looking forward to getting that all done. And hopefully I can also finish painting the desk that I started painting last week, but has been sitting there since I ended up sick. Blah. Saturday night we have a dinner to go to with my team at work and their spouses. Should be quite nice- really nice meal and drinks at a nice restaurant on the company, so you can't beat that!

And I'm hoping that we will have gotten all cleaning done on Saturday so that we can just veg out on Sunday and watch movies. I have yet to watch 27 Dresses that I bought on Tuesday and we have Gone Baby Gone and The Savages coming from Netflix tomorrow too. I hope they are good.

AND we are bringing the Ford Edge home today to test drive over the weekend! Yippie!! I am super excited about this and hope that it's performance will live up to my expectations. I will definitely keep you posted! And even though you have already seen it, I have to post another picture of my "potential-baby"...

By the way, Grey's last night?? I thoroughly enjoyed it! I thought it was much better than last week. The elevator scene was priceless. Meredith and Addison's faces were great, but when McSteamy walked in and made the crack about the stairs, I was dying. And I really enjoyed having Addison back this week- it was a nice treat and probably the first time that I actually liked her. I've really begun to like her over at Private Practice. Kinda cool how they are tying them together. And I liked how she interacted with Meredith and told her to man up!

I feel so sorry for Bailey- I don't even know what to say about that. I can't believe that "Ava" is not pregnant, there will be a twist in there somewhere. But I was really glad to see Alex come around at the end- it was so sweet. And the whole Callie/Haun/Lesbian thing is a riot! I actually like the storyline. It was hilarious when she got up and danced with McSteamy, I like those two together. And the George & Izzie situation was okay. I wasn't too enthused, but it was alright. I would like to see them connecting more- I mean they did break up a marriage to be together you remember. Here's to hoping next week is just as good!

Oh, and to make this Friday even more enjoyable- our $1200 of stimulus money just posted to our account. Whoo Hoo! We are just paying stuff off with it, so it's really not that exciting, but nonetheless. The fact that this debt will be paid off is enabling us to buy a new vehicle, so I'm down with that!

Enjoy your weekend!!

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Kristy said...

"Gone Baby Gone" is good, but pretty depressing!

Is it sad that I'm actually jealous you're going to get to clean your house this weekend??