Thursday, May 8, 2008

There are so many sites floating around that claim to be the best at showing tv shows, movies, etc. in good quality. I have never found one that truly held up their end of the bargain, let alone had the majority of the shows I was looking for. Until now. I just discovered this site this morning thanks to Erin at C'est Jolie.

Now I can watch the newest OTH episodes from virtually anywhere. This makes me very happy.

Did I mention that most of the shows are loaded on the site the morning after they air?? Yes people, I'm serious. No more worries if your dvr fails you!

Currently listening to :: In Loving Memory by Jamestown Story.


Living the Happily Ever After said...

Flipping awesome!

Abby said...

Chelsea, how the heck have ya been? How's Iowa, warm yet? Can't wait to move back to the frozen tundra! hehe. Anyway, I have a new blog instead of the just the wedding one, detailing all of the not so exciting details in out lives.