what does lalu bean mean?
"lalu" is a phrase that my baby sister coined around 15 years ago. she was one and just learning to talk, so instead of a clear "i love you" we got a lot of  "lalu"s and it just sort of stuck. it is engraved into our wedding rings, tattooed onto my wrist and the salutation on any and all emails, texts and phone conversations with our family. "bean" which is short for beano, chellybean, etc has been my nickname since forever. and so, "lalu bean" is actually "i love you, from chelsea" but sweeter and bit more mysterious.

is lorelai named after the gilmore girls?
no, but that is where we first heard the name lorelai. years and years ago before a baby was on our radar, we both fell in love with the name lorelai. brian and I both love very old fashioned names and we talked about "lorelai" for years before there was a lorelai. once we were pregnant, we debated between many other names, but always came back to lorelai. and no, we are not styx fans either.

do you want more children?
yes! we both would be happy with a whole house full of littles.

how did you deal with your infertility?
this is a hard one, because there is no answer. I struggled, a lot. with the support of friends and family, and honestly so many people from the internet world as well, I took it day by day. with the support of my husband and strength of our marriage. with my trust in God and His plan for our family. but it was not easy, and negative feelings pushed their way out a lot. you can read more about that here.

how did you and your husband meet?
brian and I were high school sweethearts and started dating at the ripe old age of fifteen. oddly enough, we did not go to the same high school, but were introduced by mutual friends. I knew that I wanted him to be my husband the minute I met him and am very lucky to be so madly in love after seven years of marriage.

what kind of camera do you use?
I shoot with a canon eos digital rebel xsi for all professional photos. majority of my photos are from my iphone these days. I also love to shoot with several polaroid cameras and my father's old canon ae-1 film 35mm.

what do you edit your photos with?
I use adobe photoshop lightroom 5 and vsco cam for all editing.

can I hire you to take photos?
maybe. I love taking photos for friends and family as it is truly my passion in life. however, as a full-time working mother, my time is precious to me. I am very open to all photography requests, but please do not be offended if it doesn't fit into my schedule at that time. my family is always my first priority. how amazing it would be for photography to be my full-time job! someday?

can you share some photography tips?
my best photography tip is light light light light light. I only shoot in natural light if I can help it and would never entertain the thought of purchasing a home that did not get a lot of light. natural light is everything. don't use your flash.