Thursday, May 8, 2008

We are thrilled. The hubby and I have never truly experienced the process of buying a nice vehicle. Up until this point we have only had cars to get us by. We are finally in the process of buying a really nice vehicle for our family. I'm ecstatic. What's even more exciting, we know what vehicle we want! We have been debating over a car or an SUV for sometime now, with pros and cons for each. The perfect solution for us is a crossover, which is just what it sounds like, a crossover between cars and SUVs= good gas mileage, AWD, more storage, perfect! The one that we love, love, love is the new Ford Edge. I'm sure that you have seen some previous posts from me about the one that we test drove all last weekend. This vehicle is perfect for us. {Insert dilemma here.}

We have found a 2007 one already that is black, AWD, etc. etc. It's great. However, the 2008 Edge's are known for their Vistaroof. I'm sure you've seen the commerical, Band of Horses oooohhing in the background and the girl doesn't want to get out of the backseat. {I of course love this commercial.} Here goes:

My current car does have a sunroof that I use regularly, and the vistaroof is obviously amazing. We just can't decide if we should get the one that we can afford now, or if we should wait a bit longer, save up some more $$ and get a new 2008 with all the bells and whistles, including the vistaroof. Yes I know, what a problem to have. But I truly can't decide if I am just being a baby and I don't NEED all the vistaroof, etc. or if it truly is worth it to wait a while and get a nicer vehicle. Anyway, I need your opinions. What do you think???

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Joi said...

my take on it...get what you really want and in the end you'll be much happier. it's no fun to say "i wish we would've got that super cool vista roof!" i'm the same way, i jumped on a good deal( b/c i was so excited to get a new car!), but wish i would've held out to get my SUV with a sun roof!

good luck with your decision and i ♥ the ford edge! nice choice!