long week wrap-up.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Here are some highlights from this long-ass week:

01. David Archuletta singing Billy Joel’s “And So It Goes” was amazing. This song means so much to me and my Dad has actually said that he wants it played at this funeral. I was bawling like a baby during this performance.

02. We got a check from our mortgage company for four hundred buckaroos. Apparently we had too much money in escrow. Hey, I’ll take it. Oh and they lowered our payments $20/month so this doesn’t happen again. That was a nice piece of mail to open!

03. I want these.

04. And lots of stuff from here, especially this.

05. BJG’s early song release called for a happy hump day.

06. Burberry Summer is calling my name. YUM.

07. OTH Blog is keeping me sane until the finale with their amazing updates. It looks so good!!!!

08. With Spring flowers popping up everywhere, especially our backyard, it has me thinking of my wedding bouquet and how much I loved it. I wish that I could have kept it fresh forever.

09. We finally broke out our George Foreman last night. It was a wedding gift from September!! And we LOVE it. The burgers were truly incredible. I can’t wait to make something else this weekend. This is my first Foreman, so share your favorite dishes with me!

10. And the best part, I am now officially on vacation!!!!!!!! Whoo Hoo!!!

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Anonymous said...

#2 - the EXACT same thing happened to us last month!! Who doesn't love getting money back?

Abby said...

I love those dishes!!