Friday, May 30, 2008

puffy heart friday.

Enjoy the randomness that consumes my Friday this rainy day...

01. I adore the wall color of this nursery. Any help on the exact shade and I will love you forever. {spotted from Domino.}

02. I cannot wait to see the Sex and the City movie tonight. Go…
Thursday, May 29, 2008

second installment.

Life, as I know it.

26. Walking to the hospital with my dad after my mom gave birth to my sister. It was an ice storm so we had to walk and my dad made me wear a backpack filled with blankets in case I fell.
27. The night of our rehearsal dinner…

just us.

Isn't is such a treat when someone gives you a birthday or graduation present long after the event has passed?! Such a surprise; I always loved that feeling. Well this isn't exactly the same, but close; soon be receiving one of our wedding g…

here we come.

Luckily our geographical position scheduled for this weekend has enabled us to make a handy-dandy stop at the lovely ikea. There are quite a few things I want to check out....

I have been eyeing the trollsta cabinet for quite some time now, but it is…
Wednesday, May 28, 2008
Don't waste time karate-chopping pillows. If your cushions look perfect, you're probably not taking enough naps. -- Katy McColl {O At Home Magazine}

Thanks Holly.

Life, as I know it.

I loved when Mighty Girl listed her 100 things worth doing awhile ago and I wanted to take a trip down memory lane myself. So I present to you, in no particular order-
100 scenes I hope pop up as my life flashes before my eyes. Numbers 1-25:

01. The s…
Tuesday, May 27, 2008

may days.

So of course the one week so far this year that I decide to escape the complexities of my everyday life and take a vacation, there is a ton of stuff going on in the real world! But I sure didn’t let that stop me from relaxing in the sun ALL day long…
Monday, May 26, 2008

we're back.

Ooops, that's right- you didn't know we left did ya?! We spent the past week in a cabin on a lake with Andrew and Stacey and it was amazing. We spent our days basking in the sun at the beach, reading, fishing, eating, hot tubbing, and workin…
Friday, May 16, 2008

long week wrap-up.

Here are some highlights from this long-ass week:

01. David Archuletta singing Billy Joel’s “And So It Goes” was amazing. This song means so much to me and my Dad has actually said that he wants it played at this funeral. I was bawling like a baby du…

a heartfelt congrats.

One my best friends in the entire world just got engaged last night!!!! Brianna {Bri Bri} and Travis, we are so unbelievably over-the-moon, happy for you. You are both so very special to us and we cannot wait to share your special day with you. CO…

great space.

I have been so inspired by amazing spaces lately. Take a look at some of my favorites below...

Via Rearranged Design:

Via Sanctuary:

Via The Happy Haven:

Via The World According to Jessica Claire:

Via Desire to Inspire:

Via Greenery & Tea:

Via Material…
Thursday, May 15, 2008


{spied via Design for Mankind.}


01. I headed to Target last night after work to pick up a few necessities {of course that's not all I ever walk out with.} I was thrilled to spot this ottoman on sale for $64! Wootwoot! It's exactly what we need and it looks great sitting at…

luxe deluxe.

Etsy spotlight: Luxe Deluxe! This etsy shop is chock-full of amazing jewelry. I want tons of pieces. Take a look at some of my favorites...


Currently listening to :: California by Rogue Wave.
Wednesday, May 14, 2008

eight things.

8 Things I'm Passionate About:
01. Music.
02. Family.
03. Friends.
04. Being outside.
05. Traveling.
06. Good food.
07. My dog.
08. Movies & TV {especially OTH.}

8 Things I Want to Do Before I Die:
01. Get a tattoo.
02. Have children.
03. Trav…

feel this.

I can't believe it. I thought that I had to wait a whole week to hear Bethany Joy's new songs, but much to my dismay BJNet has posted the full length version of "Feel This." It is absolutely beautiful. I am praying that the CW will…
Tuesday, May 13, 2008

time flies.

Exactly two years ago today Brian proposed to me. Can you believe it? I truly can't believe that it was that long ago. We had just arrived to Fort Myers Beach for vacation. We left the day after I took my last final as a college junior. The afte…

your new twin sized bed.

Today is a big day. The day I have waited for and you have heard me talk about for months. Death Cab’s new album Narrow Stairs came out today. I swung by Tar-Jay on my way to work to pick up my copy. I have probably listened to it roughly 4 times no…

hate is safer than love.

Wow. There was so much happening last night! I can’t believe everything that happened, and the promo, OMG. Here goes….Everything with Jamie puts a smile on my face. He is an incredible actor at such a young age. His face after he found the card in t…