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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

So of course the one week so far this year that I decide to escape the complexities of my everyday life and take a vacation, there is a ton of stuff going on in the real world! But I sure didn’t let that stop me from relaxing in the sun ALL day long for a week straight. You know you’re jealous. In any event, I was pretty devastated when I realized that the satellite in our cabin did not get the CW, therefore no One Tree Hill finale for me. It sucked for me on Monday night when I was there, knowing that it was on- but I was able to let it slide and enjoy the week. But boy oh boy, I raced to our tivo when we got back home. And it was worth the wait……

Let’s start with the opening montage from What Comes After The Blues… I loved it! It was very confusing at first, but I almost loved it that way. Jamie singing with Gavin DeGraw, the water balloons falling on everyone, and of course the Lucas drinking shots- dog included. I loved it. It totally captured the randomness of where everyone was at.

Moving on… I hated that Lindsey was back in the episode, but hoping it’s her last appearance. Think what you will… but I do not see Lucas going back to her anymore. Too much happened with Peyton and Lucas in the episode that he could never go back to Lindsey. I loved everything about Leyton last week. Their conversation was real and heartfelt and amazing. Her art on the rivercourt had me bawling. Their chemistry is just so incredible- you can sense it. I also love Brooke and Lucas’ newfound friendship- but that’s just what it is, a friendship. I know in my heart that Lucas is calling Peyton in the finale. I just pray that they really do end up going to Vegas and getting married- I would absolutely love that.

It was also very sad to see Angie go, but I think that Brooke has grown a lot from this experience.Nathan and Jamie were amazing as well. I loved how they faced their fears together. The pool scene was my absolute favorite moment of the night-- seeing Jamie jump in and then Nathan and Haley after him in full out clothes, I loved it. But seeing Nathan in the gym was pretty incredible too. It’s about time! LOVE IT.

And of course, Dan. I thought that this storyline was done very well. Showing his good versus evil sides with almost killing the reverend and then ultimately choosing not to and helping the senior citizens outside the hospital. Very well played. And very ironic and touching when his heart beeper starting going immediately after. I am thinking that he will still get the heart and live on, but I could be totally wrong.

Did I mention Jamie's mohawk?

Jamie: It’s kinda like he has a tail. Just on his head.

And last, but definitely no where near least- hearing Joy’s song on the closing montage. Phenomenal. Her voice is truly amazing and I LOVE the song. Go download it here people… not only has it gained the Top Sellers position on the indie front at CD Baby, but it has climbed to #16 on the entire Rock Charts on iTunes! Unbelievable!!!

Quite the cliffhangers, but I was expecting it. I just can’t wait for the new season already!!!! Or at least give me the boxset release so that I can watch the season all over again. I don’t what I’m going to do with my Monday nights now.

On a side note, the music was incredible in the finale as well, besides BJG of course. Be sure to check out the likes of Amy Kuney and Gabe Dixon band among others. Find a full list at the CW.

Lucas’s dedication: …to all those lost souls who have forgotten to believe in the immensity of love.

On with the list...

The Idol finale. We did watch this at the cabin and it was very interesting how it went down. I loved both David’s, but ultimately was wishing for Archuletta to win. I think that he could have used Idol’s guidance more than Cook and that they would both be successful no matter the results. Brian, Stacey and I were all sure that Archuletta was going to win it. Andrew however, who never watched this season, liked Cook better from what he saw on their finale performances. Decidedly Brian bet Andrew that Archuletta would win, otherwise he would go jump in the lake. {Keep in mind it was 10 at night and the water was freezing.} Of course you know how it ended- so there we went to the dock to watch Brian freeze his arse off. Things became really interesting though when Brian decided to push Andrew in first. HaHa. It was pretty darn funny for Stacey and I watching. J In any event, I am happy for Cook, although my heart broke for Archuletta a bit. I would love to see them both successful. My favorite thing of the night though--- the Guitar Hero commercials with both David’s in their underwear! I can’t decide which one I liked better! HILARIOUS.

Here is the hubby and I at the lake:

And here is where we spent most of our time:

I also read Love The One You're With by Emily Giffin last week. There is nothing I love more than basking in the sun on the beach reading a good book. Stacey and I also enjoyed taking the paddle boat out on the lake and drifting away while reading- there is nothing like it. The book was good-- but I didn't quite live up to her first three novels. But still worth reading, very cute.

Not to make this post almost entirely about television, but I also watched the Grey's finale when we got home. I thought that it was SO well done and really enjoyed it!! Of course I am extremely glad that Meredith finally overcame everything with her mother and is able to be with Dereck. The ending scene with them was SO sweet. I feel SO bad for Alex and was loving the scenes with him and Izzie. So full of hurt and love, but just so inspired and raw. I don't even know what to think about Callie and Haun... we will see what comes of that, but I like the storyline. I think it suits Callie. George and Lexi are kind of perfect for each other.. they would make a couple I think. The whole Christina/Chief/Haun situation was neat too... that conversation needed to happen. Needless to say, if Meredith and Dereck break up one more time, I'm done! HaHa. But I think they are in it for the long haul now. All smiles here.

So, after returning home and catching up on all the finales, we spent most of the weekend with Guinness. He was pretty mad at us when we got home, but is finally starting to come around. I think he just wanted us to know that he didn't like it one bit. Ha Ha. He stayed at my mom & dad's house while we were gone, and when we went over there yesterday to grill out he was happy as a clam with them! Trying to break my heart- that little stinker. :) So our vacation was great, we are trying to get back into the daily grind of things again... let me tell you- it isn't easy. Oh I wish I were here again.......

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WOW! What a beautiful lake. Looks like a great time!