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Sunday, January 30, 2011

I know that I have blogged about Bethany Joy Galeotti many times before, but I can't help myself. She is A M A Z I N G. She is inspiring and true and witty and honest and full of love. I am so in awe of her and inspired by her... she makes me want to be a better person. And there are not a lot of people that I can say that about. Her blog is chock-full of amazing, heartfelt and sincere stories, issues and thoughts on today's world. Every time she updates I find a new appreciation for something in life. I hope that you will take the time to check out her blog, even if you don't know her as an actress/singer. I promise you that you won't regret it. Her latest post is entitled "Sweetheart, close your legs." If that doesn't make you want to read it, I don't know what will. It is about class. And women with class. And the lack thereof in today's society.

With that, I just want to share a reading that Joy posted on her blog recently...

A Woman Of Strength
(author unknown)

A strong woman works out everyday to keep her body in shape...
But a woman of strength builds relationships to keep her soul in shape.

A strong woman isn't afraid of anything...
But a woman of strength shows courage in the midst of fear.

A strong woman won't let anyone get the better of her...
But a woman of strength gives the best of herself to everyone.

A strong woman makes mistakes and avoids the same in the future...
A woman of strength realizes life's mistakes can also be unexpected blessings, and capitalizes on them.

A strong woman wears a look of confidence on her face...
But a woman of strength wears grace.

A strong woman has faith that she is strong enough for the journey...
But a woman of strength has faith that it is in the journey that she will become strong. 

I have looked to this reading so many times after first reading it. It really makes it easier to determine the right thing to do in a tough situation.

Happy reading.


Sunday song:

Because it is awesome and also because it was in

Random thoughts on Clueless.... 
+ this is my favorite Cher outfit.
+ I still wish I had a computer program to organize my wardrobe like Cher's.
+ It is perfectly acceptable to say as if in your everyday life.
+ Paul Rudd, I love you.

Not sure how all of this worked its way into my Radiohead post, but I digress.

(From here.)

confession of my love for hobo bags

I love everything about the movie It's Complicated.... the story, the cast, the house, the food, the characters, the music, the garden, the clothing... honestly, just everything.

Not so long after seeing the movie for the first time (I have since seen it over 5 times at least) I spotted a bag at American Eagle that reminded me of the one Meryl Streep sports in the movie. Same style and colors, just a different pattern. I scooped it up then and am always reminded of the magic of this film when I carry it. Unfortunately I have never been able to find it on AE's web site and my store doesn't carry them anymore either.. I'm so glad that I got it when I did.

So yea... this post doesn't really have a point. Other than to make you aware of my love for really good dramatic comedies and hobo bags. Which, let's face it, are both very important.

(photo from here.)

Glass Pear.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Not only is this song beautiful.
It was the CODA, featured on One Tree Hill this week.
AND the band is that of the wonderful and amazing Jem's brother!
Oh the joy of talented siblings.



what my mornings look like:

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

And a whole lot of trying to get ready for work in the middle area, but mostly just jamming out. Arcade Fire's station is my favorite, what's yours??

You might have seen my tweets about the green monster this week as I've decided to give it a go. I am horrible about eating breakfast and this is a really easy, effective, and yummy way for me to get it in. Check out the recipe here. I highly recommend it.

Happy Wednesday all.


finally... tonight....

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Right now.


01. I am still frustrated, but handling it better.
02. Which means I’m not freaking out and throwing things and crying as much.
03. The weeks go by so fast now… I honestly can’t even tell you how fast.
04. Regina’s Folding Chair came on my ipod today at work… that song reminds me of summer so much.
05. I miss Florida.
06. Jasmine’s wedding flowers made the most beautiful boquets I have ever seen. Ever.
07. I’ve searched for ranunculus to plant in the fall for years and have never had any luck. This year I will find it.
08. I’m still learning a lot of new tasks and processes at work. Still really liking it. I think I am really going to like this job.
09. Tonight is the first night in a long while that we don’t have anything going on. I am so absolutely estatic to make some dinner, stay in and catch up with our dvr. All. Night. Long.
10. Friday’s have a very new appreciation in my life.
11. My BB is getting worse, and worse, and worse. And it is pissing me off more and more and more.
12. I still have yet to decide what to do about our cell carriers/phones. At this time the plans and phones will both be around the same amount of money… I just wish there was more of a difference there to make my decision for me.
13. We are working on everything that we can to cut some corners in our budget… I would love some suggestions if you have any. Currently I am canceling our home phone (we never use it), canceling our SHO & HBO for now (when True Blood/Weeds is on we will probably renew for the duration of their respective seasons), trying very very hard to get a good interest rate loan to consolidate (no dice here), so next step is to call creditors and try to get some interest rates lowered. If anyone has any experience/advice in this arena I could sure use it.
14. The Genius feature on my iPod makes me as happy as a kid at the zoo.
15. A couple photos from my new “home away from home”. Sorry for the quality…

16. Which brings me to… my camera is still broken. I think this might be affecting me more than I would like to admit. I’ve been using my film cameras a lot, but losing that instant gratification (minus the development costs) are really limiting me. For the first time ever I feel artistically depressed.
17. I really, really, really, really, really want a pair of Hunter boots before Spring. I have the above Polaroid Notes card hanging in my cubicle and it makes me happy every single day. I would also really like them in pink.
18. My list of to-do’s for this weekend is already off the charts… how do I possibly fit everything in?
19. The temperature was in the 20s today.... heat w a v e.
20. The snow isn’t bothering me yet. It is still pretty even when it tries to crash me into telephone poles.

That is all for now friends.



Monday, January 24, 2011

+ What was the last thing you made? What materials did you use? Is there something you want to make, but you need to clear some time for it?

The last thing that I made were two necklaces. One for each of my sisters for Christmas. I never had a chance to take a photo of them yet, but they are very similar to these ones I had previously made. I used a photo of the three of us for the center, a charm that I engraved with our words ‘lalu’, and a several charms including keys and birds. I think that they turned out very nicely and was glad that they were so instantly in love with them. I should probably make one for myself too, so that we all have matching. Kind of a current version of the infamous best friend necklaces that we all donned in grade school. I always liked them.

There are so many more ideas that I would like to ‘make’, but haven’t found the time to bring them to reality yet. Many, many projects involving my photographs, and several things for the house as well. Most recently I’ve been searching for headboard ideas. I want to make a headboard for our new bed (when we get it). I’ve seen several ideas, but nothing has hit the spot yet.. hopefully soon. Any suggestions for me? I will be making time for both of these projects very soon.

ever realized?

…that once you know you are getting something, or upgrading something, or replacing something, that something seems to all of the sudden not be good enough anymore? Instantly, as if overnight, all of the sudden this thing just drives you insane and you can’t live with it for another day. No? Just me?

We seem to be at a crossroads right now for several major things in our life. We are in the market for a new bed (WAY in the market). In fact, we have never purchased a new bed and are currently using a size full mattress that belonged to my grandmother circa 1960s I am sure. It’s pretty torturous. And we are finally in the market for a new one. KING SIZED. PILLOW TOP. Nothing fancy, but basically anything will be considered an upgrade for us right now. But ever since we started looking, every night we just get so pissed off that we have to go to sleep in our current crummy bed. It was fine for years and years and all of the sudden, now that we are going to replace it, we can’t stand it. (Even though I do love it because it was my grandmothers and will be keeping it in our guest room; you get what I’m saying). We can’t believe we have to sleep on it every. stinking. night.  Here’s to hoping that we find our new bed SOON.

Secondly, our phones. Cell phones, that is. Husband has needed a new phone for quite sometime now (he always ends up with my old ones). And while I ADORE my Blackberry, I made the mistake of trying to change it’s housing (read: color) and sort of royally jacked it up. It still works, but the buttons & scrollball are sticky (a major nusense for a regular BB user) and it currently looks like an oreo because I broke so many parts trying to put it back together. Basically my BB is like Humpty Dumpty.  However, all of this seems to conincide with three major events.. our contract at US Cellular is almost over, I was offered a discount off our monthly bill via my new employer if we switch to Verizon, and Verizon (dun dun dun) got the iPhone. So… we may or may not be switching to Verizon and scoring ourselves a couple of iPhones. This is HUGE for me because I love my Blackberry so, so, so very much. But since my current situation would mean purchasing the exact same phone (for the same price as the iPhone at Verizon) it just seems kind of silly. Stacey has the iPhone 4 and I “play” on hers quite regularly and really like it, so that is looming in my head convincing me that this will all be okay. But I just know how much I love my BB so it is a tad scary. But, BACK TO MY POINT, ever since this has become a possibility for us… my current Oreo-looking, buttons sticking, constantly freezing, scratched up BB has been driving me crazy. Every time I pick it up I just get pissy. Stupid, yes? Can I help it, no? Also I am still terrified to leave US Cellular because I love them so. But I told husband that we would be able to face time each other and now he really wants to switch. It doesn’t take a lot to make a man happy. I guess I should just be grateful that he wants to see my face that regularly. 
+ PS, I love you Kate. I’m glad that we are facing the same dilemma and I look forward to your decision -- reading the comments on your post make me want to stick with my Blackberry. Ahhhh!

And lastly, my keyboard at work. Now this part is going to sound snobby (as if the rest of this post already didn’t), but when I started my new job the keyboard in my cubicle was, well… crusty. No other word to describe it. I’m sure that no one even glanced at it, it was the one that was in here and no one really cared. But I almost didn’t even want to touch it because I could see the dust & dirt in between every key. Gross. I cleaned it out, but that did little, so I at least brought in my old one from home. Well this one also was pretty gross.. it had been sitting in our basement with our old desktop computer because we haven’t used it in like 3 years; but at least it was my filth in that keyboard. Regardless, I ordered a snazzy new wireless, clean keyboard on clearance from Dell and it is out for delivery today. But the second after I placed the order for it, I went out of my way to NOT have to use my current keyboard. Every stinking key I hit just pissed me off even more in anticipation of my new one on its merry little way (even though it’s likely that Dell hadn’t even received the order I was pissed off so instantly).

I sure hope that there are other people out there like me. I feel very snobby today. And my lonesome pack of old and tired yellow post-its in my bottom desk drawer would have to agree. Because ever since the pretty new pink ones landed on my desk, the old yellows have been seriously neglected.

Also, it should be noted that my moleskine could be my blog. Honestly. I carry it with me everyday to fill with everyday ramble and most of it ends up on the blog – just cleaner and more neatly organized. Maybe I’ll just start scanning in the pages…

perfect weekends.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

asiago cheese bagels. football games. chalkboard paint. late night grocery shopping. the last song. borders deliveries. hen den. drinking wine. sleeping in. morning newspapers. sunday morning donuts. the social network. romantic dates folding laundry. making sub sandwiches. really long showers. reading this. pizza delivery. sleepovers with my sister. talking with friends until 3 in the morning. watching cupcake wars. catching up with my dvr. being at home. letting my hair dry naturally.

(shoes I want.)

wonder. let go.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

reverb10 is keeping me grounded this year. I know what is important and even if we don't have all the money in the world, and sometimes struggle to get by, the important things of life are in my heart, and that will keep me afloat.

+ How did you cultivate a sense of wonder in your life last year? +

Wonder     – n –      one that arouses awe, astonishment, surprise, or admiration; a marvel

Well… quite honestly, I didn’t. As positive as I tried to be, the honest answer is that most of the time I just wasn’t. It took me a long time to get that place, but eventually I was. However, I wouldn’t say that it was radiating from me. I wasn’t cultivating anything, especially wonder.

 Although, another honest revelation, is that I don’t think I really knew wonder was something to be ‘cultivated’.  I certainly experienced many things full of wonder; things that were wonder (ful).
 Something else for me to work on in the new year.

+ What (or whom) did you let go of last year? Why? +

I let go of a version of myself this (read: last) year. So many things affected me and changed me and it took me a long time to be able to walk away with only the good parts of that. Referring to one of my favorite lyrics of all time, and that of which I constantly relate to my life…

Control yourself. Take only what you need from it.”

(Thanks MGMT). Very true; yet very hard to do. It may have taken me all year, but I think that I did it; or at least as much of it as I will ever be able to do. Some experiences and some people are just meant to be in your life for a short time. And even if it ends badly, you have to be able to accept that and take from it the good things. Moving on…. it’s not an easy concept. And you can’t rush it… and for me, it happens when I least expect it. And sometimes without even realized it until after the fact. I am happy with where I am at right now.


Today sucks; I have to tell you. It sucks. As grateful and as lucky as I know I am for my life, today just sucks. And I think I should be allowed to wallow in it if I want to for a day week. We are poor. Today. Today we are poor. No money in our bank account. In fact negative money in our bank account, which gives me such a warm and fuzzy. We owe people out the wazoo. No food in the fridge. It is so depressing that I can’t even tell you. I just cry. Even now… after making it through a YEAR of unemployment we are struggling. We’re both working full time, but it doesn’t matter. I just can’t get us out of this rut. And even though in a couple of days, the paychecks will come rolling in (minus overdraft charges) and things will be fine. It will only last for a little while. And we’ll be back here again.

I’ve done everything that I know to do and nothing seems to matter. I’m beginning to think this is what the rest of our lives will be like. Always struggling. Depressing. At this point I just really don’t see it changing. I don’t want to feel like this anymore.

And yes, again, I know.. we are lucky yadda yadda yadda. We both have jobs. We have a house. We have our health. And we have each other. I know that I am luckier than 99% of the rest of the population… I do know that. But it doesn’t change how I feel right now. In this moment. I feel defeated.

Oh and also my blogging style has obviously significantly changed. Apparently I no longer have an aptitude for any bullshit and am telling it how it is- good, bad or otherwise. Maybe I’ll be good at that….

Off I go to pout and cry and listen to The National and wallow in their lyrics.

(stacey's photo from everly, iowa)

things that make Monday's better-

Monday, January 17, 2011

+ Pretty plants in my cubicle.

+ My one tree hill playlist.
+ That first sip of coffee.
+ New How I Met Your Mother episodes.
+ Leftover mac & cheese.
+ Wearing pretty pink shirts.
+ Recalling how awesome my weekend was.
+ A huge box of goldfish crackers in my desk drawer.
+ Arcade Fire's Pandora station.
+ The excitement that a lot of snow brings.
+ Husband driving me to and from work.
+ Making homemade meatballs.

By the way...

+ Sliding and almost hitting a telephone pole.
+ Spending $300 at the vet.
+ Petty arguments.
.... make Monday's not so great. 

Luckily for me, the good outweighs the bad.

(old chum.)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I'm positive that this is my favorite youtube video ever. I can't get enough.
(thank you stacey for sending this to me).

Great weekend. Oh, great weekend. On Friday night husband and I treated ourselves to a date and it was wonderful. Out for dinner and home for a movie, dessert and bully cuddles in bed. I think we were asleep by 10 o'clock.. it was seriously perfect. On Saturday we went bed shopping, which is extremely exhausting (good thing there are a lot of beds to nap on). I think that we have it narrowed down to two, but boy, it is a hard decision. Stacey and I then enjoyed a girls day; did a little shopping.. we went out for tea and cupcake making supplies (sounds like a good trip, eh?) and stumbled upon a perfect little vintage shop downtown. Hence, my wonderful, wonderful bag above. Our early evening was then spent baking the prettiest cupcakes possibly ever and perfecting our own brew of tea (which is delicious). Next up we watched Cyrus in the hen den. SUCH a great movie! It's awkward, honest and heartfelt. Oh, and funny. Highly recommend! I love Saturday nights hanging out in the hen den more than anything. Every woman should be lucky enough to have their own girly space for girlfriend time. It's the best.

I ended up staying really late, by myself, Saturday night (like 4:30am) watching this movie. It used to be my absolute favorite and since Instant Netflix added it I couldn't resist a re-visit (even though I own it too). Envision a sleeping dog and husband, and me wide awake sobbing uncontrollably at four in the morning. Fun times. Great movie though.

Slept in on Sunday (I really miss this part of unemployment). Spent most of the day cleaning and getting the house put back together. If I didn't have Sundays my house would always be in complete disarray. But I always sneak some OTH in while folding laundry so it works out. And now I'm relaxing.. laundry put away, Golden Globes are on... it's so nice. I even had time to tumble today... that makes for a happy Chelsea. We also tackled a painting project today that we've been wanting to do for quite some time; photos soon.

It's unbelievable that tomorrow is Monday. The weekends go so, so fast. Though I'm excited to see what another work week will bring. Life sure is moving fast these days. Hope your weekend was just as lovely.




Pick one moment during which you felt most alive this year:
This is an amazing prompt. And there are so many moments within the last year that I can recall. But one in particular will always be strongest. The Everly concert at the Corn Palace in South Dakota. That entire trip made me feel alive; on the open road, seeing places we had never seen before. No time constraints, no schedules to abide by… stopping whenever we please, the fresh air whipping through the car, inspiration filling up my bones, freedom busting out of me. But this wasn’t even when I felt most alive. When the concert was finally upon us and my excitement was building, it started to happen. The music starting playing… notes and chords began to swell inside the walls (made of corn). Their faces came into sight and I was completely lost. I’ve never felt so alive and so not myself before. I felt like I was experiencing everything through someone else… but it was me. And it was more me than I can ever remember.  Peoples bodies brushed against me from all angles, smells of sweat and tennis shoes squeaking on the linoleum floor. The colors were bright and moving… pinks and blues and yellows. The sounds were familiar, yet different and all too close. I could touch it. In this moment, my inspiration standing a mere 3 feet in front of me, looking at me, singing for me… I felt alive. The music echoed inside of me; granting feelings of hope and gratefulness.  It was over all too quickly, lights diminished, bubbles crashed to the floor, as their shoes clicked off the stage. But I still felt it. And I still can.

I would give anything to go back and live that moment over again; to feel the way that I did then. To drag myself out of that stunned stupor and feel it even more. But I was there. I lived it.

Live performances have always been that place for me. A place where I could lose myself and  find myself too. The passion in the music, the inspiration in the artists, the energy of the crowd. It always does it for me. Seeing Death Cab in 2007, I never thought it would get any better than that for me. But I should have never been so na├»ve. Sometimes even artists that don’t mean as much to me, resonate with me live, in real life, more than ever before on recorded music. The atmosphere, the people, the energy, the emotions in you.. it all changes it. Other performances like Rogue Wave and Delta Spirit and Nathanial Hawthorne and Tom Petty and Billy Joel… all of them have touched somewhere inside of me. But seeing Everly that day- women that I have grown to admire and trust and value- seeing them so personally, and hearing their thoughts, listening to them pour their souls out for me. I felt alive. And important. And inspired.

(prompt 3; reverb10).


Friday, January 14, 2011

What do you do each day that doesn’t contribute to your writing – and can you eliminate it? 

Mainly, work. Since working takes up 9 hours everyday, plus getting ready in the mornings, that takes away from my writing the most. But since I need my job (want my job) to maintain our lifestyle, I can not eliminate that. However, some things that could be eliminated include watching tv and reading blogs. Since I get a ton of inspiration from my blog roll, as well as many dear friendships, I am opting for cutting out the television. No, not all tv, because, um, do you know me? But I can definitely eliminate the more useless television that manages to sneak its way into my daily life. I don’t need to watch Seinfeld reruns while preparing dinner… instead I could use that time to think, brainstorm, and listen to music. And I don’t need to watch Jersey Shore again before falling asleep… it would be easy to me to reach for my Kindle instead before bed. However, since getting our new television in the bedroom for Christmas I have been opting for the remote instead. I will work on this, as I would love for my writing to take priority again.

(reverb10; prompt 2.)

top 5 songs of all time?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Oh, yes.

And it's Tuesday. Here we go again.

"Learn to walk in God's perception of who you are... because yours is not good enough"
 - Graham Cooke


a weekend of--

Monday, January 10, 2011

big wine glasses. filled with wine. watching Teen Mom in the hen den. making pizza pies. almost killing my blackberry. crying about it. and somewhat putting it back together (it now looks like an oreo). going to see Black Swan with Stacey (at the very last second and in our pajamas). watching Jersey Shore. again. sleeping in. running errands around town with husband. with fountain cherry cokes. stopping to get new plants for my cubicle. they make my work days happier. trying out new beds (we are in the market for a new one, any suggestions??). afternoon naps. pita bread and tzatziki dip. celebrating birthdays with great friends. sushi and beer. music video countdowns and cupcakes. family snuggles in bed. wrapping G up like an enchilada. a lot of laundry and happily getting it all put away. crying about this. spending hours setting up online bill pay (really excited about this). organizing my thoughts (on paper of course). watching One Tree Hill while organizing. fighting off a cold. priming the hen den stairs (ready for paint!). drinking a lot of tea. and generally trying to cram too much into two whole days. 

+ Black Swan was incredible. Go see it.

+ I am going through reading with drawls. I don’t think I realized how much reading I was getting in while unemployed and now I can’t even fit in a chapter.. on the weekend no less! Depressing.

+ Can I just say how frustrated I am with the system in this country sometimes? I'm talking about credit folks. It is so easy to get credit cards, and use them, and buy unnecessary things. But when you actually want to take charge of finances and pay down your credit, it's nearly impossible to find a reputable company to help you do so. Not to mention tons of scammers! Ridiculous. And oh so frustrating. 

+ Work is going great again this week. Fingers crossed that it stays this way... seriously seems too good to be true.

Honestly, what could be better than sushi and Black Swan in the same weekend?


new year; new day.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

So, it's 2011. Huzzah! I must say that it is starting off very well. Having a job helps. A lot. I feel like 2011 is a completely new me. I'm rearranging absolutely everything in my life to make it fit this new schedule. Which is crazy considering I have worked since I was 16 and only recently had a bout of unemployment... but it really, really changed my lifestyle in that time. So I am getting back to it.... it is taking lots of coffee and some very sleepy mornings, but I'm doing it. I must say though it is a bit stressing. As you can probably tell I haven't had much time for blogging... just trying to keep the house in order on top of working full-time is daunting. I have absolutely now idea how mothers do this with children. I mean, really. Is that even possible? (Also, mom you are my hero.)  But I am not complaining. I am very happy with my life right now. I like my job very much so far. I hope that it continues to please me so much. I have the best friends and family. And we finally feel like we are not so stuck. Even though we are not going to get rich anytime soon, it's nice that we are both working again and feel better about doing things and progressing with other lifestyle decisions. Being stuck is no fun.

And so, this New Years Eve really seemed different. So many changes happening right in that moment. It was very exciting and we were happy to celebrate with so many of our close friends. My favorite photo from the night-- a pretty one of the girls -- sequins, champagne and countdowns.

I tried to find photos of all of our friends that we celebrated with that night. Was unsuccessful, but alas here are a few faces-

And now we are finally settling into this new year. Not very quickly, but we are. I think it's going to be a great one.

Do you remember my little list project of 2010? I wanted to both touch base with my initial happy list for the year as well as the lists that I kept up with throughout. First things first.

2010 happy list:

01. go to at least two concerts. (& then some more)
02. spend an entire day at the beach. (made it a whole 2 weeks)
03. take a spur of the moment road trip. with nowhere in mind. pull over & a cheap hotel & drink some cheap beer with good friends. (no spur of the moment, but we had one hell of an awesome road trip to SD!)
04. go camping in the middle of nowhere. (two times, or three)
05. go snowboarding.
06. fly a kite.
07. start a book club. (shooting for this winter yet)
08. play bingo.
09. grow tomatoes in my backyard. (-)
10. write something {a story, a poem, a novel, anything}. (I am checking this off, but continuing into 2011 with this goal.. didn't write as much as I would like)
11. photograph a national monument.
12. bake a pie from scratch. (sadly no, but I did bake a lot of other things from scratch!)
13. watch my baby sister graduate high school.
14. watch my wee baby sister play the spoon in her beauty & the beast school play.
15. visit wilmington, nc or portland, or.
16. build a fort & sleep in it. (-)
17. get a tattoo. (-)

I am very happy with the progress of my happy list in 2010. Especially since I was not working and we were on a limited budget, we managed to make it a pretty awesome year. I will be making another list for 2011. Because it does make me happy. I'm not one for resolutions really, but I think that a must-do happy list counts. It's important to be happy. And it's easy to forget the little things. Oh, and I like to make lists for things.

As you may have noticed, I only made it halfway on my weekly random lists last year. So, rather than rushing to finishing them or stopping altogether, I'm going to continue with them through 2011 and finish at the end of this year. I think it might be better this way anything since so many things are changing. Stay tuned.

I hope that 2011 brings wonderful things and happiness to us all. I don't think I can go wrong since I walked into 2011 sporting a gold sequin jacket... that has to mean something really rad, right? (Apologies for really weird and random photo- was actually checking to see if my lipstick was okay via Stacey's camera, but my jacket is the real star.)


this song.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I have loved this song for so long.  I can't even remember when I first heard it. Most likely from Drive Me Crazy (which I own and watch frequently....)


one word.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

encapsulate the year 2010 in one word-

2010 was basically like a time out for me. Not only was I not working, but due to the constraints that this put on our finances... a lot of things have been on hold. I felt like I was just biding my time, waiting for my ship to come in. Waiting.. waiting.. waiting... Dwelling.. dwelling.. Not really doing much of anything. While I thoroughly enjoyed this breather and break away from the real world, I didn't feel like myself. I felt constricted and tied to life I was living. Day in and day out. If I would have known where I would end up at the end of year, I might have felt differently, and felt different about this time away from it all. But I didn't know and I definitely didn't feel like that. I felt trapped. And useless. And stuck.

imagining that it is one year from today, I would like my word for 2011 to be-

I really need confidence in my life. In myself. In the direction my life is going. In general. I need confidence. It was what was most lacking in 2010, what I spent most of my time looking for, and something that I have not always lacked. So I missed it. I want confidence in my job, in my relationships, in my direction, and in my choices. This is my focus. This is what I want.

+ Today's prompt makes me think of Eat Pray Love. Yes?

+ On a side note, there is not enough time in the day. Today consisted of me waking up, getting ready, working all day, grocery shopping, making dinner, eating, doing the dishes, cleaning, and now finally.... at 10 pm, cuddling with Guinness and blogging. Basically I have to go to sleep within the hour in order to have nearly enough energy to do it all again tomorrow. Yikes. It will take some time, but I will adjust to this eventually. And despite all of this, I am having the hardest time falling asleep at night.

+ On a more positive note- which I am going to need a lot of this year- I am really liking my job so far.

(reverb10) (beverly e.)

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