Thursday, February 26, 2009

You didn't think I was done with my wish list did you? Well then obviously you don't know me very well. Three more things that I am actually dying to own....

These shoes are absolutely devine + I must, must, must own them!! Looks like I will be drooling over the pretty picture until they go on sale.... {{fingers crossed}}.

This pretty, pretty pillow would look so good in my new guest room.... grey walls, white bedding, perfect yellow pillow {{sigh}}.

And alas, the perfect cardigan. I think Mangonett's description sums it up quite perfectly... I picture wearing it with a comfy little white tank underneath, just-above the ankle jeans, + some pretty flats while walking through the local market with fresh flowers in one arm + my hubby on the other. It's amazing how a complete day dream can start off with a cardigan.


A girl can hope, can't she??

currently listening to :: stacks by bon iver.


*L said...

such a pretty pretty knit.