Thursday, February 12, 2009

I am not a pink girl. I don't like pink. I don't wear pink. I don't think pink is cute. I think I went through a stage in junior high when all I wore was pink and ever since I have pretty much hated it. In the spirit of Valentine's Day I thought I would share with you the ONE pink item that resides in our household. I actually purchased said item despite my hatred of pink. I actually wanted to purchase said item despite my hatred of pink. So just what is this item that is just so stinking adorable that I had to own it regardless of it's baby pink shade.......

Ta da! Isn't it just the cutest. It's also kind of a funny story as well. We have needed a hot water bottle for about, oh, since we moved into together 5 years ago. But for some reason, whenever we went to the store we always forgot to get one. And every time we needed one, we were in too much pain to make the trip for just a hot water bottle. So one random day- 4 and a half years later- while browsing shops with some girlfriends, I stumbled upon this precious little thing and we have been happy and warm in all the right places ever since!

I should also add that I do also own one pink shirt. So I guess there are two things in our house that are pink. However, this shirt hangs in my closet season after season without ever being touched. I haven't had the heart to throw it away because I love the design of the shirt, but never feel like wearing it because it is pink. I suppose I should make an executive decision about the shirt. The water bottle however, will be staying. :)


Windy City Kelley's said...

I'm like you, I hate pink too!

leah @maritalbless said...

And that's why we're friends.

Speaking of, I actually wore my one pink shirt to work today lol.

I'm glad you resolved your hot water bottle issue. :)