Tuesday, February 10, 2009

01. katie's sweet-as-ever love messages to me {an automatic self-booster}. love you katie!
02. champagne toasts.
03. craigslist finds.
04. using the hell out of my digital camera.
05. my new fascination:: blurb.
06. trying to save domino.
07. braids.
08. amazing wedding albums.
09. library scented perfume.
10. smuggling beer into the movie theater.
11. jamming out to old-school rap.
12. while drinking wine of course.
13. and you still know all the lyrics.
14. Sprite on the rocks {yum}.
15. taking G to Petsmart.
16. G loving all the attention he gets at Petsmart.
17. trying to get G out of Petsmart.
18. Oliver & Company on dvd.
19. running random errands with my husband.
20. getting a magazine in the mail.
21. that first cup of coffee on a Monday morning.
22. watching Almost Famous.
23. over & over & over again.
24. black & white photos.
25. making up after a fight.
26. without even saying anything about it.
27. really good chick flicks.
28. that even my husband likes.
29. drinking games {specifically mushroom}.
30. crushing on Shia LaBeouf.
31. saving $100/month on our mortgage thanks to low interest rates.
32. health.
33. online thrift shopping {more on that later}.
34. walks with my family.
35. daily e-mails from Kathy.

So much to be grateful for this week, no matter how small.

{pretty picture via koreana.}

currently listening to :: she's hearing voices by bloc party.