Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Remember these gorgeous special edition Penguin books that I posted about a while back??

Well shortly after that post they went completely out of stock in their exclusive store in Europe, and a return was not very promising. But at $30 a pop, I just couldn't fork over the moola for them immediately as much as I would have liked to. Well, needless to say I was a bit bummed when they sold out before I got my chance. But imagine my surprise when earlier this week when Jenny over at Little Green Notebook announced that she had found them at a store in Canada... and at less than half the price!!! I was estatic! And as much as I would have loved to purchase the entire set, since I already own 6 of the books, I was practical and got 4 that I didn't already own.... Madame Bovary; Jane Eyre; Great Expectations; + Picture of Dorian Gray.

I am so excited for them to arrive! Yippie!! And maybe someday I can justify completing my set and buying the rest. But for now I will be happy with the 4 that are on their way to me!

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