Friday, February 20, 2009

My two day escape from reality has finally arrived. We will be...

attending a Christmas work party {yes, another one in February}. hopefully getting some good news. sleeping in. finishing cleaning out the garage. including several trips to the junkyard. and goodwill. getting groceries. picking up paint samples at lowes {for real this time}. i'm not saying anything about priming the spare room {but it would be really nice if we did}. trying not to jinx us again. going see slumdog millionaire {hopefully}. hanging out with the crew. having a poker party. winning at poker. + inevitably dancing. + drinking. + laughing. waking up early. going to the flea market with hollie + mom. hopefully finding some goodies. anxiously awaiting my album's arrival. hanging out with my husband all day. continue reading this {it's oh so amazing}. finishing entourage season 4. editing baby Brody's photos. watching the oscars. especially that handsome+brooding robert pattinson who is presenting! did I mention relaxing?? {{{{sigh of relief}}}} starting now!

currently listening to :: dearest by buddy holly.


Ashley said...

I've been lurking on your blog for a while, but have always wondered what font you use for your blog titles? I love it!