Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So many wonderful and amazing ideas floating around to celebrate this Valentine's Day..... here are some of my favorites::

Handmade Valentines by Inchmark::

All of these cards by Gemma Correll::

Heart paper clip tutorials from How About Orange::

I think I need these for myself {daydreaming about sipping from these sweet little guys while scrolling through my blogroll}::

Get them here. Via HoneyBee.

This darling little printable valentine from Sarah Drake::

I really, really, really wish I had the time to make these because I absolutley adore them::

Find out how here from the always amazing Creature Comforts.

This sweet little idea from armelle is sure to sweeten up your space::

These just might be my favorite. Via Fred Flare::

Stay tuned tomorrow for some lovey, dovey prints that are sure to make you swoon...

currently listening to :: expectations by belle & sebastian.


Joi said...

You always find such cute stuff--thanks Chelsea!