Thursday, February 12, 2009

As promised, here are some amazing Valentine-inspired prints & cards that will have you drooling all over your keyboard::

This Samantha Hahn print::

Always a hit. I want all of her collection, but this one is a must for V-day::

bread+butter bundle! Can't go wrong there::

All You Need Is Love::

Pistachio Press offers this baby::

So lighthearted from Jennifer Squires Ross::

I Am So Lucky from Unasu. So cute, so true::

We have this Alicia Bock hanging above our bed already. It will always be a favorite of mine::

I absolutely adore this one from SparklePower. It is officially on my wish list::

Be Mine from Clementine Press::

You Are My Rock via Lisa Congdon {another favorite}::

Thank You vs Valentine. And I really do love it::

And as if all of these weren't enought to satisfy you & your honey, I have to share a couple more ideas that you are sure to love....

Free downloadable cards from Jen!

And this ADORABLE Jordan Catalano valentine that has my heart fluttering nonstop from here.

As you can see, so many fabulous, fabulous ideas this year! I'm usually not a huge Valentine's Day person, but with so much inspiration floating around lately it's hard not to get a little lighthearted. :) And I must say that my favorite print of all is still this guy that I posted earlier.. such a beaut.

Hope you enjoy!!