Wednesday, February 25, 2009


01. my dvr.
02. + catching up on all my shows.
03. OTH's officially announced 7th season!
04. a clean refrigerator.
05. poker nights.
06. flea market finds.
07. house projects with my husband.
08. previews for s. darko {with three of my main boys in it!}
09. and transformers 2 {i am a nerd + watch them all the time}.
10. my everything notebook.
11. train-flattened pennies.
12. fortune cookie fortunes.
13. snack days at work.
14. pictures from airplane windows.
15. really good soundtracks.
16. lace.
17. this sweet video:

18. teacups.
19. wood hangers.
20. my mom's old vintage Coach bags.
21. spray paint.
22. my vintage duaflex II.
23. finding an awesome supplier for 620 film.
24. $5 dresser finds.
25. really sweet voicemails.
26. mason jars.
27. + using them for everything possible.
28. fresh cut daisies.
29. especially when they're in my house.
30. old globes.
31. pretty file folders.
32. dreaming about hanging my clothes on the line this summer.
33. listening to The High Violets.
34. these amazing new sharpies {I swear they were made for me + my lazy butt}.
35. Martha Stewart's 6 things you should do everyday {i'm working on it..}

{my photo of mount rainier.}


Mrs. J L said...

I love that video! It's super cute! trying to see how to upload it to my blog but I am having problems-can u help? oh and i love the font u use!!! :)

Chelsea said...

THanks! I think so too. I you go to the video on youtube's site there is an "embedded" link. Just copy that + paste it in the html on your blog + you are good to go!