Wednesday, February 18, 2009


01. Missy bringing me breakfast to work.
02. getting Valentine's Day cards in the mail {thanks Katie!}
03. glass jars.
04. mexican coca cola.
05. paper lanterns.
06. my husband and his new job that requires business cards {so grown up of us}.
07. roller skating.
08. old suitcases.
09. really cool stamps.
10. clawfoot bathtubs.
11. our kone vaccuum.
12. big coffee cups.
13. valentines day cookies.
14. used record shops.
15. family adventures.
16. surprises from dad.
17. waltzing state street.
18. large giraffe statues.
19. lucille.
20. dancing with my husband.
21. especially in our living room.
22. the beatles.
23. especially abbey road.
24. on vinyl.
25. ben gibbard duet with feist.
26. notepad function on my phone.
27. the pretenders.
28. old cameras.
29. going through old photos.
30. that make you laugh so hard soda comes out your nose.
31. ruffles.
32. having people that I can always turn to.
33. talking to hollie in what others refer to as another language.
34. "don't put that on your head, simpleton."
35. Brian always kissing me goodbye when he leaves in the morning + I'm still in bed.

{just a ride image by yours truly.}

currently listening to :: piazza, new york catcher by belle + sebastian.


Kayla said...

I think it's amazing when a guy still kisses his wife goodbye before he leaves for the day even though he has to make that extra trip to the bedroom again. I love it that Jesse makes an effort to do little things like that as well! We are just lucky gals! :-)

Unknown said...

I was nodding happily in agreement with nearly your entire list. Lovely and that photo is amazing!