Thursday, February 19, 2009

Some great things floating around this week! Here are my favorite's for your viewing + listening pleasure::

01. Here We Go Magic free Tunnelvision download {via for me, for you}. Must hear!

02. Sophie Coppola's new designs for Louis Vuitton {gorgeous. every. single. one.}. I have the biggest girl crush on her.

03. Mrs. French's amazing sx70 photos {now I really want one}.

04. This ridiculously cute Brooklyn Bridge proposal story.

05. This song {over+over+over}.

07. Toast's new spring/summer catalog.

08. Kern. I might have to get an iPhone for this purpose only. I actually think they invented this just for me. Seriously.

09. Zara's awesome photostream. There is just no other word. Oh to be 16 and fabulous!

And finally you should know that I'm on the hunt for the perfect bicycle {{{squeeee}}}. My inspiration is the blue one in this photo{nerijuskio}.... but I would settle for something similar in yellow, green or red perhaps; a basket however is a must.

currently listening to :: carolina by benjamin gibbard.