Friday, February 6, 2009

If everything goes accordingly, this weekend we will be....

having dinner/date night with Andrew & Stacey. including seeing this. sleeping in. eating breakfast in bed. re-painting our nightstands. thrift shopping with hollie. picking up paint swatches at lowes. cleaning the spare room. priming the spare room {this is pushing it}. visiting baby Quinn. hopefully watching this. and this. breaking in Aaron & Kathy's new house with the crew. drinking lots of these. making this. cleaning out my car. organizing the garage. making a goodwill run. reading this brilliant book. taking photos outside. enjoying the warm{er} weather.

I would love to be doing all this in the outfit above, but sadly I don't think that will occur. {i will just admire the picture until then}. Her attitude however, I will be sporting.

{it's mary ruffle.}

currently listening to :: no new tales to tell by love & rockets.