Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Boy am I glad to see you!! January decided to stick around for way to long. And since January always tends to bring my spirits down, I've decided on a few February goals to get back into the swing of things::

01. paint the spare room {which also entails cleaning it out first}.
02. use our fondue set.
03. take my vitamins everyday.
04. clean out my car {big time}.
05. huge goodwill run.
06. get my hair cut {technically more color & less cut, but you get the idea}.
07. get our taxes done.
08. set up a budget.
09. put all of our random photos into albums.
10. road trip to ikea.

And for fun-- catch up on my reading list; go skiing/snowboarding; visit Clint & Brie; take pictures of the Brodster; hopefully see lots of movies; visit baby Quinn; and of course celebrate Valentine's Day with my adorable husband {which will most likely involve #2 & #9}.

That is all.


currently listening to :: i'm sticking with you by the velvet underground.


Joi said...

I love that print of Irene's from Etsy. I have a couple other prints of hers and this one I am dying to get!