Monday, September 8, 2008

I can't believe that Monday's workday is over already. I have been busy, busy, busy like a bee. No time to update you all on the weekend and other happenings, but I am alive and will update soon. As long as this sore throat that I woke up with this morning doesn't interfere. I am leaving for the drug store as we speak to get Zicam and O.J. per Kathy's orders. =) Let's hope it works. But it was an eventful weekend, here is a taste of our Saturday night...

You can see by Kathy's hand motions that was the song we were singing/dancing too, otherwise I would have never remembered. And no we weren't actually doing said lyrics, just singing them. Which is way better anyway. :)

And Sunday....

Ahhh.... another week. Thank goodness it's a new One Tree Hill tonight! Oh and...


currently listening to :: city middle by the national.

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