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Thursday, September 25, 2008

I am beyond pumped for the new season of The Office to start up tonight! Whoo hooo!!! I'm not ashamed to admit that this show has quickly become one of my largest obsessions. I find myself using lines from the show in my day-to-day life only to find curious glances shot my way by my colleagues. Although sometimes the occasional Office fan will pop out and bust a gut right there with me- so it's worth it. :)

Oh, how I've missed you....

Drool. {KG, it's safe to say that you and I obsess over the same photo on a daily basis.}

Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

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Joi said...

I ♥ John Krasinski! He is my celebrity crush.

Wasn't tonight's episode fabulous????

Madeline said...

Hello there! Great blog. I found you off of "A Lighter Shade of Green's" post yesterday and wow...if we were in kindergarten I'd ask you too be my best friend :)
I love The Office, read the Tori Spelling Book in one night, I'm a TV whore and one of my guilty pleasures is One Tree Hill...and I love all things fall (if I have time to update my will see I've already started the decorating process...I know...I'm a nerd)
Glad I found your blog!

Chelsea said...

Hi Madeline! I'm so glad that you liked what you read. :) It sounds like we have a lot in common and I just subscribed to your blog as well! Welcome!